Online UPSC Coaching at Tathastu ICS

Online UPSC Coaching

Access to online study material

No matter what your English language skills or current affairs knowledge levels may be, an online UPSC coaching program offers all of the materials and support needed. From daily answer writing practice and live classes to recorded video lessons and progress tracking via a dedicated student portal – comprehensive online UPSC coaching programs have it all!

Paper I of the UPSC prelims exam is a qualifying paper designed to assess candidates’ understanding of history, geography, economics and politics. Questions are multiple-choice and objective; marks do not count towards your ranking. Paper II assesses candidates’ abilities to solve problems using case studies – often known as the CSAT paper.

The mains exam consists of four papers, and candidates’ performance in these subjects determines their rank in this exam. Each subject has its own syllabus and preparation requirements – for instance, Globalization Paper One’s syllabus includes topics such as globalization’s impact on Indian interests and Indian diaspora; development and growth of various industries; planning resource mobilization as well as food storage and transport difficulties.

The General Studies paper 2 syllabus includes an examination of recent scientific developments and their impact on society, along with details regarding government policy making and developing countries’ political economy. Meanwhile, General Studies paper 3 introduces cutting-edge technologies used for science and engineering disciplines; finally GS paper 4 addresses ethics, integrity and problem-solving skills necessary for public life participation.

Online interaction

Good academic credentials will certainly help you to excel in the UPSC Civil Services Examination, but they aren’t the sole key to your success. Your approach and dedication to preparation also play a pivotal role. Be patient and consistent in your efforts – don’t give up! If motivation becomes an issue for you, seek guidance from an online coaching platform or coach.

An effective IAS coaching center should provide regular classroom lectures and comprehensive study materials. Regular tests will also be held to gauge your performance, helping identify strengths and weaknesses and pinpoint any areas for improvement. Furthermore, their faculty must possess extensive knowledge of UPSC syllabus. In addition, your course may offer full-length practice test series designed to prepare you for interview stage of exam.

An effective IAS coaching institute should offer an array of online resources and mentorship support, including one-on-one mentorship support and a dedicated online forum to answer students’ queries. Furthermore, current affairs updates and interview preparation tips will be delivered daily – helping candidates prepare more efficiently for the Civil Services Examination while saving time through reduced travel by studying from home.

Highlights of the offered by Tathastu ICS

  • Classroom lectures: Tathastu will conduct regular classroom lectures that cover the entire syllabus of the Civil Services Examination. The lectures will be delivered by experienced faculty members who have a deep understanding of the UPSC exam pattern and syllabus.
  • Study material: Tathastu will provide you with the study material in the form of textbooks, supplementary notes, and question papers. The study material is designed to help students understand the concepts thoroughly and practice different types of questions.
  • Daily practice sessions: Mock tests are a crucial part of the UPSC coaching program. UPSC coachings conduct regular mock tests that simulate the actual exam pattern. The tests help students evaluate their preparation and identify their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Personalized attention: Tathastu provides personalized attention to each student through Mentors and Dr. Tanu Jain herself will focus on her Sure 100 batches. Tathastu also offers individual doubt-clearing sessions, one-on-one mentoring, and personalized feedback on test performance.
  • Current affairs update: Tathastu will keep students updated with the latest current affairs by providing regular updates, analysis, and discussions on important events and issues.
  • Interview preparation: Tathastu will prepare students for the final interview stage. We will conduct mock interviews, provide feedback on performance, and offer tips on how to improve.
  • Online resources: Tathastu will offer online resources such as e-books, online lectures, and webinars. These resources provide students with additional study material and flexibility in their preparation.

Overall, Tathastu will offer a comprehensive program that helps students prepare for the Civil Services Examination.