Important Strategies To Get Featured In Magazines

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These Are The 4 Most Important Strategies To Get Featured In Magazines

Excellent work! You’re prepared to offer your product the attention it merits now that your business has established itself and your branding has been reinforcing. Whether you’re a maker, photographer, jewelry designer, independent artist, or something else completely, one of your best (and most profitable) avenues for attention is publishing your work in publications. It is not possible, though, to just call Vanity Fair and request a feature.

Tips For Getting Featured

What therefore is the best way to master the craft of product placement without going broke hiring a publicist? Thus, in light of…

These Four Methods Can Help Your Business Become Featured In Periodicals!

List All Of The Magazines You Dream Of:

Tips For Getting Featured – When making your ideal list of media to pitch to before submitting your work, don’t forget to dream big. If your line of letterpress cards is featured in Cosmopolitan, don’t be hesitant to add it to your list of publications to approach. Do you think your jewelry would look amazing with Harper’s Bazaar? Attach them. Starting with around 20 magazines is what we recommend, but we also warn against blindly adhering to popular knowledge. Trade and consumer periodicals, however not particularly spectacular, are an excellent way to market your business.

Go Through Each Magazine:

With your list of journals in hand, it’s time to wrap up your study. Find out who their target market is and what criteria they use to make recommendations for purchases. What products do they usually offer? What is the usual range of prices? And how do they talk about these goods?

Other entrepreneurs have advised that “the more you study the magazine, the more comfortable you’ll be with it, and the more straightforward it will be when you’re actually pitching.” You may even select the exact section of the magazine where you want to put your products on display. Remember that editors prefer pitches tailored to individual magazines over typical press releases and that preparing ahead of time may help you build a more personal connection.

Choose The Locations Where Your Product Should Be Shown:

Now that you have a copy of your dream magazine, it’s time to figure out how your product fits into its editorial schedule. Every magazine approaches product roundups differently: some release a reader guide every month, some hold off until a big holiday, and still others (like Oprah’s Favorite Things) do an annual roundup.

Here Are The Top 4 Strategies To Get Featured In Magazines

You may determine the best time for your product to be featured by conducting a fast Google search to find the magazine’s editorial calendar. Just keep in mind that pitch submissions from marketers must be received no later than 30 days prior to the “space closing” date on the calendar. P.S. The magazine’s media kit is available directly from the “Advertising” section of their website if you are unable to find the editorial calendar.)

Is February turning into a month of organizing and decluttering thanks to Good Housekeeping? Perhaps the perfect opportunity to promote your chic line of notebooks and diaries! Keep in mind that you will get a response from editors more often if you pitch on topic, and you will annoy them more frequently if you pitch off-topic!

For your information, the editorial schedules of most publications follow a standard pattern, so you may anticipate what they might want in advance.

This Is An Overview Sheet:

  1. January: wellness, weight loss, and resolutions.
  2. Travel in February and Valentine’s Day gifts.
  3. March: clothes, gardening supplies, and springtime goods.
  4. Earth Day, eco-friendly products, and tax guidance in April.
  5. May: Memorial Day, Mother’s Day, and graduation.
  6. Father’s Day and summer graduation are in June.
  7. July: Summertime celebrations, picnics, weddings, and the Fourth of July.
  8. August: courses resume.
  9. September: Dress for the potential chill.
  10. October: Halloween and Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
  11. November brings Thanksgiving, holiday fare, and gifts.
  12. December: get-togethers and holiday shopping.

Craft a Narrative Pitch:

An effective pitch requires crafting an engaging and empathetic story that appeals to magazine readers. Editors are drawn to goods that appeal to their readers specifically, just as consumers are drawn to products that tell stories. If your elevator pitch tells a gripping story in addition to promoting your product or service, you’re set.

You are now ready to proceed! These were the important strategies to get featured in magazines! We only hope that your next adventure is filled with success!