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Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka, maybe more notorious as a mecca for the Information Technology sector, but it’s also a gem of a sightseer destination. The bustling megalopolis beckons vacationers primarily with its scenic, lush green spaces that have earned it the handle, ‘ Garden City. ’ Among the other effects that tempt holidaymakers to plan a trip to Bangalore are its thumping escapism, exquisite dining scene, myriad shopping sections, and numerous adventure openings. 


People, who are heading to the ‘ Silicon Valley of India ’ for business purposes or rest, have loads of places to visit in Bangalore for a memorable time and effects to do in Bangalore.

Cubbon Park 

Cubbon Park is like a breath of fresh air in the bustling megacity of Bangalore. The 300- acre demesne, brimming with verdure and tranquillity, is a great pick for a delightful spin with the family or a tardy perambulation with that special someone. It’s also a treasure trove of biodiversity with about 6000 trees and shops, representing nearly 100 species.

Lalbagh Botanical Garden, Bangalore

Lalbagh Botanical Garden traces its origin to the 1760s, when the also sovereign of Mysore, Hyder Ali initiated the development of 40 acres of land as a private theater for the royal family. What you see moment is a result of constant expansion and development carried out by Tipu Sultan, the British, and other indigenous autocrats over the times. People love it as it offers a respite from the fast-paced life.

Bannerghatta National Park, Bangalore

Bangalore may house numerous beasts of the IT assiduity, but the area girding its home to the real brutes of the wild. positioned in the outskirts of the megacity is Bannerghatta National Park, where you get the chance to capture the fascinating wildlife of the region from over-close. mammoths, leopards, sambars, wild boars, and idleness bears are among the creatures that you can come through then.

Bilikal Betta, Bangalore

Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta, located 70 km south of Bangalore, most popular hiking spot. About 3780ft. high, this hill houses a tabernacle devoted to Lord Ranganatha Swamy and is covered with thick shrubs. mammoths and other medium-sized wildlife creatures can be spotted in these timbers. And the view from the top is pleasurable.

Freedom Park, Bangalore

London’s Hyde Park original, Freedom Park in Bangalore is spread over an area of 21 acres and occupies the same point where formerly stood the Central Jail. A regard of the history can be seen in the center of the demesne, where lies the palace that was used to observe captures. Water Fountain, Jail Museum, Form court, Book Museum, and People Courtyard are other lodestones then.

Lumbini auditoriums, Bangalore

A one-of-its-kind magnet in the megacity, Lumbini Gardens attracts plenitude of callers every day owing to its serene terrain and green geography. The demesne, positioned on the banks of Nagawara Lake, is perfect for a day- eschewal with family as it boasts a kiddies ’ demesne, recreation lifts, surge pool, a voyaging club, beautiful cradles, a 1.5 km-long walking path and a food cube to enjoy tasteful chow.


Bugle Rock Park, Bangalore

The Bugle Rock Park is positioned in Basavanagudi in the South of Bangalore. The main magnet of the demesne is the group of natural gemstone conformations called the Peninsular Gneiss. These confirmations are assessed to be further than,000 million times old. The demesne attracts both locals and excursionists and is complete with a root and lush verdure.

Jayaprakash Narayan Biodiversity Park

This is the third- largest demesne in Bangalore and is a beautifully maintained geography sprawling across 85 acres. The demesne is filled with four lakes, a couple of refreshing cradles, and a clean jogging path. The musical root is an added magnet then. The demesne is located in Mathikere and has clean toilets, fresh drinking water sources, and food alcoves too.

Bangalore Palace

Erected in the ultimate half of the 19th century, Bangalore Palace offers regard to the riches of the once monarchs. The armature of the structure reminds one of the castles erected in Northern France and England in medieval times. In addition, the large demesne in frontal regularly hosts musicales by transnational Heavy Essence bands.

Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace, Bangalore

Tipu Sultan ruled the Kingdom of Mysore for nearly two decades during the late 18th century, and this sprawling palace served as his summer hearthstone. The palace houses several papers belonging to Tipu Sultan as well as oils of monarchs.

Vidhana Soudha, Bangalore

The seat of the Government of Karnataka, Vidhana Soudha is a determined phenomenon that leaves spectators magical by its sheer majesty. Though there are several emotional structures and monuments in the megacity, Vidhana Soudha stands out with itsNeo-Dravidian style of armature, broad staircase in front and the giant pillars these are followed by. You don’t want to skip this bone out on your Bangalore megacity stint. Due to it being a government structure, entry to its demesne is confined.

ISKCON Temple, Bangalore

ISKCON Temple holds the honor of being the largest in the world. Its foundation was laid in 1997 in remembrance of the birth anniversary of ISKCON author, Shri Prabhupada. The sanctum stands out for its new-classical architectural style, the ethereal icons of Radha and Lord Krishna, and the ornate bow at the entrance, among other effects.

HAL Heritage Centre & Aerospace Museum

HAL Heritage Centre & Aerospace Museum chronicles the development of the aeronautics assiduity and how aircraft evolved in the once century. It does so through a comprehensive multifariousness of photos as well as genuine and model aircraft and corridors thereof. Galleries may not be your thing, but this bone, with its interesting collection, could veritably well change your entire outlook.

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