Kashmir is almost the prime trekking destination of India it has many UNEXPLORED Trekking destination which can be explored and you’ll love going and witnessing it. It was earlier use to be called as one of the favourite destination for the foreign tourists but few years ago people stop going their as they were use to earlier because of the violations or because of the political issues their. 


But yes the place is slowly turning to the peaceful place again and many people like Indian tourists and many foreign tourists visit their for their holidays specially in the winter season. Besides this their are many mountains lovers also who comes to visit their and do a lot of trekking also.


About the Treks

Most of the treks goes through the cloud kissed mountains , huge glaciers and fresh water lakes can also be seen and the mesmerizing water falls which you’ll love seeing. And also an opportunity to be with the local people.


It is not important that if you want to go for a trek in Kashmir then you have to be a experienced trekker what you have to be is just have some intrest in wood mountains and the natural beauty as well as trekking then you would love that. 


The Difficulty level of the Trek

This trek is not tough just moderate in nature but yes sometimes it can be difficult for the first timers. 


If you want to feel and cherish the beauty then for the better experience you need to take the local people with you as a guide soo that he could take you for the best experience which you would love and can take best memories along with you.


The best time for this sport is from June to mid-october. Their is many adventurous and beautiful trekking spots in Kashmir.


The Beginning of the Trek

When you will start from gulmarg their is a popular skiing destination which is in baramulla district which takes a 3 hours drive from shrinagar and then walk towards the mountains full of snow in khilanmarg which is 1500 ft above from gulmarg. This trekking can take 3-4 days to complete. You can also have a view of nanga parbat from khalinmarg which is called as the nineteenth highest mountain of world. 


Then the next day you have to go back to tosamadia an exotic meadow in belgum district, from the khagar village and riyar , till yusmarg hillstation from Romushi Nala stream. From here you’ll get a bus to shrinagar which is just 2 hrs away. 


The Beautiful Scenic views of Kashmir

Beautiful valleys and lakes in Kashmir which will offer you the best activity also with the trekking experience and the adventurous outdoor sports. The campaign in Kashmir is among the best activity which can be enjoyed with your family and friends. This is the best place for travel as well as for those who loves adventures.


This trek is very close to LOC from Afarwat peak. You have to be careful that you have to be with your trek. Sars in Kashmir is called as a festival of blue lake. The eight day long arrangements were made for the trek that starts from sonmarg which is a hill station in ganderbal district. sometimes you can face weather challenges with lots of surprises and the roads can be very slippery also so be careful with that.


Details about the Trek

It will start from a 9km trek which will take you to nichal meadow where do will see the dense forests of maple and pine trees along with a huge bhoj which are the white birch from Himalayas. The next day to reach the first natural lake vishansar you have to walk 12km on green meadows. You have to camp overnight to explore the view of the lakes next day. 


You have to start early morning to reach the lake gadsar which is at 13750feet height. You will reach gabgbal twin lakes at the height of 11500ft by traveling through a ridge and a stream. Then you will reach at the final trek by yellow flowers to narang lake  which is at 7500ft which is of few hours walking distance to shrinagar main road.



If you want to add best adventures to your trekking experience then go for sonmarg pahalgam trek. It is a 5 day long trek in which will love to go but for this you need to have a great health condition. Their you will get the best memories with the beautiful scenic view and taking a way around and get a chance to be with the Kashmiri people and to feel their culture and be with them to enjoy the beauty of the place.


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