Mathematical laying strategies

Drink to Quantum Sports Betting! A service that can give you fine laying strategies and a proven football laying system, which will take your football laying & trading to a further professional position. 


 As a veritably successful football laying tips service we’ve been playgd/mobi suitable to come up with laying systems, which we apply before we place any of our recommended football laying tips. 


 Our football laying tutorials will educate you on our selection strategy, and how to apply them onto the exchange for low threat trading strategies which can also be used for single and multiple laying, and high odds accumulator bets. 


 Mathematical laying systems 

 Our fine laying strategies & football winning formula covers 15 popular leagues in total, and although they aren’t free football laying systems, they’re suitable to punctuate the easiest football bets to win. 


 There are a farther 15 popular leagues listed, in which we also apply our selection strategy on for veritably specific institutions and individual football laying requests on the laying exchange, or the original bookmakers. 


 So in aggregate within our football laying tutorials there are a aggregate of 30 popular leagues which we target, and our selection strategy is applied to a aggregate of 12 popular football laying requests with high volumes of liquidity. 


 Zero threat laying strategy 

 With our fine laying strategies being so effective when it comes to maintaining veritably high strike rates in a variety of football laying requests, there’s noway any real threat of going below your original starting bank on the laying exchange. 


 This is due to the fact that with our selection process, there are always numerous options available when it comes to making your profit on a popular laying exchange, with similar high strike rates you can make profit with veritably little threat. 


 The key to our long term success, is the veritably detailed and thorough approach that we take within our selection process, and each phase has played a vital part in maintaining our long term profitable strike rate probabilities. 



 Multiple bet strategy 

 When it comes to our fine laying strategies, we can not prognosticate the future, but we can largely increase the probability of your bets being successful by applying a veritably detailed and thorough selection process that has proven to be successful long term. 


 We cover a wide range of football laying requests, and of course our long term strike rates will vary within short priced requests, and advanced priced requests, but overall each of the requests that we target return a long term profit on investment. 


 For our subscribers to be successful long term, we recommend a staking plan of 1 staking plan for all mates doubles and trebles, and a staking plan of 2- 5 when it comes to pre and in play trading, but these can only be our recommendations. 


 Gambling system that noway loses 

 When it comes to laying and trading at a professional position, you should be looking at your profit development on a daily/ yearly base, as there will be days where you draw indeed, or incurred a loss on that days laying and trading. 


 This is normal indeed with the stylish fine laying strategies in place, there are certain variants that simply can not be prognosticated similar as early red cards in a match or an injury to a crucial player, this is why we concentrate on long term profit. 


 Of course selections can be used in high odds accumulator bets, but we recommend no advanced than trebles which greatly increases the chance of the bet being successful on a long term base, but again this is up to each existent. 


 Betting systems that work 

 Then at Quantum sports laying, our football laying pikers have the required football laying knowledge to produce fine laying strategies, that we apply each week on a variety of football laying requests. 


 There are a number of crucial factors combined which play a vital part in it’s long term success on the laying exchange, after a veritably detailed and thorough selection process, each selection either qualifies, or itdoes’nt, there are no half chances. 


 It’s this veritably detailed approach within our selection process, that has lead us to be veritably successful on the laying exchange, when it comes to pre and in play trading, and also all single and multiple laying in a wide range of football laying requests. 


 Mathematical laying strategies 

 Football laying formulas 

 We also cover 20 fold accumulator tips and educate how we’re suitable to make professional football laying tips selections, and this is all included within our fine laying strategies tutorials. 


 Our no lose laying system is down to using the stylish football selection strategy ever used for making profit, when it comes to soccer bet strategies, and a veritably low threat laying strategy for the laying exchange. 


 Our football laying winning formula and in play football laying system, will take your football laying and trading to a much more professional position, and its all included within our football laying tutorials. 


 Sports fine laying strategies 

 With our fine laying strategies tutorials we recommend a fairly conservative staking plan, which is 1 stake of your overall laying account per bet, due to the natural variations within professional laying. 


 effects that we recommend probing are effects like laying mathematics and football laying, along with also individual ways that you can make profit from colorful laying exchanges similar as Betfair and Betdaq. 


 When it comes to laying and trading on football matches at a professional position, there are some great 3rd party websites available, similar as the bbc sports website and also soccerway. 


 Mathematical laying 

 SR = Bets won divided by bets placed multiply by 100 = Strike rate chance 

 BW = The number of your bets that won 

 BP = The number of your bets that got placed in total 

 BW divided by BP multiply by 100 = SR 


 AWO = Average winning odds 

 A = All of your winning odds added together 

 B = The number of your bets that won 

 A divided by B = AWO 


 LTP = Long term profit and loss 

 L = The number of your bets that lost 

 LTP = AWO multiply by B minus L = /- LTP 


 illustration 1 = If your SR = 25 also AWO needs to lesser than decimal4.0 

 illustration 2 = If your SR = 50 also AWO needs to be lesser than decimal2.0 

 illustration 3 = If your SR = 80 also AWO needs to be lesser than decimal1.25 


 Mathematical laying tips 

 The great thing about fine laying strategies, is the fact that you can remain veritably harmonious within a qualifying selection strategy for each specific request, and you can fluently maintain long term profitable strike rates. 


 This is due to the fact that by applying a simple but veritably effective fine base to your selection strategy, you’re suitable to rank and qualify each selection with the loftiest probability of giving you a profitable return. 


 For case when we started applying mathematics to our selection process, reddit nba streams and our long term strike rates for each of the football laying requests saw an increase of around 15 which enabled us to achieve further profit. 

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