How to Empty Trash on any Samsung Phone?


Are you looking to empty trash from your Samsung phone? We are here with a step by step guide on how to remove trash from your Samsung phone

Samsung Electronics Co . Ltd. is the world’s largest manufacturer of smartphones and its headquarter is in South Korea. They provide various electronics companies like Apple and HTC with Lithium-Ion batteries, sensors for image projection, and even modules to help understand camera features. 

Samsung Electronics Co. started with fabricating and manufacturing Solstice and then later devoted its team to producing the Galaxy series. It has since additionally turned into the world’s biggest maker of memory chips as well. Throughout the long term, Samsung has ended up being an extreme rival in the gadgets market.

In addition to producing smartphones, it also manufactures home appliances including refrigerators, irons, etc.

How to empty trash on Samsung phone?


Despite how little we tend to take photos or download applications, our storage always gets full and slows down in its working. This is the time we turn in to our gallery and decide to empty some of our least favorite or unnecessary photos and files. We delete the trash from our devices and free up storage space in our devices.

Before getting ahead with this, one needs to understand that trash can be emptied either entirely or passed down to recycle bin. The recycle bin stores the deleted photos for 30 days before entirely deleting them. If one wishes to retrieve their lost data, they can restore it from recycle bin within the span of 30 days.

Some Samsung phones don’t provide their users with recycle bin option. The photos are permanently deleted in the first try itself. But for them, we have another option too. 

Apart from Samsung, iPhone users should know how to underline text on iPhone.

How to delete trash on your Samsung Device

Before emptying the trash from Recycle bin, you have to first delete it from your main gallery page. To do that, follow these steps-

Step-1: On your Samsung Device, open the application called gallery.

Step-2: Select and hold the trash you want to empty from your device.

Step-3: On the bottom right corner, you will be able to see a trash icon.

Step-4: If your device provides an option of ‘Move to recycle bin’ select that. If not, then it will provide an option of yes or no. Click on the option ‘yes’ to empty your trash permanently.

If your device provided you with the option of Recycle Bin then follow these steps furthermore to empty the trash permanently

If your device doesn’t provide an option of recycle bin, there is also an option of using third-party applications to provide you with the option of recycle bin. Recycle bin acts as a precaution to avoid deleting important documents or photos from the gallery.

Here are a few apps which may help you with this-


Dumpster is an application available on the Google play store. It acts as a media storage application for your device with an exclusive feature of recycle bin.

Once downloaded, it automatically backs up with your phone storage which allows the user to retrieve or delete permanently any photo from their phone. 

Download and Install Dumpster on your Phone. And start enjoying the service of deleting the files permanently.

Google Photos

Just like Dumpster, Google has also introduced its line of picture storage apps. It syncs with your camera roll and allows the user to browse and empty the trash from within the app and device itself.

Download and Install Google Photos on your Phone.


I hope this article has helped you with your query on How to Empty Trash Samsung Device. For any queries related to Samsung then please feel free to ask your doubts in the comments area below. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family who has Samsung Device.

As we can see, if the user has an android device, especially a Samsung phone, the storage tends to close up space pretty quickly. But, it gets tricky to delete miscellaneous photos and junk videos. The extra edge to do this might sound tricky but this guide will help you solve your issue instantly. 

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