Ultimate Guide to Online Veterinary Resources for Vet Students

Vet Resources

Becoming a veterinarian is undoubtedly an exciting and rewarding career path. However, it can be challenging as the field of veterinary medicine is constantly evolving.

In this regard, for veterinarians, staying up-to-date with the latest research and techniques is essential to make success certain.

Fortunately, many veterinary resources are available online to help veterinary students stay current and excel in their studies.


This ultimate guide will discuss some of the best online veterinary learning resources equally valuable for both veterinary professionals and students.

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Veterinary Medical Associations

Veterinary medical associations are an excellent educational resource for veterinary students. 

These organizations offer the latest updates and information on a wide range of topics related to veterinary medicine, including

  • New research
  • Best practices
  • Industry news and prime concerns

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) is one of the most significant veterinary medical associations in the world.

This platform provides multiple vet tech resources for veterinary students and professionals. 

They offer a comprehensive library of articles, videos, and webinars on animal welfare and public health topics. 

Apart from that, there are some other veterinary medical associations, such as

  • World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA)
  • British Veterinary Association (BVA)

Like AVAM, these veterinary forums also offer valuable veterinary resources that keep veterinarians current with the latest information. 

Online Veterinary Journals

Online veterinary journals are incredible learning resources for veterinary students, nurses, vet techs, and professionals. 

Different journals provide access to the latest research and advancements in veterinary medicine. 

Some of the most popular online veterinary journals are as follows.

  • Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine
  • Journal of Veterinary Medicine
  • Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association 

Most of the veterinary journals offer free access to their articles, making them an excellent resource for students.

Moreover, these are excellent vet learning sources for those who want to stay up-to-date with the latest research and trends in the industry. 

Websites and Blogs as Veterinary Resources 

There are many websites and blogs dedicated to veterinary medicine. As educational vet resources, they can be beneficial for veterinary students and professionals. 

These websites offer cutting-edge information on topics ranging from animal care to veterinary education. 

Some popular veterinary websites and blogs include 

  • Vetstreet
  • Veterinary Information Network (VIN)
  • Vet and Tech
  • Merck Veterinary Manual

These websites offer several veterinary resources, including articles, videos, and webinars. 

Moreover, through these websites, students can access other veterinary forums to connect with leading professionals in the field.

Online Libraries as Veterinary Learning Resources 

Primarily, the online veterinary libraries are an excellent resource for veterinary students looking for information on a specific topic. 

In these libraries, students can access a wide range of veterinary books, journals, and articles. 

Some popular online veterinary libraries include 

  • National Agricultural Library’s Veterinary Medicine Library
  • Veterinary Medical Library at the University of Pennsylvania 
  • Veterinary Medicine Electronic Library

These libraries contain thousands of online books and data with updated versions according to the needs of veterinary students. 

Online Veterinary Forums

Online veterinary platforms also provide the latest information as well as help veterinary students to connect with other professionals in the field. 

These forums offer a platform for veterinary students to 

  • Ask questions
  • Share experiences
  • Build networks with peers and leading expert  

Some popular online veterinary forums include 

  • Vet Help Direct
  • VetSurgeon Forums
  • Reddit’s Veterinary Community

Those who want to excel in their careers as veterinary professionals can make the most of these online networking forums.

Veterinary Student Organizations

Last but not least, joining a veterinary student organization can be a great way to network with other students. Also, these can help access valuable vet tech resources and career opportunities. 

Many veterinary student organizations offer resources such as 

  • Mentorship programs
  • Job boards
  • Educational events

The two leading veterinary student organizations include

  • Student American Veterinary Medical Association (SAVMA)
  • International Veterinary Students’ Association (IVSA)

These organizations provide not only valuable resources but also help veterinary students build professional connections and improve their overall experience during the learning period.

Vet Doctor

Choose Wisely!

Whether you are looking for information on a specific topic or simply want to stay up-to-date with the latest research and advancements in veterinary medicine, various veterinary resources are available.

No doubt, these online veterinary learning resources are helpful for veterinary professionals and students, but they have to choose these resources wisely.

All online resources are not equally valuable. Therefore,  instead of jumping over the websites, find a perfect platform to save your precious time.

Vet and Tech is one of the online veterinary platforms where you can get free education. The industry’s leading experts instruct their webinars on different topics in veterinary medicine. 

Moreover, they offer CE courses and several educational programs. 


What are the two best online veterinary resources?

Veterinary medical associations and veterinary educational platforms are the two most valuable learning resources for students as well as professionals. 

What’s included in online veterinary resources? 

Webinars, CE courses, guides, articles, videos, journals, and ebooks are some of the online veterinary resources.