Beach To Backwaters: A Kerala Honeymoon Itinerary For A Week

Kerala honeymoon itinerary

A journey after marriage needs a setting as charming and diverse the love is. Here is an Kerala honeymoon itinerary that ensure that your trip is enjoyable. Nestled on the south western coast of India, Kerala, often hailed as God’s Own Country. It offers a number of landscapes that range from pristine beaches to backwaters.

A week long honeymoon in this tropical heaven offers an enjoyable blend. That consists of peace, cultural charm, and intimate moments. Join us, as we meanwhile craft a seamless tour plan. It will further take you from the sunny shores to the tranquil backwaters.

Day 1 to 2: Romance – Awakens in Fort Kochi

Arrival and First Impressions

Your journey further begins at the Kochi Airport. There the tropical air and the scent of spices on the breeze welcome you to Kerala. From here the journey of Kerala honeymoon itinerary will start.

A short drive will take you to Fort Kochi, a ancient district steeped in colonial charm. Firstly, check into a boutique hotel that resonates with the echoes of years past. It offers you both comfort and a glimpse into the rich remains of this coastal city.

Exploring Fort Kochi

The first day invites you to meander through the cobbled streets of Fort Kochi. That are further filled with vibrant street art and colonial era buildings.

This part of the city is a living symbol to its diverse history. Make your way to the unique Chinese Fishing Nets lining the waterfront. Meanwhile, witness the age old tradition of catching the day’s bounty.

As the sun begins its descent, Fort Kochi Beach becomes a canvas. That is painted with hues of orange and pink.

Meanwhile, take a lazy stroll with your loved one along the sandy shores. Listen the rhythmic sounds of the waves. They further provide the perfect soundtrack to the start of your romantic escape.

Historical Exploration

On the second day, delve deeper into the city’s history. Visit the Mattancherry Palace, a splendid proof to the grandeur of the Maharajas of Kochi. It further contains the unique murals and art remains.

Explore the Jewish Synagogue, a living proof to the vibrant Jewish heritage in Kerala. Meanwhile, wander through Jew Town. There antique shops and spice markets beckon you to explore.

As the evening comes, immerse yourself in the cultural richness of Kerala with Kathakali dance. This ancient art form is set apart by vibrant outfits and facial moves. That will meanwhile transport you to a world where stories unfold through movement and music.

Day 3 to 4: Munnar – Where Tea Plantations Meet Misty Hills

Journey to Munnar

After that, bid adieu to the coastal allure of Kochi and set out for Munnar. It is a scenic hill station about three hours away.

Munnar, perched at an elevation of 5200 feet, is a haven of peace. That is further known for its vast tea gardens and mist covered hills.

Tea Gardens and Spice Plantations

Check into a hillside resort, having charming views of the lush greenery. Spend the next two days seeing the verdant landscapes of Munnar.

Firstly, begin with a guided tour of the tea gardens. There the process of tea making unfolds amidst rows of emerald green tea bushes. Take in the aroma of cardamom, cinnamon, and cloves as you stroll through the spice farms.

For a touch of thrill, embark on a scenic walk to the Echo Point. As you stand amidst misty hills, let your voices echo. Moreover, create joys that resonate in the serenity of Munnar.

Romantic Retreats

To add a dash of romance, take a boat ride on Kundala Lake. Among the rolling hills and vibrant flora, this experience offers a serene bond with nature.

Meanwhile, indulge in a romantic picnic by the Attukal Waterfalls, hidden amidst the lush ambiance. They further provide a secluded backdrop for pleasant moments.

Day 5 to 6: Alleppey – Navigating the Backwaters

Journey to Alleppey

No Kerala honeymoon package couple trip is complete without a sojourn through the tranquil backwaters. Visit Alleppey, also known as Alappuzha is the must visit region for this charming journey. A four hour drive from Munnar further takes you to the heart of the backwater world.

Houseboat Cruise

Firstly, embark on a houseboat cruise. There you and your partner can witness the unhurried beauty of life along the backwaters.

Glide through narrow canals, in between the lush paddy fields and quaint regions. As the sun begins its descent, enjoy a candlelit dinner on the deck of your houseboat. Meanwhile, feel the gentle lull of the water beneath setting the stage for an intimate evening.

Local Exploration

Use the next day to explore Alleppey’s local way of living. Wander through local markets, where vibrant colors and spices create a sensory music.

Engage with the warm hearted locals, gaining insights into the rich culture of this backwater haven. Try going to the coir regions, where skilled artists craft minute products from coconut fibers. All that meanwhile provide a unique picture of local craftsmanship.

Day 7: Kovalam – Where the Waves Caress the Shore

Journey to Kovalam

Conclude your Kerala honeymoon with a journey to the sun drenched beaches of Kovalam. A scenic drive of about five hours will further transport you to this coastal haven.

Firstly, check into a beach front resort. There the rhythmic lull of the waves becomes the soundtrack to your romantic retreat.

Beach Bliss and Ayurvedic Indulgence

Spend the day basking in the golden glow of the sun on the sands of Kovalam. Take a refreshing dip in the azure waters, hand in hand with your loved one.

For an added layer of indulgence, try an Ayurvedic spa treatment. Kerala, further known as the birthplace of Ayurveda, offers a range of healing wonders. That meanwhile revives both the body and soul.

As the evening sun begins its descent, head to the Lighthouse Beach for a charming sunset. The hues of orange and pink reflecting on the waters meanwhile create a magical canvas.

That further holds the essence of your Kerala honeymoon trip. Choose one of the beachfront restaurants for a romantic dinner. Savor fresh seafood and real Kerala cuisine while the waves serenade you.

Conclusion – An Odyssey of Love in God’s Own Country

A week in Kerala unfolds like a poetic love story. Each day is a chapter in a narrative. That further explores the diverse facets of this charming land.

It goes from the ancient streets of Fort Kochi to misty hills of Munnar. You can explore the tranquil backwaters of Alleppey to the sun drenched beaches of Kovalam. In short, each place adds a unique note to the melody of your honeymoon.

As you bid adieu to Kerala, you carry not just memories but a shared journey. That you have taken through the diverse and charming beauty of God’s Own Country. Your honeymoon becomes a symbol to the richness of love and the boundless wonders.

That unfold when two hearts embark further on a journey of Kerala honeymoon itinerary together. Kerala, offers its beaches, backwaters, and each thing in between. Above all, it offers the perfect backdrop for the start of your eternal love story.