How Can You Upgrade Your Macbook Air’s RAM?


If you are a MacBook owner, you must be among those lucky ones who are living their best lives, aren’t you? We get it, it takes a lot of effort to collect the amount of money that is needed to purchase a MacBook, even if it was a MacBook Pro for sale, and of course, you must have worked hard for it. The experience of using a MacBook is incomparable to other laptops, don’t you think? If you already own a MacBook Air, you should try to elevate your experience with MacBooks! How is that possible? All you need to do is upgrade your RAM, and then you can easily multi-task. But the main question is, how can you upgrade your RAM? Continue reading to know all about it.

Do your Research

To proceed with the upgrading of your MacBook Air’s RAM, you will first have to conduct some research. Researching will help you out in understanding the process very smoothly and easily. This research will be based on the current RAM configuration of your MacBook Air, which means that you will have to determine the amount of RAM that is already present in your MacBook, and what is the preferred amount that you can now upgrade to, as it would allow you to purchase the appropriate RAM upgrade that you need for your device.

If you wish to proceed, you will have to check out the Apple Menu, and search for the option “About This Mac”. Once you find that particular option, click on it and then go to the “Memory” option. From there, you will be able to obtain the relevant information that is needed. You must make sure that the RAM. You are about to purchase has been supplied by a reputable company. So that the functionality of your valuable MacBook is not compromised in any way.

The Main Part

Upon purchase, you must ensure that the RAM upgrade fulfills all the requirements of your MacBook Air. Before beginning the actual process, don’t forget to store your entire data in external hard drives or your Google Drive via backup. This would prevent any data loss issues, in case they occur due to unforeseen problems with the upgrade.

Next, you must be mindful of unplugging all external cables and entirely shutting down your MacBook Air. Then, you must remove the back cover of your MacBook Air, to remove the old RAM and replace it with the new one. As soon as you are done with the installation of the new RAM, do not forget to place the metal clips back on the RAM to help in the alignment of its position. After that, you can put the back cover in its place and then switch on your electronic device. Quite simple, isn’t it?


In conclusion, if you need to know how to upgrade your MacBook Air’s RAM, this article aims to explain it to the maximum possible extent by simplifying the process for you. However, if you have any other queries or you need any assistance with the RAM upgrade, contact us now at We also provide MacBook repair services and have our electronics repair shop, so if you need any help with an apple macbook air for sale or a screen repair, we can help you out with that too. All you need to do is give us a call!

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