Cerner EMR Vs Rethink Software Analysis

Are you stuck between Cerner and Rethink EMR like many others? This detailed Cerner EMR vs Rethink Software guide will help you find a way out of this turmoil.  

Today we have packed a detailed Cerner EMR vs Rethink Software guide for those providers who can’t choose between the two. Do you also fall into this spectrum? Then what are you waiting for? This is your go-to analytic guide. Let’s begin 

All About Cerner EMR 

Cerner EMR Feature Range 

There’s one word to define the feature portfolio of Cerner EMR: phenomenal. Cerner EMR packs a spectacular feature range leaving nothing out. The vendor assures no information slips through the cracks during patient encounters, nor does it add to the workload of the physicians. Its analytic capabilities bring the best out of practices. You can accomplish all your goals faster than ever by leveraging its solid features that, include: 


  • Customer Relationship Management 
  • Enterprise Data Warehouse
  • Referral management
  • Hierarchical Condition Categories
  • Patient Engagement
  • Performance Improvement
  • Pre-built Analytic Content
  • Case Management 
  • Enterprise Document Management
  • Health Information Management 
  • Patient Accounting
  • Healthcare Data Exchange
  • Real-World Data Solutions


It really is impeccable, right? Besides these, Cerner masters consultation and training services. Give a go to the demo of Cerner EMR for a prompt glance at all its intuitive services. Through the Cerner EMR demo, you can decipher if these features lead to value-based care or not. So, schedule a demo with Cerner EMR and see if you can try your luck by implementing this intact platform.  

Cerner EMR Reviews Analysis 

The reviews are a scoring factor of Cerner EMR. While exploring Cerner EMR reviews of Capterra, we learned it was the emerging favorite and noteworthy product of 2021. It has been around for years now, but 2021’s the year when it earned untarnished fame. The care professionals love it for how it simplifies medical operations for them. They can review patient records from anywhere and edit them without worrying about losing data credibility.  


Moreover, Cerner EMR reviews enlighten providers on its integrated case management ability, which optimizes care outcomes. Carers appreciate its real-world data solutions saying they can discover newer ways to deliver treatment with round-the-clock assistance. As per the reviews, there are some occasional downtimes associated with Cerner EMR. Other than that, there’s no considerable thing to worry about.  

Cerner EMR Cost Structure 

Hospitals and other care facilities don’t feel burdened by the pricing plans of Cerner EMR. This depicts that Cerner EMR packs a solid pricing model crafted according to the physician’s needs. The pricing details of Cerner EMR are not shared publicly, so you can send a quote to Cerner EMR to decide its fate.  

All About Rethink Software 

Rethink Software Feature Range 

The Rethink software is known for packing a chic and versatile feature range for the behavioral health sector. Those in this field look no further than this resilient solution to shape their workflows. Providers reveal that the feature range of this platform is set to drive operational efficiency and optimizes care outcomes. Some of the powerful specs of Rethink EMR software are as follows: 


  • ABA Data Collection
  • Medical Necessity Assessment
  • Authorization Management
  • Reporting
  • Embedded Clinical Content
  • Off-the-shelf Reports and Dashboards
  • Digital Information Storage
  • Training
  • Billing Synchronization
  • Reports Exporting
  • Tracking and Compliance
  • Business Integrity And Accountability
  • ABA Billing Services


The demo of Rethink EMR reveals that by leveraging these tools, care providers can have the best of both worlds. Rethink EHR demo serves as a prompt walkthrough enlightening viewers of the impeccable services of this merchant. We recommend setting up a demo with Rethink software to closely examine all its tools and services concerning your practice’s requirements.  

Rethink Software Reviews Analysis 

In the reviews, Rethink software is referred to as a one-stop shop for behavioral health providers. Users say implementing this robust platform means availing the opportunity to get the best out of their practice. This all-rounder platform ensures no downtime and minimizes the clinical expenses to a minimum with automated tools and services. The best part about Rethink software, as per the reviews, is that it aligns its goals with its clients.  


It comes with a list of pre-populated goals and enables professionals to save their personal goals on the list. On top of that, reviews depict that Rethink is an easy-to-use software lauded for its exceptional customer support and value addition services. Working with this vendor has been great for most of the users. There are times when data entry gets sluggish with Rethink software  and inputted information is not saved, but reviews reveal there’s a rare probability for that. 

Rethink Software Cost Structure 

The carers so far look happy with the pricing structure of Rethink software. There are no complaints regarding its cost plans. It seems like Rethink software provides practitioners with a perfect pricing model that doesn’t burden them financially. As for the exact pricing range of Rethink software, we cannot share it as the vendor has not revealed it yet. But you can request the details by requesting the pricing plans of Rethink software by visiting its official webpage. 

Cerner EMR vs Rethink: The Conclusive Summary 

Let’s conclude this Cerner EMR vs Rethink Software analytic guide by summarizing the above-shared details.  


Areas of Interest: The first and foremost element to compare is the areas of interest of our subject platforms. Cerner is a multi-disciplinary solution and extends its services to life sciences, researchers and many more use cases. Rethink, on the contrary, tends to the needs of behavioral health practices without any exception.  


Pricing: This element is non-comparable in this Cerner EMR vs Rethink Software guide. These care platforms have not outed their pricing information yet. Nonetheless, you can conduct a price analysis by requesting the pricing plans of Cerner EMR and Rethink software. 


Features: The feature range of both vendors vary considerably. Cerner EMR packs extensive features for shaping the operations of large hospitals and health systems. As for Rethink software, it features behavioral health-specific services, thus lessening cognitive workload and psychiatrists’ stress.  


Reviews: Regarding the reviews of our concerned platforms, Cerner scores a 3.8-star rating based on 152 reviews on Capterra. And Rethink software garners a 4.4-star rating based on 41 reviews. The user testimonials share Cerner is more widely implemented as it’s a multi-specialty solution. Rethink is ranked as the top performer for 2022 by Capterra reviews analysis.  


You can choose between the two based on your area of interest. We hope this guide will impact your decision-making process.