Universities in Oxford (UK) and Student Accommodation

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The name “Oxford” is well-known among academics. The University of Oxford in this city is the oldest university in the English-speaking world founded in 1096 CE. Moreover, it is the world’s second-oldest university in continuous operation. The University of Oxford has been widely popular among international students as well as British students. Many celebrities from all over the world have studied at this university offers student accommodation oxford. Thirty British prime ministers have attended this university.

In 2010, more than a hundred graduates of this institution were elected to the House of Commons. Moreover, over 140 alumni sit in the House of Lords. From outside Britain, at least thirty international leaders have got education at the University of Oxford.

Today also, many students from different parts of the world come to study at the University of Oxford. Apart from the University of Oxford, Oxford Brookes University is another university in this city, which also attracts worldwide students. In addition, there is also a specialist further and higher education college in Oxford for domestic and international students, which is Ruskin College.

Due to so much inclination of international students for studying in Oxford and the city’s great experience in hosting international students, some great places for students’ accommodations are available in this city. These accommodations have wonderful facilities as per the needs, preferences, and comfort of students.

Below, you will read some details about student accommodations in Oxford.

Types of Student Accommodation Properties in Oxford

There are three types of accommodation properties available in Oxford: university halls, private student housing complexes, and private rental apartments.

In Oxford, organisations perform and own the housing advances known as university halls. Ensuite rooms, non-ensuite rooms, shared rooms, and apartments are the types of accommodations that you can find in university halls in Oxford. These halls are especially made according to the requirements of students and they have some facilities as per the requirements of students.

Private student housing complexes in Oxford are perfect alternatives to university halls. They are often said “private halls”. Studios, apartments, shared rooms, and ensuite rooms are the types of accommodations available in these complexes. Such complexes in Oxford are developed and owned by private owners. These complexes have a plethora of facilities for international students.

Private rental apartments are also available for students in Oxford, which are the usual apartments. Many students also rent them; however, they are not designed as per the needs of students.

Types of Accommodations

There are five major types of accommodations available in Oxford for international students, which are ensuite rooms, non-ensuite rooms, shared rooms, apartments, and studios.

Ensuite rooms and non-ensuite rooms are for students who need their private spaces. One room is allotted to one person. These rooms are found in some flats. Students can find shared kitchens and living rooms or lounges. Here, there is a difference between ensuite rooms and non-ensuite rooms. Students maintain in accommodations having private bedrooms, however non-ensuite rooms without a shared bathroom and require people living to use shared bathrooms in the apartments.

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Shared rooms in Oxford are allotted multiple students. Students find shared kitchens and lounges usually in the flats where they are located. Bathrooms may either be attached to the rooms or there may be communal bathrooms in the flats. But, even if the room has an attached bathroom, students living in that room have to share it.

Apartments in Oxford may have one or more bedrooms. One bedroom could be set up for one student or two. These bedrooms may be like any of the above mentioned three types of rooms. Bathrooms may either be shared or ensuite in bedrooms in the apartments in Oxford. Other spaces, such common lounges, dining rooms, and kitchens, are frequently shared.

Studios are the self-contained units in Oxford’s student housing complexes, which have large spaces with a living area, kitchen area, study area, sleeping area, and ensuite bathroom. Every area is private in such accommodation types. While some studios may accommodate two people living there, some is able to support one.

Facilities for Students

You can get a variety of facilities with student accommodation Oxford. All the accommodation units meant for students and many private rental apartments have study tables and chairs. There are also study rooms in the properties for students. The internet connection can also be found in most of the properties.

Moreover, many students’ properties in Oxford have in-house gyms for workouts. There are also cinemas where residents can get entertainment. Games rooms are also here with arrangements of games like pool, foosball, and table tennis. Some university halls also have swimming pools.


Hopefully, international students will get the best education and the best accommodation in Oxford.