The PR Strategy Follow by Otter PR

PR Strategy

The present article discusses the PR strategy which is followed by Otter PR. Normally such kind of things are never shared on social media as well as on blogs, but for letting our worthy customers know how our PR firm works on our PR strategy, we are showcasing some of the tactics and PR strategy which is followed by the Otter PR.

Let’s Go Through Those PR Strategies And Tactics:

The PR Strategy Follow By Otter PR:

The Tactics Followed by The Otter PR Are Mentioned In The Following Lines:

  1. The business events.
  2. The community relation.
  3. Social responsibility and corporate.
  4. Crisis management.
  5. The cyber threat intelligence.
  6. The employee relations.
  7. The influencer relations.
  8. The media relations.
  9. Social media marketing.

Let’s Dive Into The Details Of Each Of These Topics:

The Business Events:

Business events are the kind of opportunities for the marketing of your services and products for gaining exposure for your company as well as your brand. Whether you have hosted or have attended a business event, they are one of the crucial factors in sales opportunities. Business events are one of the prime occasions where you get to know about the perspectives of the potential customers as well as have the face to face and direct interaction with the present customers.

Engagement through speeches is also quite a helpful factor in boosting brand awareness and brand recognition at business events. It is also a means through which the unique sharing of leadership and data-driven information is done which can help you as a brand in elevation.

The Community Relation:

Community relation defines the building of positive relations with the local community which surrounds your business. It also has the ability to include donations, charity work, special discounts as well as any other thing which helps in building a strong relation with the community as well as put strength in the customer loyalty.

The Social Responsibility And Corporate:

Social responsibility and corporate are quite similar phenomena as compared to community relations. This department puts a lot of focus on environmental responsibility, philanthropy as well as on ethical business practices. It is focused on the local, regional as well as global level. It is considered one of the critical areas of PR which has a direct link with the brand’s public perception.

The Crisis Management:

Crisis management is the practice that includes acknowledging, management as well as working on the already happened things to reverse the negative communication as well as perception which surround a business crisis. The PR Strategy includes the handling of anything that has the potential of jeopardizing or ruining the reputation of your brand.

Crisis management is called as one of the important factors of the PR Strategy which has to be handled consistently, quickly as well as strategically. PR Strategy used some tools for PR through which you have the ability to avert the crisis through proper and professional online chatter. It should also include the quality checking of the promotional as well as marketing material which has the potential of being misconstrued and misunderstood.

The Cyber Threat Intelligence:

According to an estimate, around about 41 percent of businesses have action plans for cyber threat intelligence. According to the 2021’s World Economic Forum risk reports, cyber security is among the top five global risks. Apart from the financial challenges created by cyber attacks, there is also one other challenge of perception. If this challenge is not handled professionally and skilfully, it can be devastating for the whole company. Such issues of perception are handled professionally and with expertise through the PR crisis management expertise department.

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It is one of the best ideas to have connections with technical experts as well as with thought leaders in the market and industry. This handling can offer you the expertise which you require for limiting the reputation impact of the frequent attacks which is increasing day by day.

The Employee Relations:

Internal PR is also used for the term employee relations. It is a practice of communication with the company’s employees as well is mandatory for the cultivation of a positive employee perception within your company.

The whole process can include dedicated employee communications as well as newsletters, benefits and employee perks, skills boosting opportunities, free training sessions, working with employee groups and unions as well as events of employee appreciation.

Employee relation is mandatory for keeping the employees willing on working hard and stay motivated as well as loyal while encouraging them to be the advocate of your brand and business. This whole process can bring in more high-quality employees as well as customers because a dedicated employee will work hard for getting more and more customers to his company.

The Influencer Relation:

Influencer relations offer a major role in marketing as well as in PR. According to the research done by the influencer market, the net worth of the influencer market was recorded as 13.8 billion dollars in 2021. This revenue was doubled as compared to the 2019 research. This process includes nano and micro-influencers who represent almost 60 percent of the influencer population of Instagram influencers.

The Media Relations:

The media relation is linked with building a progressive as well as a positive image of a brand with the publications, journalists as well as other new outlets. The process technically involves the organization of the press releases, penning down the press releases as well as scheduling and re-scheduling the interviews. This whole procedure gains exposure for the business, brands as well as products while encouraging the mainstream media for marketing your brands totally free of cost.


From the above discussion, it can be concluded that media relations can be earned, paid as well as owned. Social media is one of the most powerful as well as helpful tools which is used for getting followers, sharing content, resolving crises as well as the conversion of customers.

If you are a brand and sharing something with the public then you should keep this thing in mind that you are not sharing or communicating with a single customer, your activity is viewed on the whole social media platform. It is always open to the public. This public image makes it mandatory for the proper PR strategy for social media activities which can keep the communications in the direct direction, accurate, positive as well as consistent.


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