How Mobile Repair Shop Software Helps Streamline Business Ops?

mobile repair shop software

Almost every adult in the US uses and depends on a cell phone for their everyday tasks. Even the most expensive flagship phones are delicate items that break upon dropping. Not everyone can afford to buy another new mobile every time their old device goes wrong or breaks down. 

Until few years ago, you could run a phone repair business without sophisticated mobile repair shop software. It just required Excel sheets, a calendar, and a cash register. However, now things have taken a turn for the better, as automation is slowly replacing almost all of our every day tasks that were previously performed by humans.

The hyper-competitive nature of today’s repair industry makes it mandatory for phone repair businesses to incorporate repair shop software.

Why You Need Repair Shop Software

Being a phone repair business, you need to manage multiple operations simultaneously. For starters, you need to manage order taking and ticketing. Each time a customer brings in their device for repairs, you have to manually write down details, estimates, and costs. This becomes a hassle when you start getting more and more customers, and you are more likely to lose paper-based repair order records. 

Cell phone repair software improve the overall efficiency of your business by digitizing this process. You simply have to enter some information about the device and the customer, and the system handles the rest. 

Not only that, but it also improves service experience by replacing tiring, repetitive tasks with automated processes. For instance, you get automated inventory management, where the system tells you what to order and when. You also get customer relationship management, which allows you to search and process past orders and details within a matter of minutes.

Components of a Mobile Repair Shop Software

Here are the parts of a complete repair shop management software and how each one of them helps improve your business operations. 

POS System

First of all, a cash register needs to be replaced with something more robust. A POS system allows you to do more than just processing payments. You get to create and print invoices, and can also offer multiple payment options.

Repair Order Tracking

Your customers want to know how much time your repair shop is going to take to fix their device. Even if you give them an estimated time of repair order fulfillment, they tend to ask again and again during the process. To help solve this problem, repair shop management software come with repair order tracking that helps identify who performed the repair, and in how much time, and with how many errors.


When a customer brings in their device for repairing, you need to give them quotations and estimates. Mobile repair shop software allow you to create these quotes and estimates within the POS system through built-in features. All you need do is provide the system with information about the device and get the estimates with one click. Moreover, your technicians can save considerable amount of time that is otherwise wasted in copying and pasting customer data from one place to another.

Inventory Management

Instead of keeping manual counts of spare parts in your inventory, you need to have an automated system. Repair shop software enable you to keep track of your inventory, order the right amount of spare parts, and saves you from stockouts. It also alerts you in case you are running low on certain spare parts in your inventory.

Device Management 

Although it is closely related to repair tracking, device management has to be considered a separate concern in repair shops. If a mobile repair shop is getting a lot of devices for repairs, chances are that they can get misplaced. With the right software, you can add labels or tags to each device and ensure that they go through the pre-defined process without getting lost.

Reporting and Employee Management

For startups and small businesses, it is possible to manage different reporting and performance metrics manually. However, growing your repair business requires better decision making, which can only be done when you know exactly what is going on.

Given that you have multiple shops and also have online services, mobile repair shop software help you get reports from all channels under one dashboard. The automated data sync system ensures that your performance metrics are consistent across the board and you are always updated about any possible changes.

Final Thoughts

Modern software solutions are built to serve a purpose. Whether you are a phone repair business that runs through a single shop or an enterprise, these solutions help you monitor your workflow. You can keep track of daily operations such as orders, payments, fulfillment, and also manage your inventory at the same time. With new and improved features, you get to manage accounts, run email marketing campaigns, and much more.