Jurassic Quest Most Well-Attended Dinosaur Festival in the World

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Our traditional indoor journey has returned. Our towering dinosaurs provide a new dimension to family enjoyment at Jurassic Quest nowhere else can you get so near to prehistoric beasts that seem like they could walk, talk, and scream right at you? No cost was spared in the creation of the dinosaurs in Jurassic Quest, whether they had scaly skin, feathers, or fur.  Explore the Jurassic Quest 2023 Triassic and Cretaceous eras.

Millions of fans agree only Jurassic Quest 2023 can provide big laughs and tears to the whole family. Examples of fan-favorite, not-to-be-missed scenes. Wander through lifelike, though little and toothy animatronic dinosaurs designed in collaboration with paleontologists. To assist internet consumers in saving money.

North America is home to some of the biggest rideable dinosaurs in the world. Come have a good time with our baby and walking dinosaur shows at Jurassic Quest 2023. There will be a Triceratops soft play area, inflatables, fossil digs, educational displays, and more for the littlest dino fans to enjoy.

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Most Famous Dinosaur Trainers

Get to know Cammie the Camarasaurus, Tyson the T-Rex, and Trixie the Triceratops, all of which were born and raised exclusively at Jurassic Quest 2023. You never know when you may run across Safari Sarah, Dino Dustin, Captain Caleb, Prehistoric Nick, or Park Ranger Marty, some of our most famous dinosaur trainers. We have a fossil display where you can look at actual T-Rex teeth, a triceratops horn, and a full-size replica of a dinosaur skull.

Jurassic Quest One-Of-A-Kind Activities Available

Visitors at Jurassic Quest 2023 enjoy a dino-mite time with all the amazing and one-of-a-kind activities available. Tickets are going fast, so purchase them in advance online. Buying tickets in advance is highly recommended. The whole family will have a blast at Jurassic Quest, the biggest and most well-attended dinosaur festival in the world. Discover ancient marine life in the new Ancient Oceans exhibit, which features everything from tiny plankton to a 15-meter-long animatronic Megalodon.

Collection of Life-Size Animate Dinosaur

Come check out our collection of life-size, animate dinosaur replicas, including Apatosaurus, Spinosaurus, and the terrifying T-Rex. You may engage with our trainers and young dinosaurs during a live, interactive Raptor show. You should definitely check out the dinosaur rides, the gigantic fossil excavation, the inflatables, the fossil science display, the Triceratops soft play area, and more at The Quest interactive experience.

Jurassic Quest Take Advantage of Early Bird Discount

Tickets are selling out quickly. We anticipate high demand therefore, we recommend purchasing in advance at the Jurassic Quest to take advantage of our 10% early bird discount some exclusions apply. Tickets are going extinct, so get yours now. The Richmond Convention Center will play host to the largest annual Dinosaur festival in North America.

Provide more Interactive Experiences

With its expansion, Jurassic Quest aims to provide even more interactive experiences, educational opportunities, and good times for kids and adults alike. There will be an increased number of realistic dinosaur replicas, themed rides, live dinosaur shows, hands-on science, and art exhibits, and even a massive fossil excavation for visitors to participate in.

Jurassic Quest Play Area for the Young Explorers

There will be a Triceratops play area for the young explorers, as well as a video tour with celebrity dinosaur handlers and other attractions. Only at Jurassic Quest 2023 can your family experience. The biggest and most realistic Dinosaur Exhibit on tour, with lifelike dinosaurs ranging in size from 60 to 80 feet long, including a towering Spinosaurus, an Apatosaurus, and a T. rex that is life-size.

Biggest Rideable Dinosaurs

Explore the depths of the ocean in Ancient Oceans, and you just could come face to jaw with a 50-foot Megalodon and other massive and ferocious ancient marine predators. Our one-of-a-kind Baby Dinosaur Show and Raptor Training Experience are both educational and entertaining. Fun encounters with friendly baby dinosaurs and their trainers, including Tyson the T-Rex, Cammie the Camarasaurus, and Trixie the Triceratops. The biggest rideable dinosaurs in North America, featuring both walking and stationary dinosaur rides.

 Dinosaur Jumping Castles and Bungee Rope

Participate in The Jurassic Quest 2023 a ten-clue interactive challenge inside the attraction! Fossil digs, Jurassic Jeep rides, a crafts and coloring station, the Fossil Experience, a special area for Tricera-tots the youngest dinosaur fans, and more.

Attraction is Available in Certain Additional Places

Jurassic Quest 2023 is best described as a massive dinosaur-themed exhibit with many hands-on activities and exhibits. In Sacramento, visitors could stroll from one part to the next because of the attraction’s interior location inside a bigger hangar. A drive-through version of the attraction is available in certain additional places. We were relieved to learn that our baby stroller could be brought inside the museum with us.

Biggest and Most Authentic Traveling Dinosaur

If you’re looking for the biggest and most authentic traveling dinosaur experience in North America, go no further than Jurassic Quest 2023. Our 18-meter-long Spinosaurus, 24-meter-long Apatosaurus, and 24-foot-tall life-size Tyrannosaurus rex make up the biggest and most lifelike dinosaur exhibit on the road. Our one-of-a-kind Baby Dinosaur Show and Raptor Training Experience are both educational and entertaining.

Interactive Challenge inside the Attraction

Fun encounters with friendly baby dinosaurs and their trainers, including Tyson the T-Rex, Cammie the Camarasaurus, and Trixie the Triceratops.  We have some of the biggest walk-throughs and stationary dinosaur rides in the Americas. Dinosaur Jumping Castles with a Bungee Rope Get Set, Go on a Quest. Participate in The Quest at 2023 a ten-clue interactive challenge inside the attraction. Complete the challenges to get your prize.