Exploring the Power of Rectangle mac : An Exceptional Mac App

rectangle mac

Rectangle Mac is a free window management app that organizes windows differently. It also allows you to sync its settings with your iCloud account.The application mimics the functionality of the Windows mouse, allowing you to move windows under your cursor or snap them to the sides of your screen. However, the inverted scroll wheel of the trackpad can be annoying to external mouse users.


Rectangle mac is a free program that lets you manage multiple windows on your computer. Its interface mimics a Windows mouse’s, letting you move and resize windows under your cursor. It also allows you to snap windows to the edges of the screen, making it easy to keep them in place.

This app is available for download from the App Store and the developer’s website. It comes with a trial version that is valid for ten days, and it can be purchased as a paid version, allowing you to use it for a lifetime.

Its features include moving windows with your cursor, repositioning them with mouse gestures, opening windows with one command, creating custom shortcuts, and more. It can even sync your settings via iCloud, which makes it a valuable tool for anyone who uses multiple devices.

The pro version of rectangle mac offers even more features and syncing options, ideal for multitaskers who want to maximize their time on the computer. This app version also allows you to create application groups with a simple shortcut.

Another advantage of the pro version is that you can configure a single license for up to three devices, making it an excellent choice for multitaskers with many computers. It also comes with many additional features, such as a drag-and-snap feature that helps you organize your open windows on the screen.

Rectangle mac is an easy-to-use app that lets you resize windows with your cursor. It can also snap windows to the edge of the screen and hide them behind other applications. It is compatible with various window sizes and positions, including top left, bottom right, and center hap.



The Rectangle app is a great way to manage multiple windows. It emulates the Windows mouse and helps you move windows under your cursor or snap them to the sides of your screen. The app also allows you to resize windows when you click on them.

Window management in macOS can be a cumbersome process. While Apple has many tools to help you, they don’t always work as well as they should. In particular, the Mac OS trackpad’s inverted scroll wheel can frustrate external mouse users.

Several apps can detach the trackpad’s scroll wheel and let you use an external mouse. The best one I’ve found is Rectangle, an open-source window manager that adds Windows-like snapping to the MacOS window management system.

If you’re using a MacBook Air with an Intel Core i7 processor, you can install a rectangle on your machine with a single mouse click. The app is free to download, but if you’d like more features, it’s available as a paid version with the option to resize windows when you click on the desktop.

Besides window management, rectangle mac has various other features that make it an excellent utility for your Mac. It offers sixteen different window sizes, customizable shortcuts, and keyboard shortcuts to snap windows together as you move your cursor.

The application is available in a DMG file that can be downloaded from the website and installed on your Mac. Once the application has been installed, it will appear as a shortcut in your Applications folder. If you want to uninstall it, click “Eject” from the shortcut menu.



rectangle mac

Rectangle mac is an open-source window manager app that allows you to resize windows on your Mac using the screen edges. It also has a variety of customizable keyboard shortcuts to help you organize your apps.


Managing windows on your Mac can be a hassle, especially if you don’t know the best ways. Apple offers several built-in tools to help you manage your windows, but that doesn’t mean it’s always the smoothest or most efficient experience. If you’re looking for a quick and efficient solution, consider leveraging keyboard shortcuts or borrowing an established Windows feature.

Another popular option is Magnet, a paid app available for download from the Mac App Store. This app works similarly to Rectangle but adds a few extra features.

For example, it has a snap assist function that mimics the Windows built-in feature that lets you move windows to corners of the screen. It also includes sixteen different window sizes and a customizable shortcut keyboard to help you arrange your windows as you see fit.

You can also use various customization options to adjust the size and shape of your rectangles, including adding or removing rounded corners. You can find these options in the shape settings panel.

You can even customize your stroke per side, which is helpful when applying a specific style to each side of the rectangle. You can do this by selecting the Custom option from the Stroke section and setting a different weight per side. Alternatively, you can remove the stroke from one or both sides of the rectangle with a simple click.


Shortcut key

A shortcut key is a powerful tool that allows you to perform many computer tasks without lifting your hand off the keyboard. With some practice, you can quickly complete hundreds of essential functions, including opening and closing files, copying and pasting text, and much more.

Shortcut keys are a great way to save time and increase productivity. They can help you accomplish a wide range of actions quickly and efficiently and be customized to suit your needs. Some keyboard shortcuts are specific to your operating system, while others are program-based.

For example, the Control () + Option (+ Command + right arrow) and Control () + Option (+ Command + left arrow) keys move windows to the next or previous monitor. You can arrange these keyboard shortcuts in System Preferences.

Other common keyboard shortcuts include Ctrl+Select, Ctrl+F, and Ctrl+L. These keys allow you to select multiple items at once and are often used in conjunction with the arrow keys.

Another helpful shortcut key is Ctrl+J to create a copy of your background layer in Photoshop. You can then work on this copy without worrying about losing your original image.

If you want to take your window management to the next level, try Rectangle Pro for faster window snapping, custom shortcuts for any size & position, and more! It’s a near-complete drop-in replacement for Spectacle and has many new features.

Press and hold down both corresponding keys simultaneously to use the shortcut key. In addition, some keyboard shortcuts are accompanied by a plus symbol between the two legends. This enables you to select the shortcut key with a capital “A” or lowercase “a.” If you cannot activate a keyboard shortcut, you can add a macro to StartupMacros that triggers the shortcut by pressing and holding down both of the corresponding keys at the right time.



Rectangle mac is a free application that lets you arrange windows in various ways. It offers many features, including a Windows-like snap assist function and customizable hotkeys for moving and resizing windows. It also syncs its settings with iCloud, making it easy to keep your preferences in one place.

The app comes in two versions, a free trial version that allows you to try the software for ten days and a paid version that gives you a lifetime of use. You can download the app in DMG format from the Applications folder and install it by double-clicking the file.

After installation, the application leaves a lot of files on your computer, including support files, preferences, and caches. These can be hard to remove manually, so it’s best to use a professional automatic uninstaller to do the job for you.

However, if you’re a beginner to OS X, this process may be time-consuming and tricky. To uninstall Rectangle mac, you must go through a few different steps.

First, you’ll need to empty the Library folder on your Mac. This will remove any caches, preferences, and other files left behind by the application. You can also use a removal tool designed specifically for Rectangle, which is time-consuming.

Once you’ve removed the files from your computer, you can uninstall Rectangle by deleting them from the Applications folder. This will ensure that you don’t accidentally reinstall it again. In addition, you can reset the application’s settings by closing it and resetting its permissions in System Preferences. This should clear some storage space and allow other apps to use it.