Custom Business Card Boxes: Key To Business Networking

Custom Business Card Boxes: Key To Business Networking

Many tools and tricks are required for business growth. One such tool is the use of business cards. Business cards are key to business networking. Even in this digitalized world business cards are irreplaceable and to protect these cards custom business card boxes are inevitable.

Business cards need to look fresh and chic to give a good impression of your business. If you present your card in a deformed shape the customer will get a poor impression about your company. 

Business card boxes are necessary for business networking because these boxes help in organizing cards. You can immediately get your card from your card box and present it to your client or other business owners. It will increase your network, which will help you promote your business. 

In this article, we will discuss how boxe for business cards helps in incessant your network.

Networking And Custom Business Card Boxes

Many people will think that using a business card in this digital era is just a waste of paper. However, in the digital world, these cards are more important than before and boxes are required to retain the professional look of these cards. 

Today, people have shifted to online platforms for meetings and conferences. There is minimal in-person contact with people. But when you meet in person and present your counterparts with cards, elegantly placed in custom cardboard boxes, you leave a lasting impression. 

You can give your cards an elegant look by selecting an appropriate design. Moreover, using a decent color pallet will help you build a strong image in front of other corporations and clients. You can keep your box design similar to cards. 

Essential Features In Your Card Boxes

Your custom business card boxes design should represent your cards’ design. It will show your policy of giving attention to details and help you make a better image of your business. 

The size of your box should be appropriate for your card. Moreover, you can use your brand’s logo on the box to make it representative of your brand. 

Following things you must keep in mind while designing custom business card boxes: 

  • Material

Using high-quality material will help you give adequate protection to your cards. The material should be sturdy and sustainable, for it, you can use paper-based material. Paper-based or wood-fiber material has a significant sturdiness. 

Business card boxes made of paper-based material are easy to design. This is because the raw material can be molded in different shapes and sizes without much effort. 

The natural titanium oxide makes printing on paper-based material much easy. Titanium oxides make the surface smooth and facilitate printing. 

  • Shape And Size 

Custom business card boxes design will look more elegant if their size and shape are perfect for business cards. You can use unique shapes for your cards and boxes to give them an eye-catching look. 

For instance, if you are running a bakery you can give your card the shape of cupcakes. People will remember your business just by looking card’s shape. Furthermore, you can use a befitting box shape that will retain the sharp edges of your cards. 

  • Printing 

Wholesale business card boxes should be printed in the same color as your card. You can add brief information about your business on your card boxes. The information on your box should be less than what you have mentioned on your cards. 

For instance, you can just print your logo and brand’s name on your card box. The rest of the information can be printed on card such as contact information, website, your social media platforms’ name, etc. 

  • Typography 

Typography consists of font style, font color, and the placement of text on the packaging. Custom cardboard boxes should not be overwhelmed by long and complicated text. Keep the typography simple and readable. 

If you will use a complicated text, the readability of the information will become low. Conversely, your customers will face difficulty in contacting you. 


Business cards are essential in the technological era because in the digitalized world they are the only source of tangible contact and corporeal reminder. These cards are delicate and need protection via custom business card boxes. 

Card boxes play a significant role in networking by giving a professional look to your cards. You can use a sturdy material with attractive printings and decent typography to design an enticing card box.