Grooming Essentials to Keep Your Pets Cool During Summers

With continuous heat waves in summer, temperatures rise. At the same time, you may be looking to spend most of the summer sunbathing or relishing a cool night with your friends. However, it is not quite much fun for the furry friend. Dogs find it hard to cope with heat waves.

Some animals with rich fur and coat do not find easy respite. Moreover, as summers do not last long, many Uk households do not have air conditioners.

As per an Animal Welfare Expert, “Dogs do not cool down easily. In summers, their body temperature rises, and they find it difficult to cool down easily.” So, check on your pet’s health, as the symptoms may signal heatstroke.

Well, there are several things to consider before summer approaches; the primary concern should be to keep your pets cool during summer. You can achieve this with professional grooming. It helps them shed extra fur but prevents their skin from ticks and fleas.

The blog lists some tips to keep your pets cool throughout the summer with grooming.

What happens if your pet cannot resist summer?

Dogs do not sweat like humans. They resist heat by panting. However, if it gets hot, dogs struggle to resist summers. It impacts their body temperature.

If your dog suffers a heatstroke, they may need immediate medical help. The effect of symptoms can be as severe as organ damage. The primary symptoms of heatstroke may include:

  • Excessive panting
  • Drooling
  • Vomiting
  • Collapsing

If you see your pet experiencing any of these symptoms, call out an expert’s consultation. If you are on holiday with limited cash, check quick loans. You can get access to fast cash with this facility.

Sometimes, acting quickly is better than delaying. The symptoms may impact the overall health of your pet and make them uncomfortable. Until the vet arrives, you can take immediate measures if your dog hits heatstroke:

  • Lay them down on a cool and wet floor
  • Offer them some water to drink
  • Pour some water over the dog’s body until the breathing returns to normal
  • Fan your dog or, if possible, keep him under the air conditioner

Monitor your pet’s health and medicines after expert consultation.  To avoid this scenario, check the below-listed grooming tips and ensure a healthy and happy pet in the summer.

Top 5 Grooming Tips for your pets for comfortable Summers

As per a fact, “pets prefer shed to sunlight.” However, there are many situations where they want you to analyse their requirements. So, take extra precautions to keep them comfortable throughout the summer.  Here are some grooming tips for pets to stay cool in summer:

1)     Trim the excessive fur

Trimming makes the animals manage fur better. Too much trimming may expose the skin and lead to dryness. It may also burn under the sun. Thus, always check out a professional sharing experience in grooming different breeds. The person is familiar with the body texture and how trimming may ease the body temperature.

For example, cats do not require much trim. The overcoat protects them by ensuring cool air against the skin. Trimming becomes important with consistent fur growth. Ensure the same with extreme care and ask the professional how frequently you should trim your cat/dog.

2)     Brushing well

 Every pet has unique fur requirements, hair texture, and skin type. There are multiple benefits of brushing the hair of your dog. You may not be aware that it is one of the best ways to keep your pet cool and clean. Frequent brushing helps keep ticks and fleas at bay and reduces skin irritation.

Apart from that, mats are one of the most common issues bothering pets. As the skin absorbs moisture, it may cause discomfort to the skin. Regular brushing is one of the best ways to treat mats. Brushing help shed dead hairs and ensure proper blood circulation throughout the skin.

If you have a cat as a pet, brushing once every 4 days will help decrease excessive hair and treat hair fall. You should always consider the best vets for regular fleas and tick’ vaccinations. It may help you keep your pet away from diseases like anaemia, dermatitis, and heat worms.

3)     Apply sunscreen cream carefully on the fur

Some pets, especially dogs, invest most of their time outdoors playing and resting. If your pet is also one of them, apply a good sunscreen. It will act as a protective layer on their delicate body against the sun. Choose the apt sunscreen for the dog. If you are not sure, consult the vet. He will suggest you a better cream for your dog’s skin.

Avoid sunscreen creams with Zinc oxide or para-aminobenzoic acid. It is because these chemicals may prove toxic if dogs lick their cream out of their skin.  Identify a sunscreen with 30 SPF, Waterproof and unscented.

Identify the body spots highly exposed to the sun. These are eyes, ears, nose, and thighs. While applied at the head, it should not impact the eye.

Keep a check on the dog after 10-15 of application. Make sure that your dog does not lick it out within that phase.

4)     Bath them carefully

One of the critical things when deciding to bathe your pet is – skin type. Frequent baths will not be ideal if your pet’s skin is dry. Consult your vet before developing a bathing schedule for your pet. Apart from that, you should check on the best essentials like- shampoo and cleaning bars that match the skin type and the coat.

If you have a kitten or a grown-up cat, do not worry. They do not require much shampooing or frequent bathing sessions. You may consider bathing your cat if something is hard to remove from the fur. You should comb their fur often to release excessive dirt and keep it healthy.

If you have no idea, you can check out the best grooming services in your area.

Sometimes your pet needs quick grooming regardless of whether you receive your monthly payment. The inconvenience may aggravate skin issues.

There can be different reasons for you seeking the right time. Some wait until they receive a salary, while some hesitate to tap external cash facilities due to poor credit history.

You need to wait no more. Explore the best loan with bad credit in Ireland for your finances, and consult the groomer now. It helps you check your pet’s grooming needs timely and avoid serious skin issues.

5)     Keep them hydrated throughout the day

Your dog should consume enough water throughout the day to be energetic and active. If your pet loves to swim or spends most of the time in the water, monitor the consumption. Excessive water may not be ideal, and it may damage the brain cells.

While a bowlful would not prove hazardous, they consume water from other sources that humans can hardly monitor. To avoid this, always supervise your dog’s actions when in water.

Bottom line

Apart from these, you can invest in cool clothes. These clothes are water-activated.  It evaporates and cools down the clothes. It is one of the impactful techniques to keep your pet cooler in summer. Which of these techniques do you find useful? Comment.