Kedarkantha trek in Himalayas is best and you will love that. Trekking often provides you with the best dose of nature which you will not going to witness in towns and cities. This will also increase your physical limits.


This is one of those trek of Himalayas which is full of snow and many other things. It will enhance and increase your experience and you will love to witness everything. You will not even feel like leaving that place you’ll see frozen lakes , green forest and what not many things. Not only you will love it but also you will be going to take best memories back along with you that you will love to recall. 


The Beginning of the Trek

You will going to start your trek in the early hours of morning where you will going to come through best beauties which you would love to see. This trek starts from a village which is very famous and called as sankri. This is such a beautiful village and is 210km away from Dehradun. When it is about winters the weather is much Harsh around mountains. 


Generally the temperature drops when snow fall comes and not only snow fall but many roads and areas gets blocked which is very difficult to reach. But yes if you are carefully then only you can bare the temperature their because at night it goes to 10 degrees or even less if you will not be careful then it would be very difficult for you to survive. 


This is the reason why many of the tourists doesn’t live in their camps instead moves towards the base area to live specially during the month of November to March. Drive from Missouri to Dehradun is the one of the most beautiful drive. Don’t forget to carry your phone and camera because then you will not be able to capture the beauty.


The Experience

You will surely be going to forget all your trekking tiredness when you will come accross the beauty of the lakes near that place. Don’t forget to do skiing if you know how to do it. Don’t get shocked because you will going to witness the best view while you are skiing and trekking because their you will see many best things such as the forest full of snow as well as trees covered by the snow. 


Their are million of people who have a dream to be the part of the kedarnath yatra and worship the kedarkantha temple. But yes many people every year come their with full enthusiasm of worshipping. Not only this but in kedarkantha trek their are many things to do people see things according to their intrest that what they can do or what should they do to enjoy their fullest. 


Best time to visit the best trek of uttarakhand buy kedarkantha trek is in the month of March to October where weather is good and their is less chances of snowfall and raining. During that time in the year weather is also the best that you will love to see the view.


The Route of the Trek

Not only one trekking route their are many different trekking routes from which you can choose one. The one route which is very popular is at the top of kedarkantha the route takes 6-7 km and is 10 hours long. 


The second route is the route which is near the beautiful lake which is little ahead of the campsite it takes 4-5 hrs to reach and is 8km long. Their are many small routes also which are of 6km and take 2-3 hrs to reach.


Kedarnath is a very good trek specially for the beginners their are many people who are doing the adventures for the 1st time and they love doing adventures their not just climbing and walking their are many other adventures to perform.


About the Localites

The local people living their will also impress you with their loyalty and a kind gesture. This trek is not less then a whole some beauty that place is also called as a holy place of lord Shiva. This trek will give you a whole some feeling along with a heavenly feeling. After witnessing the sky knocking mountains at night surely you’ll feel that as if you are standing at the edge of the earth. 


There are also many mythological stories behind this trek. Like the local people use to believe that kedarnath temple was initially use to be here only and it is the place which only belongs to lord Shiva. This is the best trek of all the time.


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