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 “Gateway to the Garhwal Himalayas” and “Yoga capital of the World” are other names for the northern city of Rishikesh. It is known to be a pilgrimage town and regarded as one of the most spiritual places for Hindus. Hindu sages and saints have visited Rishikesh since ancient times to meditate in search of enlightenment. This place is the true definition of unspoiled natural beauty. The peace of mind and tranquility that this place provides will make you speechless. The cultural heritage and diversity offered by the place are undefined and Mesmerizing.


Best time to visit


The best time to visit Rishikesh is from October to February  e.  the winter season in Rishikesh. The atmosphere at that time is chilly but it was the best time to indulge in river rafting and sightseeing in the mountains of Rishikesh. The environment there is cool and crisp to make your experience more tranquil. Mtravelerslers choose this period to visit Rishikesh to relish the scenic beauty of the place.


You can also try Gokarna Beach Trek, which is in Bangalore.


Yoga in the lap of nature


Yoga tends to heal you both physically and mentally and provides vide peace of mind. Nothing is better than relishing yoga at the bank of the holy river of Ganga and taking the benefits of the fresh air that will soothe your soothed mind. 

There are various ashrams and even yoga camps that are urged to help you to detox. It will help to remove all the stress from your life and rejuvenate yourself. Some of the most famous yoga ashrams or yoga retreat centers at Rishikesh are:-

  • Parmarth Niketan
  • Sivananda Ashram 
  • Yoga Niketan
  • Sadhana Mandir
  •  Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama Ashram
  • Omkarananda Ganga Sadan


All these yoga retreat centers have professionals to help you learn yoga and meditation techniques, this way you can rejuvenate as well as learn something.


Cafes at Rishikesh


Set amidst tranquility and peace, Rishikesh has a variety of cafes to serve you the best dishes in town. It should be noted that since Rishikesh is considered a sacred and spiritual Hindu place, meat and alcohol are strictly off-limits. 

There are many themed cafes in Rishikesh, some even represent Buddhist culture. The food served in all the cafes is fresh and the aroma of the food will make your mouth water. And enjoying the vibes of the cafe while relishing the aesthetic scenic beauty. Some of the best cafes of all:-

  • Freedom Cafe
  • Little Buddha Cafe
  • Cafe Karma
  • 60’s Beatles Cafe
  • Divine Cafe & Bakery
  • Bistro Nirvana

All these cafes are full of colors and are picturesque places. You can even get to taste some traditional dishes at such places and this revives your taste buds.


Accommodation in Rishikesh


Rishikesh is a place famous for its hospitality. Here the accommodation is considerably less expensive. The accommodation gives a comfortable and cozy experience. You can choose a place located on the bank of the Ganga or near the mountains. The views from most of the accommodation places are exceptional and relaxing. The food provided is scrumptious and can be served according to your taste. Most accommodations give you a homey feeling. All the places give extra attention to cleanliness and hygiene. The accommodation places at Rishikesh mostly provide free wifi, a free parking area, airport transfer, and some complimentary meals at times.  Some of the best  accommodation at Rishikesh are:-

  • The Neeraj Ganga heritage palace
  • Aloha serenity apartment
  • Sterling palm bliss
  • Antalya

There are even some hostels and Ashrams that provide low-cost or free accommodation for a couple of days. The environment there is also comfortable and extremely friendly. Some of the hostels are:-

  • Zostel Rishikesh
  • The hosteller Rishikesh mini
  • Live free hostel

Among many ashrams that provided accommodation places for religious visitors and pilgrims, these are:-

  • Parmarth Niketan ashram
  • The divine life society
  • Sadhana ashram
  • Geeta Bhawan, Bhawanyou can stay for free without paying anything.

Overall all the places in Rishikesh are good for accommodation. There are places at low cost to places that offer luxury. The people are friendly and provide the best hospitality and comfortable staying experience.




Rishikesh is a place that can easily get a place in your heart. Once you visit this paradise of a place you will desire to stay there forever. The yogas and meditation offer to relax your body and soul. The excellent services at cafes and accommodation places will leave you amazed. Some of them serve ayurvedic delicacies. 

The mesmerizing natural beauty of Rishikesh will make you speechless. It will provide you with peace, relaxation and tranquility.


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