ChartLogic EMR And athenaOne EHR


ChartLogic is a software company founded in 1994 by Brad Melis and is a leader in the electronic medical record (EMR) software. The company sells its products to physicians and other healthcare providers, replacing paper charting and transcripts. The company charges an annual license fee, subscription fees, hardware, maintenance, and related services.

ChartLogic EMR

ChartLogic and athenaone are both business and medical software systems, and both have a variety of features. Both systems offer charting for patient notes and can integrate with other software systems to make patient care more convenient. ChartLogic has a dashboard that displays important information for clinicians, such as patient information, active care, schedule, and physician to-dos and action items. ChartLogic also offers a complete IT solution, including 24/7 help desk support, hardware configuration, and security monitoring. In addition to its comprehensive functionality, ChartLogic also provides E-Prescribe, a feature that lets patients electronically send medication to a doctor.

ChartLogic recently launched its Patient Portal, “Connect Patients”. It allows patients to communicate with their providers and helps them meet their meaningful use requirements. The portal allows patients to view lab results and fill out intake forms.

ChartLogic has many features, including Electronic Medical Records, Practice Management, and Revenue Cycle Management. With these features, ChartLogic has many benefits, including streamlined clinical operations and paperless workflow. Pricing for these software programs is generally low, with one monthly license price starting at $350 per month. The monthly cost also includes subscription fees, software training, hardware, and maintenance.

Amazing Charts EMR

The Amazing Charts EMR system offers a variety of features for a doctor’s office, including a secure messaging system, management of office flow, and access to patient data. The software provides everything a doctor needs to run a practice, and all data is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. It also lets physicians customize templates and add pictures and illustrations to their charts.

A major advantage to the Amazing Charts EMR system is that it meets HIPAA and Meaningful Use standards for electronic health records. Its sophisticated features provide the most complete picture of a patient’s health and streamline the billing and scheduling process. In addition, it can help a physician reduce redundancy by facilitating a smoother workflow.

The Amazing Charts EMR system is a popular choice among doctors and other healthcare professionals. Its affordable price tag makes it a great solution for small and independent practices. It has consistently been rated as a top product. This product also offers e-prescribing support and is Meaningful Use Certified (MUC). Moreover, the Amazing Charts EMR also supports Dragon’s Naturally Speaking and NewCrop speech software, which make it easier for doctors to interact with patients.

ChartLogic vs athenaOne Comparison

ChartLogic is a medical software solution that was created in 1994 by Brad Melis, who recognized a need in the medical field for electronic charting. The company began selling software to clinics to replace old-school paper-based charting. The system included hardware, subscription fees, software training, customizations, and related services.

ChartLogic offers an integrated electronic health record (EMR), practice management, and billing services. This helps physicians streamline their clinical operations and ensure a paperless workflow. It also features voice dictation, which eliminates manual data entry and allows doctors to complete client records on the go.

The software also features scheduling and a mobile app. It offers easy access to vital patient records, allowing providers to access them from a variety of devices. It also allows physicians to access lab results faster and automatically upload them to patients’ charts. Moreover, the app is simple to use and provides many intuitive features. In addition, the company’s team constantly monitors the healthcare environment to stay ahead of trends and ensure compliance.

ChartLogic vs athenaOne pricing

ChartLogic is a medical practice management software solution founded by Brad Melis in 1994 to address the growing demand for electronic charting software. Its first sale was to small practices, who replaced their transcripts with electronic charts. The pricing model included software license, subscription fees, hardware, customizations, maintenance, and related services.

ChartLogic provides integrated EHR features that help medical practices improve their productivity. The software also includes features for practice management and billing. It streamlines clinical operations and ensures paperless workflow. It also offers a variety of additional services, including data conversion services, billing consultation, and further training.

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