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What are the types of ladies watches?

If only one accessory can be worn on the whole body, the first choice of many people is a watch. Because many women’s watches have a jewelry decoration function, the appearance is more like a bracelet with a dial embedded. So, what are the types of ladies watches?

1. Photodynamic energy wave table

Through the built-in radio wave receiver and antenna of the watch, the solar-powered radio-controlled watch receives the “standard time” radio waves sent by the transmitting tower, obtains data such as time and calendar, and automatically corrects the time and date of the watch.

2. Electronic watch

The basic part consists of electronic components. The working principle of electronic clocks is to convert electrical energy into magnetic energy, and then from magnetic energy into mechanical energy, which drives the hour and minute hands to run to achieve the purpose of timing.

3. Mechanical watch 

Timing instruments with mechanical vibration systems, such as pendulum clocks, balance wheel clocks, etc. Its working principle is to use a constant period, continuous vibration of the vibration system. Multiply the vibration period when vibrating by the number of vibrations, which is equal to the elapsed time, time = watch vibration period × number of vibrations.

4. Quartz watch 

The “quartz crystal” is used as the oscillator, and the motor is controlled by electronic frequency division to drive the pointer, and the travel time is very precise. The travel time is driven by battery power, and the allowable error range is ±15 seconds/month. With the small square watch of Julis, there will be a feeling of grace, so the quartz watch is more popular with women.

5. Transistor balance table 

It is to use dry batteries as energy, transistors as switches, and balance springs as oscillation systems.

How to Wear a Ladies Watch Correctly

Watches are divided into men’s watches and women’s watches. Today I will share with you how to wear women’s watches correctly. Let’s take a look. You can also visit at boohoo discount code nhs


  • The position of the watch should be above the wrist bone. It is very ugly to throw the watch loose on the back of the hand, and it will also touch the watch because it is too loose.
  • The elastic is about as tight as you can insert your own pinky finger, no matter what the condition of the watch is, please keep the appearance clean.
  • The watch is worn on the left hand and the right hand the same, and the dial face also has an outward and inward orientation, which is related to personal habits.
  • Generally speaking, the watch should be worn on the arm with relatively little activity, and the watch is less subject to vibration and shock, which is beneficial to the accuracy and appearance of the watch.

How to choose a ladies watch?

Now a watch has become a personal “business card”, and what kind of watch you wear may reflect your personal temperament, taste and even identity. So if you want to show your difference, it is very necessary to buy a good ladies watch. So how to do it?


  1. Pros and cons: Mechanical watches are generally more expensive than quartz watches, but that doesn’t mean mechanical watches are necessarily better than quartz watches. Generally speaking, quartz watches are more accurate than mechanical watches. Due to the inconsistent speed of the spiral movement of the mechanical watch, the accuracy of the timekeeping will also be reduced, and its accuracy will also be affected by factors such as temperature, location, and wear and tear of parts. The reason why mechanical watches are more expensive than quartz watches is because mechanical watches require precise manual time adjustment during their production, while quartz watches are generally assembled on automatic production lines.
  2. Material selection: Women’s watch cases vary from person to person. The common materials of watch cases are K gold, gold-plated, titanium, stainless steel, semi-steel chrome-plated, alloy case, etc. You can choose a ladies watch that suits you according to your personal preference and price.
  3. Sound: As the saying goes, “listen to the watch and listen to the sound, gongs and drums to the sound”. In the early years, experienced watch repairers always put the watch on their ears, change their posture while shaking their heads, listen to the changes in the sound of the watch when it moves, and infer whether the watch is good or bad. This is all experience and effort. A well-trained watchmaker can hear the oscillation frequency of the balance wheel of the watch, and even hear whether it is a “rough horse watch”.

Tips for buying women’s watches

 How to buy women’s watches? Because bracelets, rings and watches are similar, they are all gifts that express special affection; if a luxurious and high-end watch is a status symbol of a successful man, what is the pursuit of women’s watches? Generally, women pay attention to fashion and novelty. Whether it is a luxury brand or an ordinary watch, women’s demand for watches is absolutely no less than that of men. It is enough for a woman to achieve her beautiful side and be favored by more men; when I meet the men and women I can see at ordinary times, no matter where I find it, I find that in addition to fashionable accessories, most women have a piece of different shapes on their hands. Small and exquisite watch! Because they want to bring everyone together. This is your beautiful choice!

So as a lady, how should you choose a ladies watch that belongs to you? Below is a brief introduction to Ephine. You can also check the offers at look fantastic discount code nhs.

    1.Young ladies can choose some fashionable and peculiar watches with bright colors. If they are not for business occasions, the time on the dial does not matter. It is easier to choose a sporty or decorative type according to their own preferences to match their different clothing needs. attract everyone’s attention;

  1. Buying a watch is the same as buying clothes, but the difference is that the watch does not need to consider the size, as long as it suits you, don’t pay attention to the brand, the watch is mainly to match the dress, generally the color of the watch can be the same as the color of the clothes that you usually like;
  2. Wearing a watch is like being a human being, you must pay attention to your temperament. It is recommended to choose a feminine watch based on the nature of occupation and wearing style. It is not recommended to choose the jumping word watch worn by middle school students and the cartoon watch worn by children. Because it would appear too naive and immature.

Knowing how to choose a ladies watch, how can you choose a watch with satisfactory quality? Many people judge the quality of the watch by listening to the volume and level of the watch movement when purchasing. In fact, this is unscientific. The sound is balanced, clear, and free of noise, which can only prove that the watch movement is not faulty, but not the quality. Whether the watch is good or bad, the quality of the watch is mainly based on the accuracy of its travel time. Generally, large watch stores will have accuracy detection equipment. You can ask the clerk to check the travel time on the machine. If the accuracy is not up to standard, then obviously this is One vote negative.

    In addition to accuracy, we also need to choose from the following points:

  •  Appearance of the watch: In addition to the brand price, of course, it depends on whether the appearance suits your own aesthetics, whether the case has scratches or bumps, the surface should have no obvious scratches and sand holes, and the water chestnuts should be symmetrical. Turn the watch over to check whether the LOGO on the back cover is clear and whether the sealing ring is exposed;
  • The distance and position of the pointer: when pulling the handle to adjust, turn to 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock and 12 o’clock respectively, carefully observe whether the hour hand and minute hand usually overlap and align with the time scale. Safe clearance without friction affecting accuracy;
  • Check the handle of the watch: when unplugging the handle, it should be sensitive, reliable and the pointer rotates evenly. If it is a screw handle, you can loosen it to see if there is any slippage; It means that the proper amount of refueling and the friction force of the sub-wheel are normal. On the contrary, the head mechanism is faulty;
  • Observe the dial: carefully observe whether the scale on the dial is uniform and whether the LOGO is clear. If there is a watch with a calendar display, you need to adjust it to the vicinity of the 12 o’clock scale to see if the calendar jumps;
  • Inquire about the duration of the warranty and whether to provide global warranty and other related issues, check that the watch is completely packaged, make sure that the certificate box is complete, with instructions and other relevant documents, and be sure to ask for an invoice to provide proof of warranty in the future!

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