The guide to getting rid of and reselling your old furniture when moving

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Sort out the things you keep and those you throw away

First of all, separate the items you care about from the ones you don’t want to take to your new home. Beds, tables and chairs, armchairs, sofas. some furniture is in good condition, others are outdated or damaged. They may then no longer correspond to your future apartment or house. Simply because of their dimensions or the new layout. This is also often the case for household appliances. Fridge, oven or microwave, dishwasher or washing machine… New kitchen equipment is to be expected. No stress ! Resale of the old one can earn you euros, and help you build up a kitty. Are you moving soon? It’s also a golden opportunity to prepare the decor of your dreams.

Resell your furniture online or at a flea market

This solution delights sellers and buyers alike! Find out about garage sales organized near you several weeks before moving. It’s easy to reserve a stand at a flea market to get rid of things that have become superfluous. You can also think about specialized sites like Used furniture buyers in Dubai. A small, well-framed photo of your old furniture will do the trick. Be as specific as possible in the description! Indicate, for example, the dimensions of the bookcase or cabinet to be sold. Delivery is also possible, with packaging and postal costs to be expected. Shelves, chests of drawers, desks or medicine cabinets, your furniture will find a second life!

Have you thought about your loved ones recycling your old furniture? They may be happy to recover family furniture, which has sentimental value. Proper preparation for the move is therefore essential. Friends could also put your old furniture to good use. And, by visiting them, you will find memories of your old home! In addition to the network, there are a large number of humanitarian associations that can get rid of your belongings free of charge. The money collected will then be donated to people in need, and you are sure to do a good deed.


Go to the recycling center or recycling center for end-of-use furniture

Sometimes the furniture is too old or damaged, with scratches or permanent marks. Or that they don’t fit in the boxes or the moving truck ! In certain large cities such as Paris, the municipality offers a collection and cleaning service to dispose of it for free. Registration is most often done online. You are given a number to simply drop off your bulky items on the sidewalk in front of your home. The collection service can be done on request or on fixed dates. If you live in a small town or in the countryside, however, you will have to go to the nearest recycling center. You can also ask your mover who will take care of getting rid of all this old stuff. And, if you prefer to keep furniture that you are attached to, store it in a storage unit by using scrap buyers in Dubai .