Goth Fashion Style of Female Characters In English Literature

Women’s Gothic Clothing

Gothic literature comes with dark and mysterious themes. It has produced many interesting and iconic female characters  and their fashion choices highlight the mystifying and mysterious atmosphere of their stories. Starting from the Victorian era to the present day, these literary characters have impacted and encouraged the gothic fashion movement. In this article, we shall be delving into the distinguishing characteristics of gothic fashion styles of renowned and famous female characters of English literature and their everlasting and influencing impact on goth fashion. If you are a fan of goth subculture and looking for unique and distinctive women’s gothic clothing, you can take inspiration from these female characters from English literature.

Gothic clothes are elegant and bold. They give you a dramatic and expressive look. It may look gloomy and spooky to you, but at the same time, these outfits give you a sophisticated and unique look and you look smart and powerful like never before. If you want to get that rebellious look for yourself, you can check many websites selling distinctive gothic outfits. Jordash Clothing is one such website in the UK famous for selling alternative clothing at a wholesale rate. Let us now have a look at some of the famous female characters from English literature who have set a benchmark in gothic fashion.

Women’s Gothic Clothing

The Elegance in Darkness in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

One of the best examples of gothic literature is Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. It introduces us to Elizabeth Lavenza who is the adopted sister and love interest of Victor Frankenstein in the novel. Elizabeth is known for her elegance and sombreness and also for her refined fashion. In the novel we find her getting donned in flowing gowns in dark and deep shades adorned with intricately designed lace. Her style showcases the melancholic atmosphere of the novel. She is modest and graceful in choice of her gothic fashion style and this distinctive style has inspired many contemporary gothic fashion designers, thus introducing long, flowy dresses and intricate lace accessories. If you are someone who is looking for elegant women’s gothic dresses, you can choose these styles inspired from Elizabeth Lavenza.

Women’s Gothic Dresses

The Presence of Resilience in Subdued Tones in Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre

Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre is one of the best examples for inspiring fashionistas out there to choose the best gothic fashion style. It represents a gothic story of love and hardship. Jane is the titular character of the novel and she symbolises resilience and strength. Peeping into her wardrobe we will find simple dresses which are well-tailored in muted colours. These outfits symbolise the practicality and determination of Jane Eyre. The gothic fashion style inspired by this literary figure incorporates modest silhouettes, high collars, and earthy tones, symbolising a proper amalgamation of strength and vulnerability. There are several gothic outfits, such as a gothic blouse, skirt and alike available inspired from the fashion style of this particular character which you can wear to get a proper gothic vibe.

Gothic Blouse

A Twist in Victorian Style in Bram Stoker’s  Dracula

In Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Mina Harker is a multifaceted character. She embodies innocence and sensuality. Her dressing sense reflects Victorian fashion, mingling modesty with a subtle enchantment. Her style characterises high-necked outfits, corsets and alike with intricate details. They capture the quintessence of the Victorian era. In contemporary gothic fashion, designers draw inspiration from Mina’s fashion style which is a  blend of subtle seduction and elegance, hence, you can incorporate elaborate accessories and corsets into your wardrobes. Gothic handbags and other similar accessories will go well with the outfits inspired from Mina Harker.

Summing Up

 These are some of the famous literary female characters from English literature who are inspiring the gothic fashion enthusiasts across the world. Whether you choose the elegance of Elizabeth Lavenza, the strength and toughness of Jane Eyre or the Victorian enticement of Mina Harker, you will get a distinctive gothic look for yourself, if you are wearing outfits inspired from these characters. Apart from these characters, the mystic and simple Mrs. de Winter, or the savage and spirited Catherine Earnshaw are some of the famous female characters from gothic literature who have left an enduring mark on the movement of gothic fashion. If you want to embrace the mystic fashion style of these gothic characters, make sure that you collect the right gothic outfits and gothic accessories so that you get a unique yet dramatic look.