The Kinds of Khajoor You might be Ignoring!


The khajoor or date is probably the most common dry fruit and possibly the one food in common across the entire Muslim world. The reason for this is the religious connotations attached to the Khajoor in Islam as being one of the favourite foods of the Holy Prophet.

Kinds of Khajoor

Dates tend to be one of the most highly consumed foods in all Muslim countries. And yet there are some varieties of Khajoor that a person living in Pakistan might not know about or might be ignoring.

Amber Khajoor

Amber khajoor is a kind of khajoor that originates from the Medina region in Saudi Arabia and is known for being some of the tastiest even in that region. The kind of Amber date unique to Saudi Arabia is known as the Majid date while the other kind called Khalas is commonly found in Oman.

Amber khajoor is known for its high level of antioxidants that make them very beneficial for the prevention of many diseases including but not limited to viral illnesses and skin issues. Antioxidants are also helpful in protecting your body from different kinds of cancers, especially those that happen due to external factors such as cigarettes, as well as being a major factor in reducing the risk of heart disease as well as helping to manage heart disease in patients who suffer from it.

Amber khajoor is also commonly recommended to pregnant women. This is because they are said to help make labour easier, and so it is common for amber dates to be consumed by them regularly. But that does not mean that regular people should not reap the benefits of this fruit.

Sukri Khajoor

Sukri khajoor is a special kind of date that is known for having a very particular kind of flavour that is often described as being very close to honey. The literal translation of the name sukri is the sweet thing, indicating the main quality that this kind of date is known for. This particularly sweet taste of these kinds of dates makes them well suited for use in sweet dishes and for putting in confectionery.

These kinds of khajoor are also similar to the kaju dry fruit or the walnut in that they are known to have a high level of iron in them, making them very beneficial for creating red blood cells in your body, which are very helpful for people dealing with anemia and other similar health issues relating to the blood.

Sukri dates have been known to be beneficial in maintaining healthy and lively skin. This is a reason that these kinds of dates find a special fondness and love amongst women. People who are particular about their skin will find it beneficial to incorporate this kind of khajoor into their regular diet.

Kalmi Khajoor

Kalmi Khajoor, also known as safawi khajoor is a special kind of date that also originates from the region of Medina in Saudi Arabia. These dates are known for having a flavour that is close to caramel, with a dark brown to black colour to go along with it, making it very well-loved in the region. In addition to the Middle East, these kinds of dates are also commonly used as a sweetening agent in foods in India. The high productivity of the safawi tree means that these kinds of dates are available in much larger amounts than most other kinds of dates throughout the year.

Kalmi dates are known to be beneficial for increasing brain function and health. They help to reduce the amount of certain substances that can damage your brain, causing diseases like Alzheimer’s when present in too large an amount.

Kalmi dates are known for being beneficial for people on a diet, as they have a large amount of fiber present inside of them, something they share with the pista dry fruit or the badam dry fruit. Fiber helps to make it easier for your digestive tract to pass stool through the body by making it softer. In addition, fiber also controls and regulates the amount of sugar that is absorbed into your bloodstream, making it useful for people with blood sugar-related issues to use these dates as an alternative to artificial sugar, although still used in moderation.