What are the Benefits of a SIM-Based Tracking System?

What are the Benefits of a SIM-Based Tracking System

Technology in today’s era has bloomed a lot. In fact, technology is the solution to most of our problems today. Well, we are here to talk about SIM-based tracking software, its benefits and how convenient are SIM-based solutions for businesses.

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From virtual environments that mirror reality to the innovative applications driving industries forward, join us on a conversational exploration of the dynamic intersection between simulations and tracking technologies.”

What is Sim-based Tracking? 

Sim-based tracking refers to a location-tracking method that relies on the use of SIM cards in mobile devices. Now you would be wondering how we determine the location of the device, so the answer to your question is the location of the device is determined by tracking the signals between the devices and the mobile towers.

Obviously, all of this process may not be as accurate as GPS Tracking software, but yes it is quite efficient in terms of monitoring the location and time and affordable in terms of budget as it does not require a sophisticated device or maintenance to get real-time tracking services. Sounds fascinating, right? So why not hop on to its benefits? 

Benefits of SIM-based Tracking

1. Cost-effective tracking solutions

SIM tracking is really economical, yes, really it is. There is no capital expenditure required. Say goodbye to all your installation and maintenance costs.

2. Hassle-free installation

There is no need for purchasing and installing GPS trackers into the fleet.  Because in sim-based tracking all you need is the driver/ employee’s phone number, operator name, and obviously his permission to track him. And guess what there you go. Now, simply by mentioning these details on the portal, you are good to go.

3. No term payments, just pay-per-use

Managing expenses with sim-based vehicle tracking is more of an easy task. Users are charged based on their usage rather than a fixed monthly or annual.

4. No internet required

Don’t have a perfect internet connection, worry not because SIM-based tracking solutions even work in remote areas where the connectivity of the internet is not available as the system is not available on the internet.

5. No wear and tear

No device installation leads to no chances of wear and tear of the device. Also, in addition no damage happens to the vehicle. The vehicle stays in pristine condition.

6. Easy to download & share reports

With the help of SIM-based tracking, you get a separate report of every vehicle. Managers have access to the travel history on the application and even on the web portal. You also get a feature to download it for future use. It has every detail of each and everything like location, time, and geographical coordinates mentioned in it. 

7. Frequency scheduler

Well, logically it is next to impossible to manually track every vehicle for live updates at regular intervals, after all, we all are humans. However, some sim-based tracking solutions allow you to schedule the tracking process. You have the plus to set the frequency of the hits and procure data regularly.

Say Hello to SIM-Based Tracking in just Three Simple Steps 

The basic essential to access SIM-based tracking is a phone with a working SIM in order to get started. Okay, so hoping on to the steps –

1. Enter Phone Number

The first step is to feed the phone number to be tracked into the software. They send an SMS to the same number seeking permission. This is just to check the consent of the user.

2. Get Consent

In this case, approval from the user becomes necessary as you get the permission of the owner of the sim you are all set to track their phone.

3. Boom, you are good to go

Still waiting? For what? You are all set to start your tracking. Once the cellular network receives the permissions, the tracking process starts within half an hour.

Wrapping Up!

Well to wrap it all up, it would never be wrong to say that SIM tracking solutions have created a space for cutting costs and bringing up new possibilities.

As the process demands only a phone with a SIM card, not necessarily a smartphone, to get started, it becomes more efficient. Sim-based vehicle tracking systems serve various benefits that already are aforementioned in the article.

Setting up a sim-based tracking solution is much of a hassle-free task as it only requires three simple steps i.e. enter the phone number, simply get the permissions, and Voila, you are all set.

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