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Yichun University (abbreviated as YCU) is a comprehensive university to study MBBS in China founded in 1958. With the support of the Ministry of Education, the new Yichun University grew out of Yichun Teachers College, Yichun Medicine College, and Yichun Agriculture College in January 2000.

City, National Model City for Greening, China Excellent Tourist City, and National Health City. YOU are a stunning city that is easy to communicate with, with numerous facilities, rich cultural traditions, and an excellent learning environment. Students also can take advantage of the convenience of transport that includes the Zhe-Gan Railway (from Zhejiang to Jiangxi province), Hu-Kun High-Speed Railway (from Shanghai to Yunnan province), and MingYue Mountain Airport.

Youchun University will study MBBS in China:

Yichun University is accepting admissions for International Studies MBBS in China. Students have received a systematic approach, and with their commitment, they have been awarded bachelor’s degrees. Many students in the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery programs (MBBS) have passed the test to become certified medical professionals in their home countries. YCU is packed with teaching resources, high-quality teaching, and scientific research to ensure that students receive the most effective practical and theoretical knowledge. The magnificent campus will provide an excellent learning environment at all levels of the university.

YCU provides international students with an ideal environment and lodging to ensure they have the best academic conditions. International students are also qualified to apply for the Jiangxi Provincial Government Scholarship but also have the opportunity to take advantage of the special scholarships offered through Yichun University.

We warmly welcome students from all backgrounds regardless of their location or the shade of skin they have.

Conditions for admission:

  • Matriculation/O-level Certificate or Mark sheet (Grade 10)
  • Intermediate/FSC/A-Level Certificate or Mark sheet (10+2)
  • Passport scan duplicate
  • Criminal Character/Clearance Certificate scan duplicate
  • Formulary to fill out an Application

The Motive Yichun University:

  • Yichun University is in Yichun City, Jiangxi Province, China.
  • Yichun University launched MBBS in China for international students.
  • It is a great campus in the heart of the Mountain and along the river.
  • Yichun University is budget friendly for international students, especially Pakistani students.
  • Tuition costs are 18500 RMB per year. This is the cheapest tuition in China.
  • Yichun University is a top school with excellent Chinese and foreign faculty and a MBBS school.
  • Graduates are eligible to apply for ECFMG Certifications.
  • Halal Muslim food is accessible. Hostels are on the campus and have facilities to accommodate students from other countries.
  • Yichun University offers Scholarships for exceptional students.
  • The year’s end is the time to conclude.

Information on Yichun University:

Yichun University is awash with teaching materials and high-quality teaching and research capabilities, ensuring students get the best academic and practical knowledge. On this beautiful campus, you’ll be able to experience the fantastic learning atmosphere at every turn of the campus. Yichun University offers international students outstanding accommodation and facilities to ensure they are in a top academic environment.

Students from all over the world are only eligible to apply for the Jiangxi Provincial Government Scholarship to study MBBS in China and they can apply for the scholarship from Yichun University. In 2011, Yichun University was authorized by the Degree Committee of the State Council of China to grant master’s degrees focused on pharmaceutical sciences. This means that the quality of education provided at Yichun University has become even higher. A systematic education is provided to the students. Through their efforts, most students have earned an undergraduate degree.

Comprised Knowledgeable Instructors and Up-to-Date Facilities

Zhejiang University is proud to have a faculty that is both highly trained and experienced, with members who are recognized authorities in their various medical specialties. The members of the faculty are well-known for their research and clinical experience, and they offer students extensive advice and supervision throughout the entirety of their time spent obtaining their medical education. Students are provided with a conducive learning atmosphere and opportunities for hands-on learning thanks to the university’s state-of-the-art facilities, which include modern classrooms, well-equipped laboratories, and innovative medical technology and equipment.

Clinical Rotations and Practical Instruction respectively

Zhejiang University’s Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) program provides students with extensive clinical rotations in affiliated institutions. These rotations give students significant practical experience and expose them to real-life medical circumstances. Students have the opportunity to engage with patients, diagnose and treat ailments, and learn from seasoned medical professionals while participating in clinical rotations. Students are allowed to gain the hands-on experience necessary to prepare them for successful careers as competent and compassionate medical practitioners in the future.