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Software Testing Course..

Software testing course for Software Tester is a professional that specializes in testing software. His job is essential to the life cycle of software in that he ensures that the software is completed efficient, functional and reliable. Actually, the work that Software Tester is part of the tasks that guarantee that the program is of high quality ( Software Quality Assurance, SQA ).

The primary function of that Software testing course with Tester expert is to design and run the tests needed to test the various functions that the program offers.

Main stages of a software testing process:

In order to perform his work efficiently In order to perform his work effectively, Software Tester must be able to perform his job effectively. Software Tester has to first be aware of what the goal was for which the software was created. The requirements of the program

Reference Hardware:

After reviewing the specifications after analyzing the requirements, after reviewing the requirements, Software Tester prepares a test plan, i.e. an outline of the testing procedures, the parts to be tested, as well as the necessary resources.

When the preparation stage is finished after which once the preparation phase is completed, Software Tester carries out all the planned testing procedures to detect any malfunctions or defects within the program (in Testing jargon referred to as “bug/issue”).

The test report then reveals tests’ results (passed or blocked, failed and stand by) in the test execution report in which it documents all the tasks that were carried out and the conditions under the circumstances in which they were performed.

Possible to conduct an activity of testing software:

Tests of software are performed either in manual or automated modes (using specific automation tools) Testing a single component (unit testing) or the interaction between different parts (integration tests) or the whole systems (system tests) .

In addition, software testing is an iterative process: every bug that is fixed could lead to a new issue being discovered or create a new one. To avoid this, prior to releasing the software to production it’s important to conduct multiple rounds of verification and regression testing to reduce the chance that the program has errors.

What transversal and technical skills are necessary:

The required training in order to be the software Tester can be done using computers. It does not mean you have to possess an education in “purely” computer science disciplines for example, studies from Computer Science or Computer Engineering.

In the beginning, a Software Tester must possess a basic understanding of front-end (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) and back-end (mainly Java) programming languages as well as of DBMS (SQL programming language).

The candidate must be knowledgeable about software testing, verification, and validation, and be aware of the lifecycle and methodologies for software development.

Additionally, he should have writing skills IT documents that are technical, as well as analytical and problem solving abilities and must be attentive to the finer details, be able to work independently and within a group and also be able to constantly update himself on the latest IT technology related to Testing.

Writing Skills IT Documents:

There is also the possibility of abilities in the area of test automation, and consequently, familiarity with tools for automation like Tricentis Tosca, JMeter and Selenium as well as proficiency in the Office environment, i.e. being able to operate tools like Word, Excel and Powerpoint as well.

In the end, a thorough understanding in the English language is essential in order to communicate with people from other countries in daily work (both in verbal and written form, either live or on conference calls) however, and most importantly, when traveling. This is often the case during my job.

Advice For Teenagers who is looking to join the IT working:

The information technology of today continues to transform every industry and that is the reason for an rising demand for software and the necessity to have experts who are skilled in delivering high-quality programs. Being an Software Tester For instance, it will allow you to make your first steps into the field of software programming as well as the IT sector.

The number of job offers to Software Testers are always increasing, both internationally and locally and the options for advancing one’s career are numerous interesting, challenging and in many cases, very well-paid. A young person might begin to work in the IT industry as an Software Tester and, later when the opportunity presents itself and he has already mastered his technical skills then he can alter his career path by changing to a software/web Developer or analyst programmer.