7 Easy Tips for Essay Writing from Subject-Matter Experts!

Essay Writing from Subject-Matter Experts

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So what do you understand about essay writing? What is an essay all about? Have you ever wondered why these literature pieces are so important?

Literature holds many writing parts which are helpful in expressing views. The author can express their feelings by writing such literature pieces. Essay writing is also a part of these literature pieces.

If someone asks you to define an essay, you can merely explain it by saying that this is a prominent part of literature pieces, which is a flexible form of writing. It describes a single topic and represents someone`s personal view of that.

So you must have got basic idea about the essay. But the importance is yet to be told!

Let`s get started with the tips.

Tips from Experts:-

1. Common Topic:-

Essays are your views on any topic. One must go for a topic which is familiar and has an impact on daily life. You can go for a unique topic, but you will end up getting nothing to write. More content is the main profit of choosing a common topic. Being a student, what do you really want? Good grades? Then, you can get it for a unique topic. But selecting a theme, having little content will clash with it when you have nothing to write. So, experts always recommend students to choose easy topics for writing.

Now the main reason for a general topic is the bibliophile interest. Therefore, the reader’s interest is meaningful because everyone seeks points for general things. So, write a reader-friendly essay. However, when you write something about a common topic, it will increase your scores with vast content due to its popularity.

2. Attractive Title:-

So, after choosing a common subject, you must make the title the most unique way, that it looks attractive to readers. The more the title is eye catchy the higher the grades will go. Assume you read an essay, but what will make you read that? It`s a heading, so make an attractive title for your essay.

Now, understand this with other points. The title should be attractive but must have a glimpse of the content. If the heading states something else and the content provided is different. It will lower your grades. The topic of an essay is assumed by, its title. So, remember this while framing a title. In short, the title must be unique, the topic must be general and the things in the body must revolve around that.

3. Proper Research:-

Try not to do things in the nick of time! Most of the students are mistaken here. They never perform a valid search under their topic and title, resulting in the last-moment collapse. So, do not rush things. It will only reduce your result percentage. When you do not conduct the research part, you may get stuck in the middle of writing. And you will not be able to go ahead!

Instead, start by searching everything and making pointers to write them later in detail. It will also reduce your time consumption. When you research things, you may get better content than earlier which is beneficial before starting an essay. It will also increase your percentage of getting good grades.

4. Planning Project:-

When you start your project without proper planning, time consumption may increase. Assume that you start your work and take more time in researching. And then, you will be left with less time to do the rest of things. Proper planning things save extra time for last-minute calls. Plot your project in a way that you have some remaining moments for any trouble-solving. Students plan their every second so that almost half of the total time is for writing. And the rest half includes topic search, title framing, researching content and editing all get complete. Even though some minutes stand from this for the last moments.

5. Format of Essay Writing:-

An essay has the same format as many other writing pieces. It is an authentic way of writing which has analytical, less systematic, critical literature compositions. The word limit is 1000+. It also follows the basic structure of the intro, body and conclusion.

So, here is the basic format of the essay:-


  • Title:- A literature piece is nothing without a title. As you are nothing without your name, an essay is also not. The description is the second part of an essay while the heading is the primary. Readers scan things according to their interests. And this is detected through the title whether they will read it or not. To generate an attractive title with a common interest topic.
  • Introduction:- The writer’s point on the topic is assumed from its intro. According to experts, students must acknowledge readers with their thoughts by a glimpse of their content in the introduction by using some questionnaires and phrases. This not only seeks the attention of the readers but makes the content connected.
  • Body:- An essay body clears the writer’s idea about the topic. It is the descriptive part. Students search for how many paragraphs to write in an essay. It is not about how many, but 1000+ is the word limit. You can divide the introduction and conclusion for 10% each and 80% content for the body of an essay.
  • Conclusion:- Any work without a result is nil, so whatever you write in the body is concluded at the end. You can write your final views on the topic chosen and answer the questions raised by you. Readers read an essay for a solution even if the problem has no solutions, you must write it in the conclusion.

6. Checking Errors:-

Before submitting an essay to your professor, check for grammatical and writing errors it has. Correcting them before submitting will make an essay way better than earlier. It will increase your grades.

7. Seek Help:-

After going through all and knowing the experts tips, if you are unable to write an essay, you can search for specific topics such as Finance essay helpAnd you will get aid from experts available on various platforms.

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Try understanding things from a personal point. When you generalize things, it will become easy doing them. So follow these tips listed by experts to students for grading A+ score in essay writing. You can seek Essay help from experts if you face any issues in writing an essay.