12 Reasons Why You Should Choose BigCommerce

12 Reasons Why You Should Choose BigCommerce

Do you want to choose the best eCommerce platform for your business? Do you need clarification about which is the best for your business and the features they provide? Don’t overlook it; we are here to talk about it! BigCommerce is not known for nothing; it’s an excellent platform that goes above and beyond your brand needs. 

There are numerous platforms out there, but BigCommerce is leading due to its exceptional services and unique features. It might be you are still confused about it. Ok! Let’s dig deep into it. So, here in this blog, we will explore the benefits and features of the BigCommerce platform that make it stand out from the rest. 

Also, you can go for the BigCommerce website development services that many agencies provide to avoid any issues during your brand building and development. Right now, let’s explore the reasons why BigCommerce is in demand. 

Advantages of Choosing BigCommerce 

BigCommerce provides multiple benefits, but here, we will discuss some prominent ones. 

Best For B2B and B2C:

BigCommerce is perfect for B2B and B2C, especially with its tailored B2B Edition. It includes handy features like delegated purchasing for employees to log in on behalf of a company, share lists, and senior buyers with approval powers. The Invoice Portal lets you view, track, and pay invoices, offering flexibility with credit card payments and ACH transfers.

Easy Onboarding:

BigCommerce makes onboarding a simple step, providing the simplest setup among all platforms. Launching an eCommerce site is quick and easy; no technical expertise is required. 

The platform’s tools help users effortlessly create a fully functional online store. The Help Center offers written and video guides, supporting beginners throughout the setup process.

Tempting Features:

BigCommerce offers a user-friendly dashboard for easy order, item, and refund management. The Quick Search Bar streamlines item access. Advanced features like filtering, categories, and reviews enhance customer experience. 

Segment customers by price, promotion, or product access, tailoring shop details for each group. Also, there is no need for separate shops to offer diverse pricing options.

Easy Customization:

BigCommerce excels in the easy and efficient customization of products and pages. Unlike other platforms, it stands out with free, easily editable templates through a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface. Bulk editing for numerous product categories simplifies quick changes. 

BigCommerce offers multiple product options, which is ideal for the expanding custom goods market. Its inbuilt customization features surpass others, making it a top choice for complex e-commerce needs.

Suppleness and Versatility:

BigCommerce is great for flexible and scalable business growth. Customize design, manage products, and integrate apps easily. There are no limits on products or web traffic, ensuring your online store expands effortlessly with your business. Perfect for businesses aiming to boost their online presence.

SEO Capabilities:

SEO is vital for an online store’s success. BigCommerce’s advanced features improve your product catalog and boost website rank. Easily modify keywords and descriptions for better online visibility. Thus, elevate your eCommerce store with BigCommerce’s powerful SEO tools.

Simplified Advertisement:

BigCommerce simplifies marketing and analytics with built-in tools. Unlike other platforms needing add-ons, it offers features like gift vouchers, coupon codes, and email campaigns out of the box. 

Monitor store performance, conversion rates, orders, and revenue through its analytics section. Boost sales effortlessly with BigCommerce’s integrated solutions and features.

Mobile Theme:

Mostly, individuals conduct research through their mobile phones. This makes it vital for you to have a mobile-friendly website that appears the same across all devices. Thus, BigCommerce provides a brilliant mobile-friendly template that makes your site easy to navigate on your phone. 

No Carts Related Issues:

Online businesses often face the issue of abandoned carts, where customers add items but don’t make a purchase, leading to lost sales. BigCommerce addresses this with Abandoned Cart Recovery. 

The feature detects these carts and sends reminder emails, boosting sales conversions. This advanced feature of BigCommerce makes it the best choice for your digital store. 


Creating an eCommerce platform involves various costs like design, development, hosting, and security. However, BigCommerce offers built-in templates, making it cost-effective. 

You can work on the existing framework with minor customization, eliminating the need for developer fees. This affordability makes BigCommerce a smart choice for starting your online store.

Multi-Channel Connectivity:

One of the known features of BigCommerce is that it enables you to handle all the listings of your store from one single location. The two important components of it are centralized management and multi-channel integration. 

Whatever plan you choose, BigCommerce allows you to easily integrate your favorite social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. 

Round The Clock Assistance:

BigCommerce has reduced its waiting times, and the support team provides instant support and assistance to your query. Additionally, you can connect with their experts at any time or have 24/7 access. This is the most crucial component of any business, and BigCommerce excels in it. 


Therefore, in this blog, we have explained the fantastic features of the BigCommerce platform and why people choose it over others. Now, if you want to move from your current store to BigCommerce, choose BigCommerce store migration services in India from MakkPress Technologies, It is one of the best ecommerce solutions service providers in India and across the globe.

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