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The role of people’s lives cannot be ignored, so today we will take a look at how to choose bed sheets.Concerns: cleaning, materials. You can also view at look fantastic discount code


First of all, the use of bed sheets should be based on the environment of use, such as hotels, apartments, dormitories, and individual housing.

Then, we must pay attention to the choice of bed sheet materials, such as cloud mink velvet fabrics for thermal insulation and comfort, whether the materials are healthy and safe, harmless to the human body, and the delicateness of workmanship.

Then, pay attention to the material washing instructions, such as whether it can be hand washed, machine washed, recommended washing temperature, whether it can be dry red, whether it can be bleached, whether it is damp and moldy, etc.

In different seasons, we also need to consider whether it can be used as a quilt. It can be used as a quilt that is not hot and comfortable in summer, and it can be used as a bedding to get heat in winter, which is convenient and functional.

If you live in a school dormitory, students choose to be dirt-resistant, affordable, and not required to be stylish and beautiful. They also need to measure the size of the bed and buy sheets of the right size.

If it is a personal housing, for the recommendation of high-rise buildings, the bed sheet is made of snowflake fabric, which has a better thermal insulation effect and is very comfortable for human skin.

When purchasing, you should also consider the color matching of your room color and the surrounding colors of the bed to choose the color of the bed sheet, so as to be fashionable, beautiful, harmonious, beautiful and comfortable.

How often are the sheets washed

How often do you wash the sheets? How long does it take to wash the sheets? Some people say two weeks, one month, half a year… In the face of various answers, which one is the most accurate? The following editor will take care of you. Learn about washing bed sheets.


Why wash the sheets?

Of course it’s dirty. According to experts, the average person spends at least 7-8 hours a day on sleep, and discharges 200 ml of sweat every night, providing a breeding ground for various bacteria on the bedding.

Generally speaking, people’s pillows, sheets, and quilt covers are stained with various bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoan cysts, etc. If these germs are not removed in time, various diseases will inevitably spread and endanger human health. So wash the sheets often.

 Sheet cleaning method:

While changing the covers and sheets, you may wish to use a vacuum cleaner or a slightly damp rag to clean up the remaining dander and hair on the mattress. If there are stains, you can use soap to smear the dirty area, then dry it with a dry cloth, or dry the wet stains with a hair dryer, so as not to get moldy and odor.

If possible, you can add a cleaning pad between the mattress and the sheets. A special cotton layer is built into the cleaning pad, which can prevent moisture from entering the mattress.

So as to keep the mattress clean and dry, and has the function of keeping warm and absorbing sweat, and it is easy to clean. In addition, you can also purchase mattresses with covers, which have zippers and can be removed for washin.


Pay attention to the technique used for bleaching. The process of washing bed sheets involves a bleaching step. In order to remove the bleachable stains and have good whiteness, it depends on the strong oxidation of bleaching agents, but the bleaching process is also a process that endangers the service life of the fabric, so handling the bleaching process is the key to controlling the loss of sheets one of the factors.

 How to choose bed sheets?

The first common bed sheet: towel bed sheet

Advantages of towel-type sheets:

Try to choose short-haired and regular towel-type sheets, and there are also requirements for the softness of the towel. The softer and softer the towel, the more comfortable and safe people sleep on it. You can also visit at pretty little things discount code nhs

Disadvantages of towel-type sheets:

Avoid choosing such long-haired towel-type sheets. Because the hair of the towel is too long, people are in contact with the sheets every day, and people who sleep dishonestly will easily scratch the towel, which not only causes the appearance to be unsightly, but also sleeps on it. uncomfortable.

The second common bed sheet: cotton bed sheets

Advantages of cotton sheets:

The best choice for bed sheets should be cotton sheets. Cotton sheets have many advantages, such as good air permeability, not easy to breed bacteria, no irritation to human skin, no harm, and soft cotton sheets. It is the most suitable bedding.

The third common bed sheet: chemical fiber bed sheets

Advantages of chemical fiber bed sheets:

The advantage of chemical fiber bed sheets is that the color is dazzling, dazzling, and magnificent. It can be used as a bedspread and a bed cover, making the whole home very brilliant.

Disadvantages of chemical fiber bed sheets:

As a close-fitting bed sheet for sleeping every day, the author still does not recommend using this magnificent chemical fiber. After all, the air permeability of chemical fiber is not as good as that of cotton.


  • Avoid choosing such long-haired towel-type sheets. Because the hair of the towel is too long, people are in contact with the sheets every day, and people who sleep dishonestly will easily scratch the towel, which not only causes the appearance to be unsightly, but also sleeps on it. uncomfortable.
  • There is also a problem to pay attention to when choosing cotton bed sheets, that is, choose light-colored cotton bed sheets as much as possible. Due to the dyeing of dark bed sheets, after washing many times, it is very likely that the color will fade, and it may appear very old. Visually, people no longer like such sheets.

How to choose pure cotton bed sheets,


  1. size
    The size of the bed is required when purchasing a large bed.
    You can measure the size of the bed sheets at home when purchasing.
  2. material of bed sheet
    Many kinds of fabrics.
    There are yarn, cotton, and mixed.
    When you choose, see what you like. If you like soft, then you have to choose cotton. You can also check at h&m discount code nhs

Color matching of bed sheets

In terms of color, you can choose your favorite style.
You can also choose some that are close to the interior color.
It looks like a whole lot.

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