How Much is Obsidian Worth: Price, Value And Information

Obsidian Worth

What is the value of obsidian? Obsidian is an opaque glass rock with no price set. It can be found in many places however, it is most often found in regions of recent volcanic geological activity.

Obsidian that is older than that is rare and the method used to make it alters it in such a way that the process ceases to work. However, the cost for a single kg of obsidian with good quality can range from $20 to $100. Obsidian’s cost isn’t fixed and can fluctuate.

What Is The Cost of Obsidian Worth?

The value of obsidian depends dependent on its quality or industrial grade as well as size. A piece of 2-5 pounds of obsidian is typically higher in value than a comparable shape two-pound object made of an identical substance.

Based on the dimensions and colors, particular features, such as carvings, could cost just $2 or up to $100. Obsidian is one of the most sought-after stones however, you must be wary of imitations that are cheap.

How Much Does Obsidian Cost?

What is Obsidian Worth? Obsidian isn’t expensive and can be found online however, the cost per pound can vary depending on the size. A 2-pound piece is priced as high as $100, depending on the quality. It is also possible to verify whether the obsidian is a genuine gem using an electric torch and melting it. If the black onyx does not melt when placed in water. If you’re unsure if it’s fake, visit Amazon.

Obsidian’s Price:

Obsidian’s price is very high. Based on the cut and the quality, a kilogram of obsidian may cost between $2,000 to $100. It is also possible to determine the price of obsidian by using it as a lighter. If it’s not melting the stone, it’s not real. Obsidian is among the rare stones in terms of how cutting, as well as polishing, will affect its value.

While obsidian isn’t a costly stone, it may be sold online for as little as $2. The price of an obsidian gem could range from $200 and $100, depending on the quality of the cutting and polishing. If you’re in the market for an obsidian jewelry piece, getting one of the highest quality at a reasonable price is feasible. If you’re considering purchasing an obsidian ring you should be ready to spend a lot of dollars.

Different Prices For Different Obsidian Variety:

If you’re in search of jewelry made of obsidian prices vary widely. The most expensive types are gold-plated. Other are black or opaque.

Black obsidian, however, is not a mineral found in nature and is made up of silicon dioxide. It’s a common stone however, its value can vary greatly. If you’re looking for an original necklace or pendant, it might be worth several dollars or several hundred dollars. Obsidian is believed to be an extremely shielding stone. It is able to be a magnet for negative energy, and protect the psychic from attacks. It is also used to treat ailments.

It could cleanse your chakras and cleanse your mind of psychic pollution. A stone made of obsidian that is made well could fetch less than $100, based on the high quality and efficiency of the process. But, it’s not an inexpensive stone. Based on cutting and polishing characteristics the stone can range between $2 and hundreds of dollars. Obsidian is sought-after for its stone. It is typically cut into beads and cabochons and is used in the production of jewelry. Obsidian was in the past utilized for arrowheads and knives.

Nowadays, obsidian is utilized as a scalpel in surgery. The obsidian’s fragility is the reason it’s an unattractive surgical instrument. In addition to jewelry, it is usually regarded as to be a healing stone.

What is Obsidian worth? Summary

Obsidian is a fairly inexpensive stone that is fairly inexpensive. Its price is between $180 and $1000. Prices can vary based on the quality and type of obsidian that you decide to purchase. Obsidian isn’t expensive. It’s sought-after due to its metaphysical qualities. It’s not an inexpensive stone. However, it’s an extremely durable stone. This means that it’s not a cheap stone to buy.

Snowflake Obsidian Price:

Based on Amazon, Snowflake Obsidian is priced at $10-15, based on what it was shaped and made into.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here Are A Few Frequently Asked Questions Regarding The Article: How much is obsidian worth:

1. What is Blue Obsidian Worth?

The price may be too high and you can expect to pay between 30 to 70 dollars for one ounce of blue obsidian. This will be smaller than a palm. Blue obsidian made could provide some relief to your pockets.

2. What’s The Price of Red Obsidian Worth?

When you shop around you will likely find smaller, red obsidian tumbled stones for sale starting at around $10. If these stones were used in jewelry, the price could be higher, with some stones selling for more than $50.

3. How Much Is A Pound Of Obsidian Worth?

Obsidian is worth about $10 per pound Obsidian Rock. The Obsidian rock that weighs about 1 pound is worth precisely $10. This is the price just for the stone and not the jewelry.

4. What Is The Rarest Form of Obsidian?

Fire Obsidian is a rare form with an iridescent look. It is found in all of the Northwest parts of the U.S.A. It is stunning in color and design. This stone is able to transform into beautiful gemstones that look like Opals.


What is the value of obsidian? The price of obsidian is typically based on the type and the process it is put through. The cost of obsidian being from $2.00 up to $100.00. The wholesale price ranges from $5.00 and $10.00 for a kilogram of obsidian unprocessed.

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