Beauty Blogs in UK

Beauty blogs in UK provide product recommendations and expert tips, with everything from makeup hauls and first impression reviews to skincare routines and seasonal favourites being covered by these blogs.

Anna Newton is an established beauty blogger known for her comprehensive product reviews and flat-lays that will inspire your own beauty bag purchases. Visit The Anna Edit for detailed product information that you need!

Jane Cunningham

Jane Cunningham is a British beauty blogger, writing for both mainstream media and online publications. She is well-known for her knowledge on makeup trends and skincare products, often collaborating with brands. With a dedicated YouTube channel and website showcasing tutorials and reviews on a regular basis.

Zoe Sugg is one of the most-followed British beauty bloggers and entrepreneurs online, boasting a huge social presence and entertaining videos on her beauty blog, covering topics ranging from make-up and hairstyles to lifestyle and travel.

Launching a successful beauty blog may not be straightforward, but here are a few strategies that will help. Choose a topic you find engaging, identify a niche to distinguish it from others and determine your writing style and opinions before sticking with them to ensure readers know what to expect when reading your posts – plus remember to update regularly so readers remain engaged!

Suzi Bonaldi

Suzi Bonaldi, more popularly known as Hello October, is an influential beauty blogger with a distinct take on the industry. Not only can she provide expert makeup and skincare advice, she also regularly addresses topics such as mental health in her blog posts – making her one of the must-follow influencers in the UK!

She’s the face behind a successful beauty blog and YouTube channel. Her content spans from makeup tutorials and travel tips, product reviews, to travel adventures. Her following has grown tremendously over time, working closely with various brands to produce engaging material for their followers.

Hannah Gale is an authority on beauty and lifestyle topics, from daily makeup routines to haul videos – she truly is a beauty queen in every sense. With an original and forward-thinking approach, her blog is essential reading for anyone interested in keeping up with current trends and developments.

The Sunday Girl

A beauty blog is an engaging way to showcase your passion for makeup, skincare and lifestyle. These blogs cover an extensive array of topics from makeup and skincare products and tutorials, food and travel; providing newcomers an invaluable resource to kick-start their beauty routines.

London-based beauty influencer Sara Evans blends her love of fashion and beauty to craft an engaging blog. She details her daily beauty routine while sharing product reviews and tips. In addition, she boasts a large YouTube following where she provides open communication with her audience while working closely with several beauty brands to collaborate.

This website boasts an elegant design that offers health and beauty tips. It includes makeup tutorials and reviews, natural beauty recipes, healthy living advice, expert opinion pieces, as well as events related to beauty. A team of writers is constantly adding new content. WordPress plugins enable readers to build email lists or even set up eCommerce stores through this platform.

Hannah Gale

Hannah Gale, a Beauty blogger from England, has gained incredible acclaim across Instagram, YouTube, and her own website. As a plus-size blogger who believes beauty comes from within her blog focuses on makeup tips as well as lifestyle advice for women looking their best.

Her blog features tutorials, reviews and hauls of makeup, skincare and haircare products; as well as outfits of the day and travel adventures. She stands out as a beauty expert with a distinct writing style and recognisable voice.

She has collaborated with many top beauty brands and is considered an influential blogger in the UK. With an immense social media following and blog full of helpful advice for hair, skincare, and makeup styling and application – she serves as an incredible role model to all those interested in starting their own blog!


Beauty bloggers can be invaluable resources for aspiring makeup artists, offering tips and advice on creating various looks as well as skincare and hair care routines. Beauty blogs should also regularly publish new content to keep readers interested; additionally, bloggers should focus on niche topics in order to increase audience attention.

The Sunday Girl is an established beauty blogger known for sharing in-depth product reviews and makeup tutorials with her followers. Her content is both visually appealing and educational, making her one of the best UK beauty bloggers. Additionally, she has written a beauty book to further her career in this field.

Hayley Hall is an engaging beauty queen with an engaging social media presence and fun personality. Her extensive makeup tutorials, product reviews and important topics like mental health make her stand out among other beauty bloggers.