6 Benefits of Playing Bubble Soccer in Singapore

Bubble Soccer in Singapore

Playing bubble soccer in Singapore is a great way to have fun and enjoy the outdoors. It can also provide many physical and mental health benefits and an opportunity to socialize with friends and family. 

In this blog, we will dive into some of the advantages of playing this game, from its physical exertion to its social aspect. We will look at how it can help people stay active and healthy while having fun in the sun. 

6 Benefits of Bubble Soccer in Singapore 

Fun Activity: 

It combines the simple pleasure of outdoor soccer play with a novel twist: participants wear inflatable bubbles that protect them as they bump and bounce around the field. 

The high-energy nature of this game makes it an enjoyable pastime for any age group. Players don’t need to worry about getting injured from tackling or falling down the bubbles provide an extra layer of protection. 

So whether you’re young or old, you can move around and interact freely without worrying about hurting yourself. The freedom that comes with being surrounded by air-filled plastic allows people to go all out and enjoy themselves in a safe environment! 

Strengthen Relationship: 

One of the greatest benefits of Playing Bubble Soccer in Singapore is that it helps strengthen relationships between friends and family members who play together. Not only does it provide an exciting physical activity for participants, but also encourages teamwork among them. 

Players must work together to strategize their way through obstacles while balancing themselves inside the bubble suit. This provides the perfect opportunity for players to interact with each other and establish strong bonds within their team.  

In addition, some venues in Singapore even offer team-building activities like “capture the flag” where teams have to compete against one another for points by taking control of flags placed between two goals. 

Improve Fitness Levels: 

Those who are keen on getting a unique workout experience often choose to partake in the game for its wide variety of benefits. One of the most notable advantages this exciting game offers is improved fitness levels. 

It requires participants to move around, stay agile, and have quick reflexes during the match. This helps enhance their physical strength and stamina as they are constantly engaging their muscles while playing. 

In addition, It can be an effective way to stay fit and healthy without having to go through tedious workouts at the gym or outdoors. 

Creative Thinking: 

It is a combination of traditional football and the long-time favorite game of bubble wrap popping – a fun twist on an age-old sport! Players wear inflatable bubbles while playing the game and must use their creative thinking to maneuver around opponents and score goals.  

This form of play encourages players to think differently and come up with innovative strategies to outwit their opponents. It allows players to have fun while learning important skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, teamwork, decision-making, and communication. 

The physical aspect of this game also helps to foster resilience in Singaporean youth by teaching them how to control their bodies while still having a good time. 

Burn Calories Quickly: 

Not only it is incredibly fun, but it also offers many physical health benefits too! One of the most remarkable advantages of playing the game is its ability to quickly burn calories.  

The intense physical activity involved in running around and bumping into your opponents while wearing a large bubble provides an excellent full-body workout that can help you achieve your weight loss goals. 

The vigorous movements used during the game increase your heart rate, resulting in quicker calorie burning than many other traditional sports. Furthermore, since this game allows more interaction between players than regular soccer does, you will be able to get even more out of each workout session! 

Increase Agility and Balance: 

This innovative sport combines elements from traditional soccer with the thrilling experience of bouncing around like a human bumper car. It requires both coordination and agility to be successful on the field, making it a great exercise for both body and mind.  

Furthermore, as players bump into each other while trying to score goals, they are forced to maintain their balance more often than usual improving their overall stability and balance while having an incredibly fun time with their loved ones. 


Playing Bubble Soccer in Singapore has a myriad of benefits that make it stand out from other sports. It is a great way to keep fit both physically and mentally, as well as being an incredibly fun activity for friends and family. 

It also provides an opportunity for team building and allows for a unique experience that will be remembered for years to come. Additionally, the game is extremely accessible, making it easy and convenient for anyone to try out the game! 

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