Immigrate to Canada as a DATA Scientist in 90 days

If you are seeking to move to Canada as DATA Scientist, then you have a bright chance of successful immigration. Data Scientists from across the world are choosing to apply for Canada PR Visa every year.  Furthermore, many professionals looking for Jobs in Canada for Indians are also opting to immigrate to Canada thanks to its lucrative job opportunities and booming Data Science sector.

The Data Science Job Market in Canada is rapidly expanding offering abundant opportunities to qualified and skilled professionals. Even as firms are increasingly appreciating the benefits of decision-making driven by Data Science, these professionals are in great demand now. Businesses across diverse sectors are actively hiring Data Scientists to leverage the potential of data, from government agencies to Start-ups and MNCs.

Canada has emerged as a hub for expertise in Data Science owing to its robust digital industry and a strong focus on R&D – Research and Development.

Salaries in Canada for Data Scientists

Canada offers a yearly salary of up to CAD 95,700 on average to Data Scientists. This figure is variable based on the work experience and employer. The number of years of work experience is a crucial factor as most companies are ready to offer higher salaries to highly experienced candidates.

Cities in Canada such as Toronto are at the forefront of the Tech expansion and the IT sector is rapidly expanding in the city. A report by CBRE has ranked Toronto as the #1 fast-growing Tech Hub in North America. The city boasts of 81.7% growth in the Data and Tech industry’s employment of professionals.

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The increase in demand implies that Canada offers lucrative pay/compensation to Data Scientists. Firms seeking these professionals are ready to pay higher salaries to ensure that they can obtain highly skilled and efficient Data Scientists.

Common Jobs in Canada in Data Science

Even though jobs in Data Science can be found in diverse businesses, some areas offer highly lucrative prospects. Enterprises in Technology like Tech Startups and Software Development Corporations are leading the job market in Data Science and offer fascinating projects as well as competitive pay.

Further, businesses like E-commerce, Telecommunications, Healthcare, Banking, and Energy are employing Data Scientists aggressively to promote innovation and gain a competitive edge. Some of the common job titles for Data Scientists in Canada are:

  •         Data Architect
  •         Big Data Engineer
  •         Senior Data Scientist
  •         Machine Learning Scientist
  •         Data Mining Engineer
  •         Data Analyst
  •         Machine Learning Engineer

Roles and Responsibilities of a Data Scientist

Data Scientists utilize the latest technologies inclusive of Machine Learning/ML and Predictive modeling for supporting the identification of trends, scraping information from unstructured sources of Data, and providing automated recommendations. They are hired by IT Departments in Public and Private Sectors, Banks, Universities and Consulting Firms.

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The NOC Code for Data Scientists is 21211. They carry out all or a few of the subsequent duties:

  •         Implementing cutting-edge tools and techniques in ML, Artificial Intelligence, and Deep Learning to enhance the efficiency of data analysis
  •         Performing experimentation on a large scale to identify concealed interactions among variables in huge datasets
  •         Creating advanced ML algorithms like neural networks, decision trees, clustering, modeling, scenario analysis, simulation and regression
  •         Preparing and extracting data by using a programming language
  •         Implementing the latest ML, statistical, or other arithmetical  methodologies for resolving precise business challenges
  •         Visualizing data in a manner that permits businesses to swiftly derive conclusions and make decisions
  •         Developing AI models and algorithms and implementing them to fulfill the requirements of the organization
  •         Coordinating analysis activities and research by utilizing structured and unstructured data and using programming for cleaning and organizing data

Requirements for Employment

  •         A Bachelor’s /Graduate Degree in computer systems engineering, computer science, mathematics, statistics, or an allied subject or completing a Computer Science College Program
  •         A Doctoral or Master’s Degree in ML, Data Science, or an allied quantitative field is normally needed
  •         Programming experience is normally needed
  •         ML or statistical modeling experience is normally needed

Grasping the unique abilities and talents that are highly demanded in the Data Science job market in Canada is critical to stand out in the competition. Though it is essential to have a solid foundation in Programming, Mathematics, and Statistics, firms frequently require Data Scientists with specific knowledge.

The highly demanded industry competencies include ML, Big Data Analytics, Natural Language Processing, and Deep Learning.  Specific skills are universal for Data Scientists in Canada and skills such as statistical computations and programming languages are a must.

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Python programming language is needed for some Data Scientists while others use R, C++, Java, and SQL as well. Apart from these computational and programming skills, you can also up-skill yourself with other needed skills as well. These include Data Visualization, Business Analysis and Strategy, and good communication skills and interpersonal relationships.

Immigration Programs

Some of the highly favored immigration programs for Data Scientists include:

  •         Express Entry
  •         Ontario Human Capital Priorities Stream
  •         British Columbia PNP Tech
  •         Alberta Accelerated Tech Pathway
  •         Global Talent Stream

Owing to the enormous demand in the tech sector, immigration programs for Data Scientists and Tech Workers are increasing. Canada also offers Special Work Permits to Tech professionals. They can also obtain a Canada PR Visa even without prior work experience in Canada. Immigrating to Canada for lucrative Data Science jobs is an exciting option for professionals seeking to advance their careers in the dynamic tech/innovation sector.

Irrespective of your choice such as GTS, PNP, or Express Entry, you must aim to enhance your credentials, customizing applications for specific needs and successfully demonstrating your expertise and talents. You must keep it in mind to be aware of the dynamic demands of the employers, remain flexible to changes in immigration policies, and seek help from experts when needed.

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Learn how you can move to Canada as a Data Scientist

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