Top 5 Forex Broker in Europe: Read Our detailed Review

Top 5 Forex Broker in Europe

The European market is welcoming, and if you are thinking of trading in forex there, it’s a great choice. The market has been a financial hub for centuries now, and traders can make their best trades with the best forex brokers there.

In the article we have discussed the top five forex brokers in Europe. Traders can analyze them and choose the best one. It will make trading more comfortable and offer a great trading experience. So, let’s start.

Five Forex Brokers in Europe

The European market is a good option to trade in forex. The country has been the first one to open bank services and is best for earning good profits with the best of trades online.

Here we have discussed the top five forex brokers in Europe that traders can choose from:

IC Markets


RoboForex is a 2009 forex broker in Europe. The brokerage company offers the best trading facility across 169 countries and has more than 3.5 million clients globally. The company is a leading software development company in the financial industry.

Many companies consider RoboForex as a reliable partner. Besides, it has won many prestigious awards for its services. It has an international licence to offer services from FSC Belize and a European licence from CySEC.

Advantages of RoboForex:

Favourable trading conditions
Minimum deposit
CopyFX a unique investment programme
STP and ECN facility
Instant fund withdrawals
High affiliate payments

IC Markets

IC Markets is the leading European ECN forex broker. The brokerage platform is a secure trading platform that is regulated by top authorities of the market. Traders can enjoy more than 3500 tradable instruments from cryptocurrency, options, CFDs and other markets.

Trading commission at the platform is low, besides, they have small spreads and low deposit requirements. Traders get to open their account easily and make the most of their trades with the best market tools.

Trading platforms of the brokers are top-notch and it has effective spreads for clients. Thus, making trading easy with the following advantages:

Maintains regulatory status
Offers competitive pricing
Third-party research and trading tools
Top metatrader broker
Various assets to trade
Low cost and easy trade execution


XTB broker is a trusted multi-asset broker. It offers traders with outstanding customer services and a wide variety of forex and CFDs to trade. So, traders can have an excellent trading experience.

Founded in 2002, XTB has grown well over the time. It is a regulated financial broker that is highly secure. It has an overall rating of 95 in the market and charges low trading commission.

So, traders have to pay less and can have various opportunities to earn from the market. Here, are the advantages they can enjoy at XTB:

Publicly traded company
High security
Robust selection of trading tools
Low trading commission


eToro is a 2007 trading platform. The platform is first of its kind to offer copy trading and social trading services. Traders can easily trade on the platform to make the best of their trades.

The broker is best suitable for professional traders that can enjoy the facilities and make the most of the services. The platform has more than 3000 tradable instruments which can be in CFDs, forex and other markets.

The advantages of the broker includes:

Low minimum deposit
Copy trading
High trust score
Regulated platform
Trading platforms
Various instruments


FXCM is an advanced forex broker that provides services in Europe. It has advanced trading tools and quality market research facilities to make trading more comfortable.

It is a winner especially for the algorithmic trading that it offers. Traders can trade in a range of assets and make the best trades with average pricing. The minimum deposit of the platform is $50 and it has a high trust score of 96.

Other than this advantages that traders can have are:

Best tools and platform s
Algorithmic trading
Copy trading
Monthly updates for traders


Traders who want to trade in the forex market and are looking for the best options, here we have the top five forex brokers in Europe. They can choose the suitable one and make best of their trades online.

RoboForex, IC Markets, XTB, eToro and FXCM are the best they can have in the market. The article discusses them and what they are good for. So, traders can find the one that is good for them and make the best of online trades.

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