What Are the Benefits of Consuming Organic Spices

Organic Spices

Organic spices are widely used around the globe, and everyone is quite familiar with what organic spices are and how they are made. Organic spices are the sort of spices that are not farmed. They lack harmful chemicals and all types of preservatives. The cottage industries manufacture the organic spices by natural dehydration of ingredients and grinding them. Organic spices are not fumigated, nor are they radiated. Hence, they do not contain any pesticides or genetically modified organisms.

These spices have many types. They are the soul of many different dishes and enhance their flavor. Many cousins worldwide incorporate organic spices, such as Indian, Mexican, and Korean cuisine. Besides being delicious, organic spices have many benefits that make them a remarkable choice.

Types of Organic Spices

  •         Allspice
  •         Anise
  •         Red Chilli powder
  •         Cardamom
  •         Cayenne
  •         Chinese five spice
  •         Cinnamon powder
  •         Cloves
  •         Coriander
  •         Cumin powder
  •         Curry powder
  •         Fennel Seed
  •         Garam Masala powder
  •         Ginger
  •         Mace
  •         Nutmeg
  •         Paprika
  •         Turmeric powder

Advantages of Using Organic Spices

Organic spices have multiple benefits, which are explained below.

Organic Spices are Fresh

Spices that are organic stay fresh for a longer time than processed spices. This is because they do not lose nutrients when dehydrated naturally. Moreover, they do not contain harmful chemicals, ensuring that all the nutrients stay in their original state and texture. Therefore, you do not fall prey to harmful ailments. Organic spices have a strong aroma and taste that also validates the sense of freshness.

Contain a lot of Nutrients

Another advantage of using organic spices is that they contain many healthy and beneficial nutrients. Organic spices do not lose nutrients during their manufacturing, unlike processed spices, which lose 90% of their nutrients due to preservatives. You can get more nutrients by adding organic spices to your dishes and enjoy a healthy life.

Free of Pesticides

The organic spices are not farmed or radiated, so they do not contain pesticides. Processed spices contain different fertilizers and pesticides, which are poisonous. But, organic spices purely undergo natural processes. Manufacturers cut the fruit or vegetable of the spice into small and thin spices. Then they are dried under the sunlight for some days. When they are completely dehydrated, they are ground into fine powder. Due to this reason, organic spices like turmeric powder, red chilli powder, garam masala powder, etc., are not harmful to health and do not give rise to different diseases.

Better Taste

Processed spices undergo many processes and contain many chemicals and preservatives. Hence, they become tasteless and lose the original taste of the herb. But you do not face this blandness problem when you eat organic spices. They are rich in nutrients and super delicious, giving them a competitive edge. For example, the spice level of processed red chilli powder and organic red chilli powder differ greatly. One can identify the organic spice by tasting a small pinch of it.

Increases Immunity

Organic spices interact with your immune system and strengthen it. They get absorbed into the blood and help your white cells to fight the toxins with more power. They also help to multiple the number of immunity cells in the body that protects us from chronic ailments. Turmeric powder and garlic are popular for such characteristics, and their daily use can keep your immune system and hence you healthy and perfect.

Long Shelf Life

Organic spices are free of all types of chemicals, so they have more shelf life than other spices. The herbs’ dehydration protects them from any environmental reaction, so they remain in their original state for longer. You can store the organic spices at room temperature for a longer time and enjoy their deliciousness. The only thing to take care of is that you must not expose your spices to moisture and preferably store them in airtight glass jars.

Healthy Renal System

Renal health is extremely important; your overall health deteriorates if the renal system fails to work properly. This is because the blood may not clean properly, leaving toxins in the blood that harm the organs. Many different types of organic spices ensure good renal health. For example, cayenne pepper is good for this purpose. It clears the renal veins, capillaries, and drain tubes. Hence, no substances do not stick between the walls. Turmeric powder has the same function and promotes healthy urination by draining all the toxins out of the blood.

Good Bone Health

Magnesium is essential for good bones. It keeps the bones strong and dense. Organic spices are rich in magnesium, and their consumption can improve bone health and strengthen them.

Improved Health of Oral Cavity

Use clove daily if you suffer from bad teeth and poor oral health. Clove is an organic spice that does wonders regarding good oral health. It relieves pain, treats cavities and keeps teeth white and tidy. Place a clove where it hurts in the mouth, and you get rid of that pain instantly.

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