The impact of mobile devices on website designing

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It has been quite some time since a mobile website designing company delhi was a luxury for your business. In today’s digital age, having a mobile website is a must.  A mobile website gives customers easy access to information about your company, products and services. Google considers mobile websites crucial to your online success. Their Search Console, will send alerts to registered sites that do not have a mobile site.

What is the impact on Mobile devices on web design?

Mobile-friendly websites perform well on smartphones, tablets, handheld devices like Android and Blackberry. Mobile-friendly web design, also called responsive web design, reacts to any device or display, no matter how small or large, and enriches the webpage viewing experience.

Why is it important to have mobile websites?

Most of us have long known that people everywhere are using the internet on a large number of devices. It is no longer safe to assume that a visitor to your company website will use a traditional desktop or laptop computer – there is a good chance that he or she will be using a tablet or handheld smartphone.

Traditional websites, even those developed a few years ago, were usually not formatted for mobile-display, and do not display well on today’s modern devices. While some industries have responded quickly by converting their company websites to mobile-friendly formats, many decision makers are still unaware that this is a critical issue that can affect their businesses bottom line.

While most of your customers may not be using mobile devices to access your website design services, you may be surprised to learn that over half of digital traffic comes from mobile applications and devices. Therefore, it is very essential to choose custom web application development services , in order to create a responsive website on a range of devices.

Here are six reasons why a impact on mobile-friendly website is essential –

Better user experience

A mobile website was created for viewing on handheld devices. The small smartphone screen makes it hard to see the desktop version. That is why most people will not want to use a mobile website. Research has shown that mobile websites can improve user experience and satisfaction, increasing your chances of acquiring new customers.

More engagement

Mobile-specific websites often include map functions and click-to-call buttons. These functions make it easy for customers to contact you or find you on their mobile devices. A mobile website normally does not display all the content on a desktop website. Instead, it presents content that is relevant to and customised for phone users.

Brand Identity

Businesses can present themselves as modern and professional with a well-designed mobile website. A well-designed mobile website will position you better than those who do not have a website. Make sure your website looks great on a mobile device to keep users engaged.

A recent study found that 33% of internet users start browsing websites through their mobile phones.

Mobile Advertising

A mobile website will provide you with the best mobile marketing opportunities to retain and attract customers. Because cell phones are so popular, you can reach almost any audience you want. A mobile website is a great way to promote new products, sales or offers quickly and easily.

Integrating a business’ Facebook fan page with a mobile site is becoming more popular. When it comes to connecting and interacting with customers face-to-face, mobile social media should be taken care of!

Increased reach

Higher search engine rankings enable you to reach larger audiences. Satisfied smartphone and tablet users are more likely not to call or convert into customers. You will gain followers in addition to desktop users as well. Having a wide reach is important when you offer an online service. It will allow you to precisely define your customer base.

Increases reliability

A website that is compatible with all devices helps build credibility and shows that the company is current in technology. At some point, every smartphone user has seen a website that was only available on desktop. They’re outdated and hard to navigate, sometimes even impossible to do. A harder to navigate website will be less popular. Smartphone users are accustomed to mobile-friendly websites. This expectation should be met by the responsiveness of your website.


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