How To Use Social Media To Connect With Your Audience?

How To Use Social Media To Connect With Your Audience

Since digitalization has taken over, we can’t help but ruminate over new ways to skyrocket our brand’s succession. While social media has been great for socializing and infotainment, something has changed over the years.

The incredible platform has become a cutting-edge tool for brands to connect with their audiences. It’s been serving as a unique way for businesses to promote their offerings, engage with consumers and build brand awareness. What’s more? When doing SEO in Dubai, brands focus on incorporating social media into their strategy.

With that, we must go deeper into the details to see how the brand increases its visibility and drives sales via social media. So, let’s get started.

  • Analyze Your Engagement 

Although it’s hard to measure growth when ignorant of where you’re starting from. However, the simplest way for this is to get under your profile. Start with jotting down the current number of subscribers, followed by the number of comments you get per post.

By practicing this regularly, you’ll have an idea of what’s been working out and what’s going in vain. If you’re an ametuer, hiring a professional marketer will help you shape a versatile strategy in the beginning.

  • Select Your Strategy 

Since there’s no one-size-fits-all solution, every brand’s goals and offerings vary. For instance, Domino’s and Adidas must have different motivations for their engagements to appeal to the target audience. Depending on what suits your business, you must base your social media strategy on the following parameters.


  • Developing fresh customer leads.
  • Collecting feedback about newly-launched products and services.
  • Educating your audience on the usage and purpose of your brand.
  • Changing the audience’s perception of your brand.

  • Know Your Audience 

One of the hardest traits would be grabbing people’s attention your way. The language, resources and tone that resonates with you will likely be different for a gardening company. However, there are innumerable ways to identify your audience. By doing so, you’ll be able to determine the following.


  • The social media platform you need to put your concentration.
  • When to publish content to reach your end-users directly.
  • The type of content you need to publish.
  • To reach the right group of people without attending otherwise.
  • Share Valuable Content 

Don’t get happy if you’ve found the right audience, as social media demands more efforts from you. How will you connect to the target audience even when you know where to access them?

You need to put in some effort and create exceptional content to keep them engaged. For example, when dealing in cosmetics, you can shape content around the uses, ways and purpose of the products.

If you can’t do that, hiring an experienced content creator would be smart. They’ll handle everything from customizing the content to editing and publishing.

  • Staying Topical Will Work 

Don’t you have a strategy for today? Just join a random conversation that’s been trending for a while. Start commenting on current events in a way that ties your brand to the opportunity of connecting to your audience. For instance, delving into sport-related hot topics would be great for running a sportswear brand.

  • Schedule Smartly 

Ideally, you must post twice or thrice daily to keep your site updated and active in the social streams. At the same time, it’s important to keep your content fresh to attract more leads.

However, identifying the right time to publish content is also important. This way, your humorously-shaped promotion wouldn’t miss the chance to get maximum exposure.

Since you can’t stick to your computer screen 24/7, you can use social media marketing tools to stay prompt.

  • Think Beyond the Feed

While commenting and sharing may seem like a comprehensive approach to connect with the audiences. Yet, these public engagement stunts aren’t the ideal way to see if your audience cares.

In fact, private conversions like direct messages and story interactions are prime examples of an engaged audience. Therefore, you must ensure to treat them right. Sometimes, you may benefit by adding FAQs, live chatbots and one-to-one consultations.


Final Thoughts!

Gone were the days when you turned to social media only during leisure hours to get off some work steam. Presently, the platform has been helping businesses to reach their desired profitability. No wonder why social media marketing in Dubai is trending. With the potential to help you reach around 80% of your audience, is there a better way to generate sales?