Professional Website Services: 5 Commonly Developed Types

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Professional Website Services: 5 Commonly Developed Types of Websites by jasa review – The cost of website creation is usually influenced by the needs and types of websites offered by the service. If the type and complexity of the website increase, the price offered by professional website services also tends to be higher.

This article will not discuss the cost of website creation but will focus on the types of websites offered by such services. Generally, web development services provide a variety of website creation services, ranging from company profiles to online stores.

Types of Websites Developed by Professional Website Services

Without further ado, here are five common types of websites typically developed by website development services:

1. Professional Website Services for Personal Blogs

The first service commonly found in professional web services is the creation of personal blogs. Although personal blogs can be created for free, they can be enhanced with additional domains and hosting.

Compared to other services, personal blogs require less maintenance. The cost of creating a personal blog is also much cheaper, typically around one million Indonesian Rupiah.

2. Company Profile

Secondly, company profiles are a common service offered by professional website services. As the name suggests, a company profile is created to help people understand a company or institution better.

Unlike personal blogs, company profile websites include background information, company status, statistics, vision, mission, and more. The cost for creating a company profile website usually starts from IDR 5 million and can go up to tens of millions of Rupiah.

3. Professional Web Services for E-commerce

Next, e-commerce websites are also included in the services provided by web development services. Unlike the previous two, the feature requirements for these websites are quite complex, including live chat, web banners, shopping carts, payment methods, store admin, and more.

In addition, e-commerce web developers need to configure domains, hosting, templates, and plugins. Due to its complexity, it’s not surprising that the cost of creating an online store website can be expensive, reaching tens of millions of Rupiah.

4. News Portal Websites

Professional website services usually also provide services for creating news portal websites. These websites are popular as they are believed to generate income through news article postings.

For the creation of news portal websites, developers typically need to conduct research for domain names. Additionally, they must be meticulous in design, layout, copyright, and website security.

5. Web Service

As the name suggests, this type of website contains service offerings and is also created by web development agencies. Examples of web services include Google Drive, Dropbox, Cloud, and others.

Web services are typically used by large-scale organizations that require data exchange. Furthermore, web service offerings provide programmers with the opportunity to write less code while achieving results similar to writing dozens of lines of code.

In addition to the types mentioned above, there are other website types such as forums and social webs offered by development services. You have the option to select the one that aligns with your requirements.

Advantages of Affordable Website Creation Services for Business Optimization

Due to their affordable pricing, many people assume that inexpensive website creation services do not provide the best quality. However, in reality, cheap website development services still offer advantages worth considering.

This article will discuss the advantages of using affordable website creation services for optimizing your business. Please read this article to the end to gain new insights and knowledge.

Advantages of Using Affordable Website Creation Services

Without further ado, here are the advantages of using affordable and quality website creation services:

1. Enhanced Data Security

One of the reasons to consider using website creation services is the assurance of data security. This is especially crucial for online store owners, where the security of customer data is their responsibility.

In addition to security assurance, these services usually provide warranty services to customers. This warranty can be claimed in case of any technical issues or disruptions on your website.

2. Faster Website Development Process

While it’s possible to create a website independently without developer assistance, it can be time-consuming, especially for those unfamiliar with programming, hosting, and domain management.

This is where affordable website creation services shine. With no need to worry about configurations, domains, hosting, and more, the development process becomes significantly faster.

3. Optimal Results from Affordable Website Creation Services

Affordable website creation services typically have professional teams with expertise in their respective fields. Due to their experience, they are likely to deliver more optimal results.

An example of optimal work by website development professionals is evident in the design of your website. Thanks to their expertise, the website design will appear more professional and well-directed.

4. Free Consultation Services

Professional website creation services usually offer free consultation services that guide you from start to finish. Even if you are new to the world of websites, they will direct you according to your needs.

5. Affordable Website Creation Services Include Maintenance

An advantage of using affordable website creation services is the inclusion of maintenance or periodic repairs to the website. This service may include website offers, feature updates, and information about any hosting issues.

Moreover, maintenance services also help address server problems such as bugs or hacking incidents. With this service, you, as a customer, can feel more at ease because everything is guaranteed by the website creation service.

6. Video Tutorials

Website creation services often provide video tutorials that make it easier for you to access or customize your website. These video tutorials are usually provided once the website creation process is completed.

7. Diverse Designs Offered by Affordable Website Creation Services

While website themes and designs are available for free download, they may not always be applicable to your website. This is where the benefits of affordable website creation services come into play. They offer a variety of themes and designs, and the installation process is quick and easy.