7 Creative DIY Birthday Gift Ideas for Kids

7 Creative DIY Birthday Gift Ideas for Kids

Birthdays are a special day for everyone, and no one enjoys being stuck inside all day. That’s why we’ve come up with some of the best DIY birthday gift ideas for kids that you can easily do yourself. We’ve covered you, from online gift delivery in Ahmedabad to midnight gift delivery in Ahmedabad!

What are some creative DIY birthday gift ideas for kids? 

Are you looking for creative DIY birthday gift ideas for kids? Here are some fun and easy ideas that can be delivered same-day in Ahmedabad!

  1. Send a personalized letter or card to guests of your child’s birthday party. Include a handwritten note, a photo, or even a joke!
  2. Make them their very own personalized book of photos. Create a particular book for each child at the party, with favorite memories from throughout the year written in heartfelt notes.
  3. Surprise them with tickets to an upcoming event they’re interested in (or have always wanted to attend!). This is a fun gift if you can get tickets before the event!
  4. Package up some yummy treats and give them as party favors.

1. DIY Painting Party

Kids always love getting presents, but they especially love receiving DIY gifts. If you’re looking for a creative birthday gift that the child in your life will love, consider giving them a party where they can paint together! Here are seven DIY painting party ideas to get you started:

1) Have each guest bring their paints and canvas to the party. Give everyone basic instructions on painting, and then let them get creative!

2) Set up a makeshift gallery where guests can display their works of art. This is an excellent way for kids to show off their creations and get feedback from friends and family.

3) Have organized group competitions between guests. For example, have one group try to create the best landscape, another group tries to create the best portrait, and so on.

2. DIY Balloon Bouquet

Do you have a little one who loves to celebrate their birthday? Look no further than these seven creative DIY birthday gift ideas for kids. From fun, whimsical balloons to delicious treats, these gifts can be made in just a few minutes and delivered right to the child’s door!

  1. Make a colorful balloon bouquet! This classic and popular DIY gift idea can be made with just a few simple supplies. Gather colorful balloons, tie them together with some string or ribbon, and give the bouquet to your child as a special birthday present.
  2. Send them an edible birthday cake! Not only is this a delicious treat for the child, but it also makes for an adorable same-day gift delivery in Ahmedabad!

3. Photo Book

Kids love receiving personalized gift certificates, which are perfect for birthdays. You can give them the ultimate birthday treat by delivering the certificate to their door!

  1. Make a photo book with your child’s favorite photos. This is an excellent same-day gift idea because you can easily print and bind the book yourself!
  2. Create a treasure hunt for your kiddo. Hide clues around the house or outside, and let them have fun trying to find them all!
  3. Send your kid off to camp with a delicious picnic lunch in their backpack! This is a fantastic option if your child loves spending time outdoors!
  4. Get them a subscription to their favorite magazine or cartoon show.

4. DIY Trinket Box

Are you looking for creative DIY birthday gift ideas for your kids? From a personalized jewelry box to a sensory-friendly play set, there’s something for every age and interest. And if you don’t have any unique crafts or ingredients on hand, no problem! These gift ideas can easily be assembled with items you already have in your home. So get creative and give the ultimate birthday surprise – homemade gifts that are just as special as the kid who gets them!

  1. Customized jewelry box – This simple but personalized gift is perfect for any little girl or boy. All you need is basic crafting supplies like wood glue and nails, then let your child help design the box’s intricate details. Make sure to ask them what they want to put inside the box so you can ensure that they’re getting something they love. 

5. Arcade Game night

Kids love getting gifts, but sometimes it can take effort to develop something original. Birthday parties are an excellent opportunity to get creative and develop unique birthday gift ideas for kids. Arcade game night is a perfect activity for this occasion!

The first idea is a classic – Monopoly. This classic board game can be enjoyed by all ages, making it the perfect birthday gift for kids. Print out customized playing pieces that feature the birthday child’s name to make it even more special. Next, consider creating a themed party atmosphere by decorating items related to the game, such as hats and money bags. For an added challenge, try customizing the game’s rules to make it more challenging.

Next, consider creating an obstacle course inspired by Angry Birds.

6. Haunted House Night

Kids love getting surprises on their birthdays, and what better way to surprise them than with a creative DIY birthday gift? Whether you’re a kid at heart or know someone who is, these are some creative DIY birthday gift ideas for kids that will be sure to have them excited!

  1. Make your own haunted house! This is an easy project that can be done in no time. All you need are cardboard boxes, some fake blood, and some fake spiders or skeletons. Set up your scene and let the kids have fun creeping around!
  2. Give the gift of imagination with coloring books full of imaginative designs. From dinosaurs to spaceships, there’s sure to be something for everyone!
  3. Customize cookies into characters from your favorite movies or TV shows. You can even make your characters by drawing or using stickers!
  4. Give the gift of music with a personalized CD. Personalize the CD by writing fun facts or lyrics on the back so they can play it repeatedly!
  5. Give the gift of imagination with stickers and stencils. Let them create their own stories!
  6. Give the gift of music with a personalized CD full of sing-along favorites. The perfect way to celebrate your child’s birthday!

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7. Customized Cookies

Kids have birthdays every month, so they must come up with creative and unique birthday gift ideas that they will love. Here are seven DIY gift ideas for kids that can be customized to fit their interests or personalities.

One great way to customize a gift for a child is to make them a personalized cookie! This is a cute and fun way to show appreciation for their birthday. You can choose from dozens of different flavors and toppings, so there’s sure to be something perfect for every kid. You could also create custom cookies as part of an activity or game night party, which would be a lot of fun for the whole family. Another creative idea is to get your child a particular treat/food item they’ve always wanted but couldn’t find in stores.


In conclusion, here are seven creative DIY birthday gift ideas for kids. Whether they’re into trains, cars, or dinosaurs, there’s a surefire way to make their day! Please give them a fun new toy or activity, give them the gift of time and spend quality time together enjoying an old favorite. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s something your little one will love and appreciate!

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