How can Singapore preschool help the students start off right?

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The term preschool itself indicates the early or initial years of development that a child goes through. It, therefore, is a very important experience for any child as they begin to learn and understand how things work around them. It becomes of utmost importance that the child receives a good quality education from highly trained professionals who are skilled to run an early childhood program.

Singapore preschool helps children in developing and enhancing their personal, emotional, and social aspects. A young child who is around 3 to 4 years old must be capable of trusting their teachers or adults who aren’t their parents. Singapore preschool encourages and supports the children to learn to build relationships at this stage with other people, especially their peers. The children are enlightened to build trusting and positive relationships with their friends and teachers. 

As preschool is the child’s first experience, it becomes crucial that they receive a safe and sheltered environment to learn, play and grow. The students who enroll themselves in the Singapore preschool get an opportunity to learn in well-structured, secure, and creative surroundings wherein they can be free-minded and independent. The students naturally become high-spirited and they understand the importance of learning new things that fosters personal growth. They become more eloquent and expressive and are thus able to voice their needs and views.

Children first learn to speak and interact at their homes with their parents or caretakers. In preschool, children get the chance to interact continuously with children of the same age group. They also learn by watching other kids interact. The teachers at Singapore preschools help the students in improving their communication skills.  It involves the conversion of mental images into language so that thoughts and knowledge can be converted into information. The students at Singapore Preschool are constantly exposed to rich language through storytelling, role-play, and reading sessions which not only sharpen their language skills but also their vocabulary.

Below are a few benefits of going to Singapore preschool: –

1.      Exposure to various activities and events

As a part of preschool education, children must learn to discover and become curious about their surroundings. In Singapore preschools, the children learn to develop and hone their physical coordination skills. They get exposure to a variety of activities like art and craft, running, dancing, singing, acting, rock climbing, and many other group activities. It helps in improving their hand-eye coordination and fine and gross motor skills. Paying the international school fees which are reasonable at the Singapore preschool can allow the child to have a good start towards quality knowledge and education. The children also get to participate in various curricular and co-curricular activities which enhances their cognitive skills. They become more active and outgoing. The teachers at the Singapore preschool encourage students to participate in different cultural events, debates, skits, etc. Paying the international school fees can be a gift for your child,  an experience worth every penny that is spent as the children become very active and fit both physically and mentally.

2.      Enhancing cognitive skills

As Fred Rogers has rightly said “When children pretend, they’re using their imaginations to move beyond the bounds of reality. A stick can be a magic wand. A sock can be a puppet. A small child can be a superhero.” Symbolic thinking is another important cognitive development that takes place in the preschool years. The ability to mentally or symbolically represent concrete objects, actions, and events is called Symbolic thinking. Examples are depicting things and drawing and talking about objects etc. Paying international school fees is worth every penny as the Singapore preschool focuses on providing children with early experiences that are coherent, emotionally supportive, positive, and educational which helps in bringing forth the true self of the child and has a positive effect on their development. Increased cognitive skills help children in thinking clearly and make rational and logical decisions for themselves. They learn to handle stress effectively and become sharp-minded.

3. Shapes and sharpens personality

Preschool is the period where children get to talk and interact with other people like peers and teachers. This constant communication results in improved language skills and increased vocabulary. Singapore preschool offers children a playful environment that involves learning in a fun manner boosting their curiosity of understanding things around them. This helps in magnifying their imaginative and creative skills to the next level. The international school fees can make parents question if their money would be worth the experience. To put this dilemma to an end, Singapore preschool ensures to take special care that the students get not only textbook knowledge from well-experienced teachers but are also helped and encouraged in every way possible to enhance their skills. The students learn very critical skills like team building, coordinating, problem-solving, decision making, communication skills, being polite and kind towards other people, sharing, and being expressive from the very start which fosters self-confidence and self-esteem. Thus, the children can create a positive self-image and build positive and healthy relationships with people around them.

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Therefore, by paying international school fees and enrolling the child in a Singapore preschool can help the child develop in countless ways. A child who experiences the joy of learning, discovering, and successfully coping with age-appropriate tasks at a young age is more likely to enjoy school later in life and will also do better at school. Early education researchers have also highlighted the importance of preschool education, stating that children who are educated at an early age typically have improved social skills, fewer behavior problems, and better grades without special attention. 

The self-confidence gained through playful learning contributes to the child’s personality development. A good quality education provided by Singapore preschool provides the children with cognitive, behavioral, and social skills that they otherwise cannot learn. Pre-school education, therefore, plays a central role in building the willingness to learn and keeping the kids engaged in the learning process.