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Choosing home decoration is an important and tedious thing. The following editor will teach you how to choose home decoration to make your home both beautiful and generous way fair discount code nhs.


Thin: Floor decoration materials: From the perspective of occupying less space and reducing floor load, the thinner the better, such as marble slabs, as long as the construction quality is high, it will not appear; “hollow” phenomenon, then choose 6-8 mm thick That’s it.

Curtains: Thin curtains are very popular. The first reason is that high-rise buildings do not need to worry too much about the sight of outsiders;

The second is that the aluminum alloy windows are well sealed, and the curtains are mainly decorative, supplemented by wind protection. Ceiling; based on the principle of thinness, it can increase the safety factor and occupy less space.

Thick: In “soft decoration”, thicker materials are very textured, such as bedspreads, sofa seat cushions, cushions, etc.; some people lower the height of the bed board and stack two new and old Simmons mattresses to highlight the comfort and thickness of the bed Warm.

For a larger space, a thicker “platform” can be built to express the sense of hierarchy and regionality of the space, giving people an atmosphere and enjoyment of “entering the room”. You can also view at way fair discount code nhs.

Transparency: In view of the problem of insufficient indoor light, the light transmittance can be enhanced between rooms to “borrow light” from each other.

For example, the doors and partition walls of each room can be decorated with craft glass. It is also best to install glass on the facade of the furniture, so that the eyes can penetrate and enhance the sense of depth of the space.

Leaks: furniture, ceilings, wall skirts, etc. with “leak carvings”. And the lighting source is hidden in the decorations such as the roof ceiling craft glass, so that the light leaks out, which can increase the mystery of the room and improve the decoration grade.

Thin: Today’s home space is like a “chunky”, so it is best to wear a “vertical vest” in the decoration and decoration, so use furniture with slender or vertical color strips, and choose decorations with vertical lines. Cloths, curtains, can highlight the vertical structure.

Wrinkles: For home decoration, safety is the first priority. If there are elderly people and young children in the home, the “slip-proof” type with “wrinkles” should be the first choice for floor materials.

Secondly, smooth furniture and decorative materials are highly reflective, which can easily cause eye and psychological fatigue. , while the “rough” surface with “wrinkle” has the beauty of texture and simplicity, strength, and has the function of absorbing noise.

Home decoration calligraphy and painting renderings

Home decoration with calligraphy and painting has become an indispensable soft decoration factor now; the decoration of home life with calligraphy and painting can not only improve the owner’s taste, but also increase the artistic atmosphere of the home, cultivate sentiment, and help improve the feng shui fortune of the home.

But different calligraphy and painting have Different meanings, home decoration is suitable for Chinese painting of flowers and birds.

The pictures of Chinese painting of flowers and birds are harmonious and natural, with rich and auspicious meanings, which are typical representatives of home decoration calligraphy and painting. You can also visit at ikea discount code nhs


  • In general, home decoration calligraphy and painting mainly choose Chinese painting of flowers and birds, such as the rich and auspicious peony calligraphy and painting, the elegant and clean lotus painting.
  • The nine fish lotus painting that has been around for years, and the proud plum blossom painting are typical of common home decoration painting and calligraphy.

Specific renderings

Peony diagram:
Next to the pond, a peony grows vigorously, with thick branches and green leaves, and huge peony flowers are blooming, colorful and dazzling.

The newly grown leaves show its unique green color, showing strong vitality. Large and small pebbles are scattered in the pond, and three carp are playing in the water.

One is swimming smoothly, the other is rushing towards the water, and the other is jumping high and leaping out of the water, with the look of a carp leaping over a dragon gate.

The swimming carp and the peony form a contrast echo of movement and stillness. Harmonious and vivid, it brings some warmth and beauty to home life, and it also has the effect of attracting wealth and good fortune.

plum blossom
The composition of this work is dense on the left and sparse on the right, with dense and dense, interspersed branches, full of charm.

Use the shades of color and ink to make the space distinct. A few magpies stayed among the flowers, a scene of birds chirping and flowers fragrant.

The meaning of the plum blossom is: strength, elegance and loyalty. It symbolizes the spiritual quality of perseverance, perseverance, courage and self-improvement.

In the severe cold, the plum blossoms before the hundred flowers, and spring is the only one in the world. The inscription “Happy Browsing” is very relevant, and it is a very good choice to hang it in the living room or bedroom. You cam also check at ebay discount code nhs 

Four screens of flower and bird painting

The four-striped screen of flower and bird painting is also a favorite living room decoration painting; the national flower is composed of peony, plum, bamboo and peach.

And the birds sing, which is a natural and harmonious feng shui; Peony symbolizes wealth, peace, good luck and good luck; fiery red plum blossoms symbolize prosperity.

As the saying goes, “Plum blossoms open with five petals, meaning fortune, luck, longevity, joy, and wealth.” Bamboo is also a spiritual and cultural symbol of elegance, purity, modesty, and restraint.

Peach blossoms have always been the representative of love. Not only that, the Cantonese people put red peach blossoms during the Spring Festival, which means big exhibition (big exhibition of hearts), because the Cantonese word is red. Peach has the same sound as Hongtu.

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