A Bride’s Guide To Buying The Ideal Wedding Jewellery!

Bridal jwellery

Planning for the wedding day is not all about finding a beautiful venue, jewellery store near by, or fixing the menu; it involves numerous other tasks like ordering a great outfit, selecting a veil and headpiece, and picking the right jewellery & accessories that can complement the wedding dress.

Since a wedding dress is the star of the event, brides usually ensure to order it first. Next, brides tend to select a matching veil and headpiece. Once the complete attire is decided, brides start looking for the right jewellery pieces and accessories.

So, if you have already selected your wedding outfit and looking for a reliable bridal jewellery store to pick your wedding jewellery, spend a few minutes reading this blog! Here, we have covered all the essentials of selecting the ideal wedding jewellery!

  1. Consider Your Gown’s Color

Women usually live with the myth that all wedding gowns are of the same color. It’s only when they start shopping for their wedding that they know the range of colors better. Wedding gowns generally come in classy solid colors such as ivory, pure white, champagne, blush, etc.

Ensure to pick the jewellery pieces that can beautifully complement your wedding gown’s color. As a general rule, pure white is best paired with silver, platinum, or white pearls and not gold jewellery pieces. For an off-white gown, choose yellow gold, rose gold, silver, or pearl pieces. If your wedding outfit is already embellished with beadwork, let that dictate the color of your jewellery and accessories.

  1. Mix and Match

Long gone are the days when wedding dresses, veils, and accessories are all matchy! Today’s trend is to ‘mix and match bridal accessories and jewellery with the wedding outfit. This modern era is all about expressing your innate style on the wedding day. For instance, if you are a trendy fashionista, you might look to incorporate some of the popular accessories of the era.

However, you can still adhere to a minimalistic look, staying true to your style. You can just select a single trendy jewellery piece and balance it out with other unique pieces so that your bridal look doesn’t go totally over the top. You may even elevate your bridal look by incorporating your grandma’s vintage brooch or your mom’s favorite bracelet.

  1. Take The Neckline into Account

Just as different wedding outfits vary from each other in terms of color tones and shades, they also come with a multitude of varied necklines. Now, every neckline has its uniqueness. And thus, you should take the neckline of your wedding dress into account when selecting your bridal jewellery.

While a short necklace or choker best complements a strapless or sweetheart neckline, a V-neck dress goes well with a simple pendant or some delicate layered pieces. Just the halter-neck dresses do not go well with necklaces. Also, the large statement earrings look classic only when there’s no neckpiece paired with them.

  1. Keep It Simple

One of the biggest mistakes made by most brides is that they overdo their bridal look. Usually, it’s observed that brides pick a gown with multiple layers of lace and then pair it with gloves, a big headpiece, and long statement earrings along with a bracelet or two at times. So, if you desire to look absolutely stunning on your wedding day, make sure to purchase or rent unique jewellery from a reputable bridal jewellery store near by!

Please remember, your wedding isn’t the time to experiment with fashion. Rather, it’s a special day to keep your look simple and include classic jewellery pieces that can highlight your style at its best. After all, looking at your wedding album 20 years down the line should make you feel happy about the fact that you stuck to your innate style and didn’t cave into every bridal trend.

  1. Bring Out Your Creative Self

Even though you may come across the top bridal jewellery store in your area, you should not get overwhelmed by the plethora of pieces available. Try to bring out your creative self and weave unique accents into your look. For instance, if you’re getting married in a state park or at a local botanical garden, avoid choosing traditional jewellery to complete your bridal look.

That’s mainly because weddings held in garden spaces be like: the bride comes down the aisle with a long, messy braid and beautiful blooms threaded throughout it. Ensure to give enough time to yourself to select your wedding jewellery and other accessories. You should select your outfit and jewellery at least 3 months before the wedding so that you get some time to receive your order.

Bottom Line

Choosing unique bridal jewellery to complement your wedding dress can be pretty difficult if you haven’t seen the jewellery in person. You may come across styles and colors looking good on the models online, but you can’t be sure how they will look on you until you try them on. So, try to check out the latest and finest jewellery pieces in the most reputed bridal jewellery store near by before making the final purchase.



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