Top 5 H11/H8/H9 LED Headlight Bulbs in 2023

h11 led bulb

When you are on the road, safety becomes an essential factor for you. However, regarding safety issues, headlights are one of the worst offenders. Without a good set of headlight bulbs, they are useless. Low-beam headlights can be a significant safety hazard, as they reduce your reaction time. Over the years, headlights have become significantly more spectacular. Bevinsee H11/H8/H9 LED headlights are more prevalent in the market today, and you can convert them to high and low beams and fog lamps.

We will tell you some of the top 5 H11 LED bulbs. Let’s find out.


Bevinsee V55 H11/H8/H9 led bulb is the new upgrade of V45. It gives 700% brighter and wider vision than the stock bulb. With a total of 12 CSP 4575 LED beads on both sides, it can consistently output intense penetration, high luminous flux, and focused light. If you want the glow of a lead heel light, this would be the best choice.


The V45 H11 has the best built-in cooling system on the market: 6063 aluminum substrate, aluminum tube, 36 heatsinks, and a powerful fan up to 15000 RPM to greatly increase the surface area. It increases the cooling speed by up to 300% and runs faster. If you are looking for bright, low-cost, high-quality bulbs, this is the right choice.


Bevinsee Z25 H11 LED bulbs are plug-and-play with no modifications. These come with a 1:1 halogen beam design. These ensure 360° illumination without black spots. If you’re looking to install light bulbs that are easy to install and want to avoid glare, this would be great for you.


If you are searching for a budget-friendly led bulb and hope it will be brighter, you can go to our S550 bulbs that will fit easily. It is 300% brighter than most LED lights. It will help you see farther and more clearly at night. It will enhance your visibility for a safer drive.


The G9 series H11 led bulb equips 360-degree technology. The beam pattern is uniform, without black spots or vignetting. You can also name the super bright bulb. It’s 300% brighter than halogen lights. It will help to improve your visibility at night.

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How to Install H11 Bulbs?

Installing H11 Bulbs:

  • Take off the dust cover or headlamp cover.
  • Find the stock bulbs and unscrew them by turning the nut anticlockwise.
  • Unplug the bulb’s wires from the connectors on the car.
  • Remove the original light bulb and store a spare in your glove box.
  • Connect the lamp wires to the car’s connectors.
  • Insert the H11/H9/H8 LED Headlamp into the slot and tighten it by rotating it clockwise.
  • Insert the wiring into the housing of the headlight.
  • Return the dust cover to its original location and fasten it.

H11 vs. H8 vs. H9 Bulbs

Before discussing these bulbs, we should talk about compatibility. What, in plain terms, distinguishes H11, H8, and H9 bulbs? First of all, there is some degree of cross-compatibility. Today’s alternatives are H11 bulbs, which can use in all three sockets. Hence, they will work with any socket you have. There are a few distinctions you need to be aware of.

H11 and H8 Bulbs

H11 bulbs are used widely in modern headlights. The H11 socket is oval and has two prongs that are the same size. Although the prongs are the same size, they are still polarized, as you can see. The light won’t function if you plug it in backward. So, before you return your brand-new headlamp, try reversing the plug if it won’t turn on. The best 9005 headlight bulb are made to be used in single-beam headlights and have a maximum draw of 55 watts. This type of headlight has two different bulbs, one on each side. There are two of them, one for each beam: high and low.

An earlier standard with a superficially similar shape is the H8 bulb. The main difference is that there are only 35 watts in total. It restricts how bright you can be. Yet even a powerful 80-watt equivalent LED uses much less electricity than 35 watts, so that’s not a problem. Some modern vehicles use the H8 standard for low and high lights because it is such a non-issue. H8 sockets have pin slots that vary in size, and H8 bulbs have pins that vary in size. An H8 socket can accommodate an H11 bulb by removing a tab from the housing. Because of the larger pin’s inability to fit into the smaller hole, an H8 bulb can’t use in an H11 socket.

H11 and H9 Bulbs

The H9 and H11 are very similar in many aspects. But the bulb’s plug has an additional tab on top of it. With minimal modification, this stops you from inadvertently inserting an H9 bulb into an H11 socket. In the first place, you really shouldn’t be using an H9 bulb in an H11 socket. An H11 socket may have trouble keeping up with the more powerful bulb because H9 sockets only provide 65 watts of power. On the other hand, with a few modest tweaks, an H11 bulb can easily install in an H9 socket.

H9 bulbs make for increased brightness in a similar vein. Some of the most potent types can produce light that is half again as bright as an equivalent H11. H9 bulbs are a popular option for fog lights and other extremely bright applications because of this. But an H9 bulb is probably not the best option unless you require that high of brightness. The price of all that light production is a substantially shorter lifespan. The average H9 bulb rates for less than half as many use hours as the average H11; because of this, H9 bulbs are still more of a specialty item.