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Best TCM in Singapore for back pain

TCM Symptoms for Back Pain

Back pain is viewed differently by TCM practitioners. Best TCM in Singapore for back pain physicians observe the flow of energy where Western physicians would perceive a nerve (qi). Pain, according to a Chinese medicine practitioner, simply indicates that the flow is blocked. It’s possible that the obstruction is invisible.

By manipulating the vertebra, chiropractors and body workers can occasionally reduce back discomfort by momentarily allowing qi to flow more freely. Regrettably, correction rarely addresses the underlying cause of abnormal qi.

Because Chinese medicine emphasizes paying attention to what controls the flow of qi, back pain is frequently treated by TCM practitioners. We recognize that both mind and matter eventually affect qi, and that qi will also affect both mind and matter. Structure and substance will eventually follow the qi.

Back Pain Causes STUCK QI

“There is no flow when there is suffering.” A well-known adage in Chinese medicine states that “there is no pain when there is flow.”

The back is crossed by numerous energy flows. The Governing Vessel, Urinary Bladder Channel, and DAI Channel are a few names for these channels. A lot of back discomfort is a symptom of qi restriction or obstruction in these pathways. These pathways may be restricted or blocked by old or fresh injuries, emotional restrictions, anatomical obstacles, and other occurrences.


Increased heat puts strain on the shoulders, neck, and upper back.

Interior heat that rises in the channels (heat rises) and lodges in the neck, shoulders, and head are a typical cause of upper back pain. As a result, the muscles become tense due to an overabundance of energy.


Since the kidney serves as the body’s energy reserve, low qi (energy) weakens the lower back. This indicates that energy is retained in the low back, keeping it robust and maintaining the upright position of the spine. The kidney qi’s depletion will weaken the lower back and qi flow, resulting in pain and making injuries more likely. Lower back qi is depleted by stress, disease, injury, overwork, excessive sex, narcotics, and brain overstimulation. View the most recent Exipure reviews.

Herbal Back Pain Treatments

Middle Back Pain

GE GEN Tang is a popular herbal remedy for this disease (Pueraria Combination). Pueraria 10 tablets are a comparable tablet option.

A lower back ache

Du Huo Ji Shen Wan, also known as Low Back Pill, is the most popular remedy for any type of lower back or body pain. Although this formula has a minor effect on strengthening the kidneys, it is excellent for improving circulation in the lower body.

Gui Fu Di Huang Wan, Jin Gui Di Huang Wan, or Sexoton tablets are the most traditional and reliable medication for enhancing kidney yin and yang energy. Its numerous names attest to its long history and widespread use.

Chuang Yao Tonic Pills are also effective if your condition is definitely a Kidney YANG deficiency with concomitant indicators of coolness. Liu Wei Di Huang and/or Da Bu YIN Wan are effective treatments for kidney YIN deficiency.


Back pain is the condition that most acupuncturists treat. This is due, in part, to acupuncture’s success in treating back pain. Another factor is how inadequate Western medicine is for treating this issue.

Acupuncture Beats Out Standard Care for Back Pain Relief, According to Study

May 11, 2009 — According to a recent study, the traditional practice of acupuncture relieves persistent back pain more effectively than other treatments like prescription drugs or physical therapy. Even more astonishingly, all three studied acupuncture methods—including a “fake” one using toothpicks and no skin puncturing—performed better than conventional treatments for the issue.

According to study author Dan Cherkin, PhD, a senior investigator at Group Health Center for Health Studies in Seattle, “Acupuncture-like therapies had a beneficial effect overall on people’s persistent back pain.” It made no difference whether the needle was implanted or just lightly probed under the skin. Utilize glucofort to improve your nutritional outcomes.

This discovery, according to Cherkin, raises more questions regarding the actual operation of the age-old method.

The research has been released in Archives of Internal Medicine.

638 men and women with persistent low back pain who had never before had acupuncture were divided into one of four groups by Cherkin and colleagues:

  • Group acupuncture that is customized. Based on a unique prescription for acupuncture points, patients received acupuncture treatment.
  • Group practice for acupuncture. Patients underwent acupuncture for chronic low back pain, which is seen to be an effective treatment by experts.
  • Acupuncture simulation group. Patients received a therapy that resembled needle acupuncture but didn’t actually penetrate the skin because it only utilized a toothpick in a needle guide tube.
  • Customary care team. Patients kept doing whatever they were doing, such as getting physical therapy or using painkillers.

Two times per week for three weeks, then once per week for four weeks, acupuncture treatments were administered. The issues and dysfunction brought on by back pain were assessed by the researchers eight weeks, a half year, and a year following the treatments.

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