How Can I Setup My Linksys Velop | AC1200


A Linksys Velop AC1200 Setup is easy to set up. There is no need for an installation programme or CD for first configuration. Manual labour is a possibility. The Linksys E5400 is set up exactly the same way.

Like with older Linksys wireless routers, you may enter the router’s setup page and make manual adjustments.

The following subjects will be covered in this article:

  • Linksys E5400 AC1200 router configuration
  • how to manually change your Internet connection’s settings.
  • Network configuration for guests
  • Resetting a router AC1200
  • Update the firmware
  • The attributes of the Linksys E5400 router

So let’s begin by setting up the Linksys E5400 AC1200!

Without a CD, setup Linksys AC1200

As I’ve already said, configuring an AC1200 router is easy and manual. You can complete the installation using a browser on a computer or a mobile device.

If you are installing the router for the first time, I suggest that you reset it first. Additionally, you can completely uninstall it and reset it.

Step 1:- Check the Internet connection.

First, make sure your modem is operational and linked to the internet. By connecting your primary computer directly to the device, you can check to see if you are receiving internet through the modem. If not, speak with the Internet Service Provider to fix the internet issue.

If the modem is operating successfully as an internet conduit, we’ll start setting the Linksys AC1200 router.

Step 2:- Connect with others

There are 5 ports on the Linksys AC1200 router. In addition to 1 WAN/Internet port, there are 4 computer-connecting ports.

Connect the internet modem to the Internet/WAN port on the Linksys E5400 router. The router’s primary PC will be connected using one of its four Ethernet ports.

Step 3:- Launch the Linksys AC1200 setup programme.

  • The default IP address for the AC1200 router is The default login password is admin.
  • Your computer must now be online. Fill up the address bar with Your login password will be requested.
  • Once the admin password has been entered, click the next button. If you’ve already configured this router, try logging in with your password.
  • If the router is not configured, the setup process will begin.
  • After agreeing to the terms and conditions, click Next.
  • The next popup will invite you to change the WiFi settings. the WiFi network’s username and password. That router is dual-band. You will therefore detect two unique wireless networks.
  • The next step is to modify the router’s password. To access the router, a fresh password needs to be typed. Additionally, remember this password in case you need it in the future.
  • On the next step, save the modified settings. The product registration prompt will appear after that. You can either include your email address or omit it when registering the product.
  • Finally, click DONE.
  • You are currently on the configuration page for the Linksys E5400 router.

Step 4:- Verify your Internet connection settings.

To access the Internet, try using your main computer, which is wired to the router through Ethernet.

If you can access the web, your internet connection settings are correct.

Step 5:- Modify the Wireless Network settings.

When your connected PC can access the internet via the router, the internet connection settings take effect.

Immediately, you must change the wireless network settings. Create a private, password-protected wifi network on your own.

Step 6:- Make a wireless connection

  • Try connecting your mobile or wireless laptop to the wireless network at this point.
  • You will see the newly created WiFi network. You’ll be asked for your wireless network password or key. Enter the correct password.
  • Do not mix up the wireless network password with the router password. Both are special.
  • Once you have logged into the wireless network, everything is ok.
  • The wired and wireless Linksys AC1200 device configuration is complete.
  • Wasn’t that so easy?

Step 7:- Keep a record of each password for future use.

For this router, there are three different password types.

Once the setup page has been accessed, the router password is the primary password needed to access the router configuration. The default router password is admin.

The wireless network password is required to access the wireless network. As I said before, you can use the same password for both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi networks.

You can connect to the Guest network with this password.

Upgraded Linksys AC1200 firmware

The Linksys E5400 router does not have the auto-update capability. Upgrades to the firmware must be done manually. However, it does have a feature that will notify you when a firmware update is available.

  • Register on the Linksys AC1200 configuration page. Make the “Configuration” tab active. the “Administration” tab on the left side.
  • Go to the sub-tab titled “Firmware upgrade.”
  • If there are any updates, you will be able to see them here.
  • The most recent firmware file must first be downloaded from the Linksys website. Save it on your PC. Make sure you are using an Ethernet cable to join your computer to the router. To update firmware, use a cable computer rather than a wireless one.

How can a Linksys AC1200 router be reset?

  • A little reset button is included with the Linksys E5400 router. It is situated at the device’s base. It has a red colour.
  • It needs to be pushed and held for ten to fifteen seconds.
  • Wait 15 seconds after the reset button is released. Now unhook the router’s power cord. Wait for 15 seconds.
  • Connect the power cable to the router. 30 seconds ought to elapse. Keep an eye out for the power lights to solidify and switch on all of the lights.
  • After being reset, the router will revert to its factory default settings, and all of your settings will be lost. As previously stated, the router will require a thorough reconfiguration.

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