Ten Things You Need to Know About the Segway Ninebot ES3

segway es3 review

The exceptional dual battery technology of the ES3 distinguishes it from its predecessors (the ES1 and ES2) and significantly extends the scooter’s range. Therefore, the ES3 is a great choice if you’re seeking for a scooter that can quickly get you from point A to point B and back.

This electric scooter has an excellent front light on the stem. if you intend to commute after dark. The Razor Core E95 comes with a dazzling high-mounted LED light on the front.

Ride Quality

The segway es3 review plus review is fun to ride thanks to the rubber handgrips, anti-slip deck, and simple throttle and brake. Even on well-traveled roads, you can utilize the cruise control to move along without constantly having your thumb on the gas pedal.

You will still feel bumps in the road even if the front shock absorption helps to decrease the effects of uneven terrain. This is because the tires are non-pneumatic solid rubber.


The handlebars of the Ninebot ES3 are quite typical for scooters. Between the handlebar post and the bars, parallel lines are present. An electric brake is located on the left side of the thumb lever under each handgrip, while an accelerator control is located on the right.

An LED panel is seamlessly integrated into the handlebar’s center. The battery level and speed information are shown in an attractive manner.


The frame of the ES3 is straightforward and all-one color. It is fantastic if you want a scooter that deserves a high-end accessory or if you simply live in an urban environment. Each component of the ES3 strikes the ideal balance between toughness and lightness, producing a sturdy, long-lasting frame.

Deck Overview

You’ll note that the ES3’s deck is relatively small when you first get it. This is due to the fact that, unlike other scooters, this one’s battery is located inside the handlebar stem.

As a result of the ES3’s improved comfort and safety. You may forget about worrying if your foot could slide and concentrate on enjoying the ride. Additionally, it aids in balance, which is quite helpful for beginners to see these eriders.


Scooters don’t function as well as pneumatic (air-filled) tires in my experience riding them. Have you ever cycled on solid-tired bicycles? Why do the tires on most bicycles contain air? because they offer more padding and improve riding comfort.

I would suggest using the ES3 only on flat, smooth roads. The rough pavement outside the front shock absorber will make your trip unpleasant.

Build Quality          

Solid tires often offer superior durability but have significant downsides due to their long lifespan. You may be assured that the ES3 is sturdy and will, in general, survive the test of time.

The front wheel fender, thumb throttle, and rear foot brake are three examples of plastic parts that have been added to the ES3. Nevertheless, this is expected and usual. Aluminum alloy, a more durable material than plastic, was used to make the frame and deck. You’ll be happy to learn that Segway will replace your scooter if any parts fail within the scooter’s guarantee period.

The INOKIM Light 2 is a genuine crowd favorite because it expertly melds portability with performance in a stunning design. Ideal for those looking for dependable transportation in cities. Foldable and lightweight for storing in your trunk or travel by bus or rail.

Safety Guideline

  • a headgear designed especially for use when riding.
  • gloves that stick to surfaces and are non-slip.
  • a shock-resistant jacket.


When walking on unmarked paths or through difficult terrain, we strongly advise you to use joint protection, such as kneecaps, elbow caps, and wrist guards. Additionally, it is strongly encouraged to use glasses to avoid dirt and rock projections. If you follow all of these instructions, you can ride as fast as you want in total safety.

In the quest to make this revolutionary kind of transportation the norm, nothing was left to chance. The Zosh prioritizes safety above all else while combining stability and adaptability to provide you with the best benefits of a motorized vehicle.

Do you wish to look for the thrills? The maximum speed of this scooter, depending on the option selected, is 12 mph (20 km/h). With an autonomy range of up to 80 kilometers and a range of up to 31 miles (50 km), the possibilities are endless.





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