Press Release Services – How to Choose the Right One For Your Business

Press releases are an effective way to expand the visibility and increase brand recognition for any organization or brand. They should follow the 5W1H rule: who, what, when, where and why.

WireAccess is a PR distribution platform offering free analytics for every press release distributed. Furthermore, this service enables users to select an industry for target audience selection – perfect for small businesses!


Publishing news in publications is one of the best ways to increase sales and build brand recognition, so using press release distribution services can help your message reach its intended target market efficiently. These services take care of everything for you – from writing the release and distributing it across the web; saving both time and money along the way! It is therefore crucial that you identify which service best meets your needs.

BusinessWire is an established and dependable newswire service offering comprehensive solutions for business customers. Boasting over 100,000 media outlets as its network, BusinessWire helps your news reach its intended target audience more effectively than ever. Offering several packages suited for individual needs as well as distribution to local newspapers and radio stations. Furthermore, Social Media Distribution as well as SEO optimization for maximum impact make BusinessWire a worthwhile newswire option for maximizing impact.

PRWeb provides businesses with an effective platform to reach journalists at affordable rates, starting from $99. This service also allows you to add multimedia content and links back to your website to increase exposure while offering analytics to measure campaign results.

iReleases is another newswire service with an emphasis on customer experience and providing quality coverage to clients. Their goal is to place real stories into journalists and editors’ hands and have distribution networks covering every state in America; additionally they maintain an expansive database of journalists that allows for targeting specific markets.

One great advantage of this service is its seamless integration with CRM systems, CMS platforms, email marketing platforms and analytics services. By using data from these other systems to customize press release language and format based on who receives them – making your press releases more relevant to their recipients!

Press releases are an invaluable way for businesses, especially small and medium enterprises, to spread word of their products and services. Used properly, press releases can showcase new product releases, company acquisitions, key announcements and search engine ranking improvements by including keywords within releases. Finding an affordable press release service provider will ensure maximum exposure at minimal expense while reaching target audiences efficiently.

Strong EPR Network

Utilizing an appropriate newswire service can help your press releases be seen by major media outlets, and draw in new readers and customers for your business. Not only that, but choosing one tailored specifically to your needs can increase visibility of content on search engines such as Google. Some services specialize in specific niche areas while others cater more toward local news or industry-related events – some even have multiple distribution channels depending on who your target audience is.

Use an international newswire that distributes your release worldwide and utilizes their global network of reporters and journalists who can cover your release, plus help create a customized newsroom to manage press releases. Furthermore, their newswire allows you to track its performance.

Consider using a newswire that has offices near your location to take advantage of its local knowledge and meet with editors and reporters face-to-face, giving your brand access to professional editors and reporters who know your region well, while learning what type of stories resonate best in this part of the country and which should form the focus of news releases in that region.

A reliable press release distribution service should have the capacity to distribute your news to at least 500 news content systems and 400 websites, connecting journalists and bloggers in your industry with you as well. In addition, they should offer 24-hour editorial staffing with multiple packages available.

Choose a press release distribution service with social media sharing and tracking tools to monitor its impact on social media pages, measure engagement levels and measure return on investment. In addition, ensure they offer customer support to answer any queries and address concerns as soon as they arise.

24-7 Press offers in-house writers to ensure the content you create for press releases is written well. As former journalists themselves, these experts understand all the intricacies of writing effective pieces; they can assist in crafting captivating narratives that draw in target audiences while checking for grammar and spelling errors.

Quality press release distribution services will offer an expansive network of journalists that reach around the globe, such as Google News and Reuters (exclusively on MarketersMEDIA), as well as international news agencies like ABC and CBS, NBC and Fox. Furthermore, these services will offer detailed analytics reports and links back to your press release in Associated Press.