A Club América VS Deportivo Toluca F.C. Timeline 2023 – Games

Club América VS Deportivo Toluca F.C. Timeline
It is believed that the Club America and Deportivo Toluca Football Club have an extensive and long-running rivalry dating back to the 1800s. Both teams have played 64 times in official games in the past, with Club América holding a 45-27 advantage.

Club América VS Deportivo Toluca F.C. Timeline

The last time the two teams played was during this year’s Apertura game, which saw Club America emerging as victors.

Deportivo Toluca F.C. VS Club América Timeline: A Timeline

The story began on the 5th of May in 2019, in which Club América VS Deportivo Toluca F.C. Timeline took on the Liga MX final. America was the reigning champions, having already won the title last year. Toluca on their side were hoping to claim their very first championship since winning the 2014 Clausura.

It was highly contested but neither team could take a clear advantage. At the end of the day, it was America that took the victory by winning 3-2 in aggregate.

The real drama was revealed after the final whistle. While the coaches and players were enjoying themselves on the pitch when a fight broke out between two teams of players. The incident started when America’s Miguel Herrera and Toluca’s Rubens Sambueza engaged in an argument that turned violent.

The tension quickly grew and both teams began exchanging kicks and punches. In the final result, the two players Herrera as well as Sambueza were exiled together with four other players.

The battle was tense and both sides exchanged criticism and threats. Herrera claimed Toluca was “a team of dirty players,” and Sambueza reacted back, calling the players of America “cowards.”

Club América VS Deportivo Toluca F.C. Timeline:

The squabble among the teams continued since the beginning of the year with both sets of fans picking their sides. The dispute culminated on the 4th of August, 2019 as the two sides played once more in the Supercopa MX final.

The game was another tightly disputable affair and America ultimately won the game 2-1. But, the most memorable part is the brawl after the match that saw the two teams exchange punches and kicks again.

The brawl was so intense that the game had to be ended and both teams were removed from the field. Another time, Herrera and Sambueza were in the middle of the fight, with the two players fighting over insults and punches.

Following the fight was a mess The result was that both teams were punished with fines in addition to Herrera as well as Sambueza being banned to six-month suspensions.

The Rivalry Between Deportivo Toluca FC and Club America:

The Club América VS Deportivo Toluca F.C. rivalry is one of the most intense rivalries among Mexican teams of football Club America and Deportivo Toluca F.C. The rivalry is thought to be one of the most significant in Mexican football.

The two clubs share a long and rich history, beginning with the first game between them being played in 1916. Since that time, the two clubs have played each other for 182 official games. Club America has won 72 times, Toluca has won 54 times and the remaining 56 games were drawn.

The rivalry was heightened in the 1970s as both teams were constantly fighting for the league title. The 1980s saw the competition shift into the playoffs as both teams played during the postseason five times from 1982 until 1988. Toluca defeated the other three games, including a 5-1 total victory in the semi-finals in 1988 which is considered to be one of the most lopsided outcomes in the history of the rivalry.

Deportivo Toluca F.C. VS Club América Timeline:

In the 1990s, both teams regularly fought for the title of league champions and the title, with Toluca taking the title in 1992, and Club America winning it in 1993. Both teams also played in playoffs four times during the 1990s in the 1990s, with Toluca taking three victories in the games.

The rivalry in the 2000s was seen to persist and the two teams often fought for the league title and played at least four times in playoffs. In the most recent encounter which took place in 2013’s Clausura finals Club America won 3-2 overall to end Toluca’s streak of 3 successive appearances at the Final.

The two teams also had other matches such as The Copa Mexico, the Supercopa MX as well as the CONCACAF Champions League. The most notable of these is the Copa Mexico, the two teams have played 21 times With Toluca having won 11 occasions, and Club America winning 9 times. In the Supercopa MX, the two teams have met three times each time, with Toluca winning twice, and Club America winning once. For the CONCACAF Champions League, the two teams have played seven times including Toluca winning three times, while Club America winning 4 times.

The Teams’ History:

Club América was founded in 1916 and is one of the oldest clubs in Mexico. They’ve had tremendous success with record-breaking 12 league titles, as well as the six CONCACAF Champions Cups (now known as the Champions League). It is the sole Mexican team to win the Copa Libertadores, which they won in 1986.

Deportivo Toluca F.C . They have also been extremely successful with their league championships, which they have won 10 times in addition to the four CONCACAF Champions Cups. They’ve also made it to Finals in the Copa Libertadores twice but lost each time.

Both teams have played often throughout the decades The two teams have played many times, with Club America generally having the advantage. In recent times, Toluca has been the most prosperous of both teams, winning the championship in 2017 and in the year 2018.

The rivalry between the two teams is one of the most heated rivalries in Mexican football. Their matches are always watched with great anticipation by the fans.

Club America vs. Deportivo Toluca FC The Timeline of the Rivalry

The Club América VS Deportivo Toluca F.C. This rivalry is rooted at the beginning of Mexican football when both teams were the most dominant players in the game.

The rivalry started in the early 1920s when Club America was founded. The club quickly gained prominence by winning its first title in the Mexican Primera Division in 1922 and 1923. Deportivo Toluca, meanwhile, was established in 1917 and was awarded the debut Mexican Primera Division title in 1932.

The two clubs played for the first occasion in a match in 1934 and Club America won 2-1. The two clubs went through the years to play one another within the Mexican Primera Division on numerous occasions however, Club America usually comes out with the upper hand.

The most important meeting with the teams took place in 1986’s Mexican Primera Division Clausura final. The game was played over two days which ended in Club America winning the first leg 2-1 at Estadio Azteca. The second leg took place in the Estadio Nemesio Diez and concluded with a draw of 1-1 and awarded Club America the title.

The most recent encounter with the clubs took place at the end of 2017’s Apertura game, where Club América won 2-0 at the Estadio Azteca.


The Club América VS Deportivo Toluca F.C. rivalry is among the most storied and fierce battles that can be found that exist in Mexican football. This rivalry is rooted in the beginnings of Mexican football in the early days of Mexican football when both clubs were the main players in the game. The rivalry first began in the early 1920s, when Club America was founded.

The club quickly gained prominence, claiming its first title in the Mexican Primera Division in 1922 and 1923. Deportivo Toluca, meanwhile, was founded in 1917 and took the debut Mexican Primera Division title in 1932. The two clubs played for the first time in a match in 1934, and Club America won 2