Telstra Tablet: A Comprehensive Review of the Latest Model

Telstra Tablet

Telstra Tablet

The Telstra Enhanced Tablet is the latest addition to a famous line of tablets, offering users the best of both worlds- lightweight portability and powerful performance. With its slim frame, sleek design, high-resolution display, vibrant colours, and sharp contrast, this tablet will surely be a hit. The powerful processor allows for multitasking and gaming without lag or stuttering, while the convenient connectivity options such as WiFi and 4G LTE make it easy to stay connected. The battery life is impressive- you can expect up to 10 hours of continuous use on a single charge.


This comprehensive review closely examines all aspects of this device, including its design, performance, battery life, and connectivity options. We also explore whether or not the cost of the device is reasonable, given the features it offers. Read on to find out more!

Design And Build Quality

Telstra tablet is designed to be both lightweight and durable, making it the perfect device for on-the-go use. Its 10.3-inch display is sharp and vibrant, providing a great viewing experience whether watching movies or playing games. It also features a physical home button and a fingerprint scanner for secure unlocking.

The tablet is slim and light, measuring only 6.9mm in thickness and weighing 585 grams, and has an IP67 rating, making it dust and water-resistant. The device’s build quality is also excellent, with its aluminum chassis providing plenty of strength without compromising weight or looks. The ports are well-placed and easy to access, allowing you to connect accessories easily. There’s also a headphone jack located at the top of the device for remote audio playback.

Performance and Features:

Performance and features are an essential part of the Telstra tablet. It has a powerful 1.2 GHz octa-core processor and 3GB of RAM, allowing seamless multitasking and a smooth user experience. The 10.1-inch full HD display provides vibrant colors and wide viewing angles, perfect for enjoying the content on the go. Additionally, the device runs on the latest Android 8.0 Oreo operating system with the company’s custom skin on top, offering users a unique experience.

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The Telstra tablet also has 32GB of internal storage, expandable up to 128GB, with a microSD card for storing all your data. Furthermore, it includes dual stereo speakers, which provide an immersive audio experience while watching movies or playing games. With these features combined, this tablet offers an overall enjoyable user experience that will satisfy anyone looking for performance and convenience in one package.

Regarding connectivity options, the Telstra tablet offers dual-band WiFi and Bluetooth 4.1 support and a USB Type C port for charging and data transfer from external devices. This brings both speed and convenience when transferring files to or from other devices or streaming media content from streaming services such as Netflix or YouTube TV. With its lightweight design, powerful processor, and excellent battery life (up to 9 hours), this device can be taken anywhere without worrying about running out of power quickly.

Battery Life And Connectivity:

Telstra Enhanced Tablet offers excellent battery life and connectivity. The device has a whopping 9-hour battery life, ensuring users can enjoy it for hours. It charges quickly, too, reaching full power in just two hours. The tablet features dual-band WiFi and Bluetooth 4.1, as well as cellular data connections with LTE support. This makes it easy to connect to the internet wherever you are. For increased productivity and convenience, you can also use several accessories, such as a keyboard case or stylus pen.

Should You Buy The Telstra Tablet?:

Telstra tablet is an excellent portability, performance, and convenience device. However, it is essential to consider whether it is a suitable device for your needs before investing in the machine. The cost of the Telstra tablet is one factor to consider when deciding whether or not to purchase it. It is priced competitively compared to other tablets on the market but may still need to be within reach for some budget-conscious buyers. Additionally, users should look into how compatible the tablet’s accessories and software are with their existing equipment.

Another essential aspect to consider when buying a tablet is its performance capabilities. The Telstra Enhanced Tablet offers an impressive 1.2GHz octa-core processor, 3GB RAM, and 32GB internal storage, which can easily handle most tasks. Furthermore, the dual stereo speakers provide an immersive audio experience while streaming media content or enjoying 4K videos and virtual reality games. However, those planning to play heavily may consider purchasing a more powerful device like a laptop or desktop PC.


The Telstra tablet is an excellent choice for those looking for a lightweight, slim design with a high-resolution display and powerful processor. The device offers Skyphonez superb value for its price range and comes with features such as long battery life and superior performance in demanding tasks. It also compares favourably to other devices in its price range, making it an ideal option for a reliable and robust tablet.

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